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出谷纪 Exodus
1你应从以色列子民中叫你的哥哥亚郎同他的儿子们,即亚郎和他的儿子,纳达布、阿彼胡、厄肋阿匝尔和依塔玛尔,一起来到你前,立他们作我的司祭。1Set apart of the sons of Israel your brother Aaron and his sons, and summon them to be priests in my service: Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar.
2应给你的哥哥亚郎做圣衣,以示庄严美观。2For Aaron, your brother, you are to make sacred vestments to give him dignity and magnificence.
3凡我使之具备艺术天才的艺术人员,你应吩咐他们为亚郎做服装,祝圣他作我的司祭。3You are to instruct all the ablest craftsmen (I myself filled them with wisdom), to make Aaron's vestments for his consecration to my priesthood.
4他们应做的服装如下:胸牌、厄弗得、无袖长袍、织成的长衣、礼冠和腰带。他们为你的哥哥亚郎和他的儿子们做这些圣衣,叫他们作我的司祭。4These are the vestments they must make: Breastpiece, Ephod, robe, embroidered tunic, turban and belt. Your brother, Aaron, and his sons will serve me with these sacred vestments.
5他们应用金线,紫色、红色、朱红色的毛线和细麻去做。5For them you shall use gold, purple wool, violet shade and red, crimson wool, and fine twined linen.
6他们应用绣工以金线,紫色、红色、朱红色的毛线,和捻的细麻做厄弗得。6They are to make the Ephod of gold, purple wool, violet shade and red, crimson wool and fine twined linen, the work of a skilled embroiderer.
7两条肩带应结连在厄弗得的两端。7It must have two shoulder straps fitted to it to join its two ends together.
8将厄弗得束在身上用的带子,也应像厄弗得一样做法,与厄弗得连在一起,全是用金线、紫色、朱红色的毛线和捻的细麻做成的。8The woven band on it to hold it on is to be of similar workmanship and to form one piece with it: this must be of gold thread, purple wool, violet shade and red, crimson wool, and fine twined linen.
9再取两块红玛瑙石,将以色列的儿子的名字刻在上面,9You will then take two precious stones and engrave them with the names of the sons of Israel,
10六个名字刻在一块宝石上,另六个名字刻在另一块宝石上,全照他们出生的次序。10six of their names on one stone, the remaining six on the other, in the order of their birth.
11以玉工雕刻法,好似刻印章,把以色列的儿子们的名字刻在这两块宝石上,嵌在金框内。11With the art of a jeweler, of an engraver of seals, you are to engrave the two stones with the names of the sons of Israel, and mount them in settings of gold mesh.
12再将这两块宝石,即以色列子民的纪念石,挂在厄弗得的肩带上;亚郎要在上主前常在两肩上带着他们的名字,好获得纪念。12You are to fasten the two stones commemorating the sons of Israel to the shoulder straps of the Ephod. In this way Aaron will bear their names on his shoulders in the presence of Yahweh, that he may remember them.
13要做两个金框,13You must also make golden rosettes,
14两条纯金的链子,要像做绳子一样拧成,把这像绳子的金链结在框子上。14and two chains of pure gold twisted like cord; you are to attach these cordlike chains to the rosettes.
15应以绣工做判断的胸牌,像做厄弗得,用金线,紫色、红色、朱红色的毛线和捻的细麻去做。15You are to make the Breastpiece of judgment, finely embroidered, of the same workmanship as the apron. You are to make it of gold, purple wool, violet shade and red, crimson wool, and fine twined linen.
16胸牌要方形,双层,一拃长,一拃宽。16It is to be square and doubled over nine inches wide.
17将镶嵌的宝石安装在上面,排成四行:第一行:赤玉、青玉、翡翠;17In this you are to set four rows of stones: sard, topaz, carbuncle, for the first row;
18第二行:紫宝石、蓝玉、金钢石;18emerald, sapphire, diamond for the second row;
19第三行:黄玛瑙、白玛瑙、紫晶;19for the third row, hyacinth, ruby, amethyst;
20第四行:黄玉、红玛瑙、水苍玉;这些宝石都嵌在金框内。20and for the fourth row, beryl, onyx, jasper. These are to be mounted in gold settings.
21按照以色列的儿子的名字,宝石应有十二块,按刻印法,每块刻一个名字,代表十二支派。21There are to be twelve according to the number of the sons of Israel whose names are engraved on them. They are to be engraved like seals, each with the name of one of the twelve tribes.
22为胸牌再做两条纯金链子,像绳子一样拧成。22For the Breastpiece you will make chains of pure gold twisted like cords,
23在胸牌上做两个金环,将两个金环安在胸牌的两端,23and also two gold rings and fix them to its two upper corners.
24将那两条金链结在胸牌两端的环子上,24You must fasten the two gold cords to the two rings fixed on the corners of the Breastpiece.
25把两条链子的另两端,结在那挂在厄弗得的肩带前面的两个框子上。25The other two ends of the cords you must fasten to the two rosettes, so that they will be attached to the shoulder straps of the Ephod, on the front.
26再做两个金环,安在胸牌的下两端,靠近厄弗得的内边缘上。26You are to make two gold rings and fix them to the two lower corners of the Breastpiece, on the inner hem, next to the Ephod, on the front.
27再做两个金环,安在厄弗得前面两肩带的下边,靠近厄弗得带子的上边与肩带相连结的地方。27You are to make two more gold rings and fix them low down on the front of the two shoulder pieces of the Ephod, close to the seam, above the woven band of the Ephod.
28用一根紫绳把胸牌的环子系在厄弗得的环子上,使胸牌结在厄弗得的带子上,免得胸牌在厄弗得上移动。28You must secure the Breastpiece by passing a ribbon of violet-purple through its rings and those of the Ephod, so that the Breastpiece will sit above the woven band and not come apart from the Ephod.
29如此亚郎进圣所时,在他的胸前,在判断的胸牌上带着以色列儿子们的名字,为在上主前常获得纪念。29So when Aaron enters the sanctuary wearing the Breastpiece of judgment, he will bear the names of the sons of Israel on his breast to call them to mind continually in the presence of Yahweh.
30在决断的胸牌内应放上乌陵和突明,几时亚郎进到上主前常带在亚郎胸前:如此亚郎在上主前时,胸前常带着为以色列子民行决断的工具。30In the Breastpiece of judgment you will put the Urim and the Thummim by means of which he takes the decisions for the Israelites. Aaron shall have them on his breast when he goes into Yahweh's presence.
31再为厄弗得做一无袖长袍,应全是紫色毛线的。31You are to make the robe of the Ephod entirely of violet-purple.
32中间留一领口,领口周围叫织工做上边,像战袍的领口,免得破裂。32In the center it must have an opening for the head, with a border woven around the neck to keep the robe from being torn.
33在长袍底边周围做上紫色、红色、朱红色的毛线石榴;在石榴中间,周围再做上金铃铛:33You shall decorate the lower hem with pomegranates of purple wool, violet shade and red, crimson wool, and fine twined linen,
34如此在长袍底边周围,一个金铃铛,一个石榴;一个金铃铛,一个石榴。34and you shall fit gold bells between: gold bells and pomegranates will be alternately all around the lower hem of the robe.
35当亚郎穿着行礼时,能听见他进圣所到上主前,或者出来的声音,免得他死亡。35Aaron is to wear this robe when he serves before God, so that the tinkling of the bells will be heard whenever he enters the sanctuary and goes into Yahweh's presence, or leaves it; if he does not, he will die.
36应用纯金制一个牌子,在上面像刻印章刻上「祝圣于上主」。36You are to make a plate of pure gold and engrave on it 'Consecrated to the Lord.'
37用紫绳子将牌子系在礼冠上,即系在礼冠的前面。37You will tie this to the front of the headpiece with a ribbon of violet-purple.
38那牌常在亚郎的额上,好叫亚郎担当以色列子民祝圣各种圣物时,干犯圣物的罪过;那牌常在亚郎的额上,为使人民在上主前获得悦纳。38Aaron is to wear it on his forehead, and so take on himself any sins which the sons of Israel may have committed in any of their sacred offerings. Aaron must always wear this plate on his forehead, to draw down on the Israelites the goodwill of Yahweh.
39应用细麻编制长衣,并用细麻做礼冠;腰带应是编成的。39You shall also weave the shirt of fine linen, and make a headpiece of fine linen, and a belt, the work of a skilled embroiderer.
40也要为亚郎的儿子们做长衣、腰带和头巾,以示庄严美观。40You are to make shirt and belt and headdress for the sons of Aaron to make them dignified and beautiful.
41你把这些服装给你哥哥亚郎和他的儿子穿上;给他们傅油,授与圣职,祝圣他们作我的司祭。41You will put all these ornaments on your brother Aaron and his sons. You will then anoint and invest and consecrate them to serve me in the priesthood.
42还应给他们用麻布做裤子,从腰部直到大腿,遮盖他们的裸体。42You are to make them linen shorts to cover their nakedness from waist to thigh.
43当亚郎和他的儿子们进入会幕或走近祭台,在圣所内行礼时,要穿上裤子,免得招致惩罚死亡:这为亚郎和他的后代是永远的规律。43Aaron and his sons must wear these when they go into the Tent of Meeting and when they approach the altar to serve the sanctuary. If they do not, they will be guilty and die. This is a permanent rule for Aaron and for his descendants after him.
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