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出谷纪 Exodus
1用皂荚木做了全燔祭坛,长五肘,宽五肘,方形,高三肘。1He made the altar of burnt offering out of acacia wood, a square five cubits long and five cubits wide, and three cubits high.
2在祭坛四角上做了四翘角,四翘角由祭坛突出;祭坛包上了铜。2At its four corners he put horns, the horns being of one piece with it, and covered it with bronze.
3以后做了祭坛的一切用具:盆、铲、盘、肉叉和火盆:这一切用具是铜做的。3He made all the altar vessels: caldrons, shovels, sprinkling basins, pans for the ashes, fire pans; he made all the vessels for the altar out of bronze.
4为祭坛做了一架铜格子,好像网的制法,安在祭坛下方的围腰下,直到祭坛半腰。4He made a grating for it of bronze network which he set under the ledge, below, so that it reached halfway up the altar.
5又铸了四个环子,安在铜格子的四角上,为穿杠杆用。5He cast four rings and fixed them on the four corners of the bronze grating to hold the poles.
6用皂荚木做了杠杆,包了铜。6He made the poles of acacia wood and covered them with bronze
7把杠杆穿入祭坛两侧的环子内,好抬祭坛;祭坛是用木板做的,中心是空的。7and placed them through the rings on the sides of the altar for carrying it. He made the altar hollow, of boards.
8又用在会幕门口服务的妇女所用的铜镜,做了铜盆以及盆座。8He also made the bronze basin and its bronze base from the mirrors of the women who served at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting.
9筑了庭院:为向阳的一面,即南面,用捻的细麻做了帷幔,共一百肘,9He made the court. For the southern side of the court, facing the south country, there were one hundred cubits of hangings of fine twined linen.
10柱子二十根,铜卯座二十个;柱钩和横棍是银的。10Their twenty posts with their twenty bases were of bronze, their hooks and rods of silver.
11北面的帷幔也是一百肘,柱子二十根,铜卯座二十个;柱钩和横棍是银的。11For the northern side there were one hundred cubits of hangings. Their twenty posts with their twenty bases were of bronze, their hooks and rods of silver.
12西面的帷幔共五十肘,柱子十根,卯座十个;柱钩和横棍是银的。12For the western side, there were fifty cubits of hangings, carried on ten posts set in ten bases, with their hooks and rods of silver.
13前面,即东面,共五十肘;13Fifty cubits, too, for the eastern side facing the sunrise.
14这边的帷幔十五肘,柱子三根,卯座三个;14On one side of the gateway there were fifteen cubits of hangings carried on three posts set in three bases.
15那边也是如此。庭院门口的两边,皆有帷幔十五肘,柱子三根,卯座三个。15On the other side there were fifteen cubits of hangings, with their three posts and their three bases.
16庭院四周所有的帷幔,都是用捻的细麻编成的。16All the hangings enclosing the court were of fine twined linen.
17柱的卯座是铜的,柱钩和横棍是银的,柱帽包上了银;庭院所有的柱子都用银横棍连贯起来。17The bases for the posts were of bronze and their hooks of silver like the rods at the top. The tips of the posts were of silver and had rods of silver.
18庭院的门帘是用紫色、红色、朱红色的毛线和捻的细麻编成的,宽二十肘,高五肘,与庭院的帷幔高度相等。18The screen for the gateway of the court, the work of a skilled embroiderer, was made of purple wool, violet shade and red, of crimson wool, and fine twined linen. It was twenty cubits long and, along the width of it, five cubits high like the hangings of the court.
19门帘的柱子四根,铜卯座四个,银柱钩;柱帽包上了银,横棍是银的。19Its four posts with their four bases were of bronze. The hooks for the posts were of silver, like the plating at the top and like their rods.
20帐棚和庭院的一切橛子是铜的。20The pegs for the Holy Tent and for the court enclosure were all of bronze.
21以下是为立帐棚即会幕的总账,是照梅瑟的命令,肋未人在司祭亚郎的儿子依塔玛尔指导下所计算的:──21Here is the account of metals used for the Holy Tent - the Tent of Meeting - the account drawn up by the Levites under the direction of Ithamar son of Aaron, the priest, as Moses had ordered.
22犹大支派乌黎的儿子,胡尔的孙子贝匝肋耳完成了上主吩咐梅瑟的一切;22Bezalel son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, made all that Yahweh had commanded.
23与他同事的有丹支派阿希撒玛客的儿子敖曷里雅布,他会雕刻,会设计,会用紫色、红色、朱红色的毛线和细麻织绣。23His partner was Oholiab son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan, engraver, weaver of fine linen, embroiderer in purple wool, of violet shade and red, in crimson wool and fine linen.
24为建造圣所整个工程所使用的金子,即献的金子,按圣所的衡量,共计二十九『塔冷通』零七百三十『协刻耳』。24The amount of gold used in the work - the entire work for the sanctuary - (this was gold consecrated by offering) weighed 2,195 pounds, weighed according to the official standard.
25会众登记者所缴纳的银子,按圣所的衡量,共计一百『塔冷通』零一千七百七十五『协刻耳』。25The silver collected when the census of the community was taken weighed 7,550 pounds, weighed according to the official standard.
26凡二十岁以上来登记的,共六十万三千五百五十人;每人缴纳一『贝卡』,按圣所的衡量,合半『协刻耳』。26A census of all those of twenty years and over was made. They were six hundred and three thousand five hundred and fifty; each of them paid a small silver coin.
27为铸圣所的卯座和门帘的卯座,用了一百『塔冷通』银子:一百卯座,用一百『塔冷通』银子,一『塔冷通』铸一卯座。27The 7,500 pounds of silver were used for casting the one hundred bases for the sanctuary and the veil, 75 pounds for each base.
28用那一千七百七十五『协刻耳』银子做了柱钩,包了柱帽,并做了接连柱子的横棍。28With the remaining 50 pounds of silver he made the hooks for the posts, the plating for their tops, and their rods.
29所奉献的铜,共计七十『塔冷通』零二千四百『协刻耳』。29The bronze consecrated by offering amounted to 5,310 pounds,
30用此铜做了会幕门口的卯座、铜坛和坛下的铜格子,并坛的一切用具,30and with this he made the bases for the entrance of the Tent of Meeting, the bronze altar with its grating of bronze and all the furnishings for it,
31庭院四周的卯座,庭院门口的卯座,帐棚所有的橛子,以及庭院四周所有的橛子。31the bases for the enclosure of the court, those for the gateway to the court, all the pegs for the Holy Tent, and all the pegs for the court enclosure.
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