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出谷纪 Exodus
1贝匝肋耳和敖曷里雅布以及所有各种技工,即上主赐给他们才能智慧为明了做圣所的一切工程的人,全按照上主所吩咐的一切去做。1Bezalel and Oholiab and all the skilled craftsmen to whom Yahweh had given skill and understanding to carry out all that was required for the building of the sanctuary, did their work exactly as Yahweh had directed.
2梅瑟将贝匝肋耳和敖曷里雅布以及上主赐给他们才能的一切技工,并所有心甘情愿前来工作的人,都叫了来。2Moses then called Bezalel and Oholiab and all the skilled craftsmen to whom Yahweh had given ability and who felt able to do the work.
3他们当着梅瑟的面,接收了以色列子民为建造圣所的各种工程送来的一切献仪。但以色列子民仍天天早晨将自愿的献仪送来;3They received from Moses all that the people of Israel had brought as contributions for the work of building the sanctuary. In the meantime, the people continued each morning to bring their offerings.
4因此建造圣所各种工程的技工,人人都停止他们所做的工程,4So the skilled craftsmen who did all the sacred work, besides their own work,
5来向梅瑟说:「百姓送来的太多,已超过上主命令为完成这工程所需要的。」5went to tell Moses, "The people are bringing more than what is needed for the work which Yahweh has told us to do."
6梅瑟遂吩咐在营中传令说:「无论男女,不必再为圣所的工程送献仪。」百姓这才停止不送。6Moses then sent this command throughout the camp: "Let no one, man or woman, do anything more toward the collection for the sanctuary." So the people were stopped from bringing any more;
7送来的材料足够全工程之用,而且有余。7the material they had was enough, and more than enough, to complete all the work.
8在作工的人中,最有技术的工人用十幅布幔做了帐棚;布幔是用捻的细麻,紫色、红色、朱红色的毛线做的,用绣工绣上革鲁宾。8All the most skilled craftsmen among the workers made the Holy Tent. They made it with ten sheets of fine twined linen, of purple wool, violet shade and red, and of crimson wool, finely embroidered with angels.
9每幅布幔长二十八肘,宽四肘;每幅布幔都是一样的尺寸。9The length of a single sheet was twenty-eight cubits, its width four cubits, all the sheets being of the same size.
10五幅布幔相连缝在一起,另五幅相连缝在一起。10They sewed five of the sheets together, and the other five also.
11在这一组布幔末幅的边上做了紫色的钮,在另一组布幔末幅的边上也照样做了;11They attached loops of violet wool to the border of the last sheet in one set, and did the same for the border of the last sheet in the other set.
12在这一幅上做了五十个钮,在另一组布幔末幅的边上,也做了五十个钮;这些钮都彼此相对。12They put fifty loops on the first sheet and, matching them one by one, fifty loops on the border of the last sheet in the second set.
13又做了五十个金钩,用金钩使布幔彼此相连,这样成了一个帐棚。13They made fifty gold clasps and with them joined the two sets into one piece.
14又用山羊毛做了布幔,作帐棚顶用,共做了十一幅布幔,14Next they made sheets of goats' hair to form a tent over the Holy Tent; they made eleven of these.
15每幅长三十肘,宽四肘;十一幅布幔都是一样的尺寸。15The length of a single sheet was thirty cubits, its width four cubits; the eleven sheets were all of the same size.
16将五幅布幔缝在一起,16They joined five of these sheets together into one set, the remaining six into another.
17将另六幅也缝在一起;在这一组布幔末幅的边上做了五十个钮,在另一组布幔末幅的一边上,也做了五十个钮;17They attached fifty loops to the border of the last sheet in the first set, and fifty loops to the border of the last sheet in the second set.
18又制了五十个铜钩,使棚顶连结在一起,成为一个。18And they made fifty bronze clasps, to join the two sets so as to form one cover.
19以后用染红的公羊皮作了棚顶的罩,上边又蒙上一块海豚皮的罩。19They made another covering of rams' skins dyed red to be put over the Holy Tent and a covering of fine leather to spread over that.
20为支帐棚,用皂荚木做了竖立的木板。20The Holy Tent was made with boards of acacia wood, which stood upright.
21每块木板高十肘,宽一肘半。21Each board was ten cubits long and one and a half cubits wide.
22每块木板下有两个笋头彼此并列;帐棚的一切木板,都是这样做。22Each board was fitted with two matching arms; this they did for all the boards of the Holy Tent.
23支帐棚的木板,在向阳的一面,即南边,做了二十块木板;23They made twenty boards for the southern side,
24在二十块木板下边做了四十个银卯座,每块木板下两个银卯座,为安木板的两笋头。24with forty silver bases to put under the twenty boards: two bases under the first board to receive its two matching arms, and so on for the other boards.
25为帐棚的另一面,即北边,也做了二十块木板,25For the other side on the north, they made twenty boards
26也做了四十个银卯座,每块木板下两个卯座。26and forty silver bases, two bases under each board.
27为帐棚的后面,即西边做了六块木板。27For the back on the west, they made six boards.
28在帐棚的后面的两角上,做了两块木板,28And they made two boards for the corners at the back of the Holy Tent.
29木板下端是双的,直到上端第一环都是双的;两块木板都照样做了,形成两个角。29These boards were joined at the bottom and also at the top, up to the level of the first ring; this they did with the two boards that were to form the two corners.
30所以共有八块木板,十六个银卯座,每块板下两个卯座。30In this way there were eight boards with their sixteen silver bases; two bases under each board.
31又用皂荚木做了横木为帐棚这一面木板做了五根,31They made crossbars of acacia wood: five to hold the boards together that were to form one side of the Holy Tent,
32为帐棚另一面木板,也做了五根横木,为帐棚后面即西边的木板,也做了五根横木。32five on the other side to hold the boards that were to form the northern side.
33又做了木板中间的那根横木,从这头穿到那头。33They made the middle bar, fixed halfway up, to run from one end to the other.
34木板上包了金;做了穿横木的金环,横木上也包了金。34They covered the boards with gold, and put gold rings on them to take the crossbars which they covered with gold.
35随后用紫色、红色、朱红色的毛线和捻的细麻,做了一个帐幔,用绣工绣上革鲁宾。35They made the veil of purple wool, violet shade and red, of crimson wool, and of fine twined linen, skillfully embroidered with Cherubim.
36为挂帐幔做了四根皂荚木柱子,包上金,柱钉是金的,又铸了四个银卯座。36For hanging this veil they made four posts of acacia wood and covered them with gold, with gold hooks, and they cast four silver bases for them.
37又做了会幕的门帘,是用紫色、红色、朱红色的毛线和捻的细麻编成的。37For the entrance to the tent they made a curtain of purple wool, violet shade and red, and of crimson wool and fine twined linen, the work of a skilled embroiderer.
38为挂门帘,又做了五根柱子和柱钉,柱帽和横棍包了金;又作了五个铜卯座。38For the hanging of this they made five posts with hooks; their tops and rods they plated with gold; their five bases were of bronze.
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