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出谷纪 Exodus
1上主以后向梅瑟说:「你和亚郎、纳达布、阿彼胡,以及以色列长老中的七十人到上主那里;你们都在远处跪下朝拜。1Then he said to Moses, "Go up to Yahweh, you, Aaron, Nadab and Abihu with seventy of the elders of Israel, and let them worship from a distance.
2然后梅瑟一人要走近上主,别人不可走近;百姓也不准同他上山。」2Moses alone shall go forward to Yahweh but not the others, nor shall the people go up with him."
3梅瑟下来将上主的一切话和诫命讲述给百姓听,众百姓都同声回答说:「凡上主所吩咐的话,我们全要奉行。」3Moses came and told the people all the words of Yahweh and all his laws. The people replied with one voice: "Everything that Yahweh has said, we shall do."
4梅瑟遂将上主的一切话记录下来。第二天清早,梅瑟在山下立了一座祭坛,又按以色列十二支派立了十二根石柱,4Moses wrote down all the words of Yahweh, then rose early in the morning and built an altar at the foot of the mountain with twelve raised stones for the twelve tribes of Israel.
5又派了以色列子民的一些青年人去奉献全燔祭,宰杀了牛犊作为献给上主的和平祭。5He then sent young men from among the sons of Israel to offer burnt offerings and sacrifice bullocks as peace offerings to Yahweh.
6梅瑟取了一半血,盛在盆中,取了另一半血,洒在祭坛上。6And Moses took half the blood and put it in basins; and with the other half of the blood he sprinkled the altar.
7然后拿过约书来,念给百姓听。以后百姓回答说:「凡上主所吩咐的话,我们必听从奉行。」7He then took the Book of the Covenant and read it in the hearing of the people. They said, "All that Yahweh said we shall do and obey."
8梅瑟遂拿血来洒在百姓身上说:「看,这是盟约的血,是上主本着这一切话同你们订立的约。」8Moses then took the blood and sprinkled it on the people saying, "Here is the blood of the covenant that Yahweh has made with you in accordance with all these words."
9随后梅瑟、亚郎、纳达布、阿彼胡和以色列长老中的七十人上了山,9Then Moses went up with Aaron, Nadab, Abihu and the seventy elders of Israel.
10看见了以色列的天主,看见在他脚下好像有一块蓝玉作的薄板,光亮似蓝天。10They saw the God of Israel. Under his feet there was what seemed like a pavement of sapphire, clear as the sky itself.
11他们虽看见了天主,天主却没有下手害以色列的首领们,他们还能吃能喝。11And he did not let his hand overpower these chosen men from among the sons of Israel; they looked on God and ate and drank.
12以后上主向梅瑟说:「你上山到我台前,停留在那里,我要将石版,即我为教训百姓所写的法律和诫命交给你。」12Yahweh said to Moses, "Come up to me on the mountain and stay there. I will give you the slabs of stone, the Teaching and commandment which I have written for their instruction."
13梅瑟和他的侍从若苏厄起身上天主的山时,13So Moses arose with his servant, Joshua, and before going up the mountain of God,
14梅瑟向长老们说:「你们在这里等候我们回到你们这里。你们有亚郎和胡尔同你们在一起。谁有争讼的事,可到他们那里去。」14Moses said to the elders, "Remain here until we come back to you. Aaron and Hur are with you; let whoever has a dispute to settle, go to them."
15梅瑟上了山,云彩就把山遮盖了。15When Moses went up the mountain a cloud covered it.
16上主的荣耀停在西乃山上,云彩遮盖著山共六天之久,第七天上主从云彩中召叫了梅瑟。16The Glory of Yahweh rested on Mount Sinai and the cloud covered it for six days. On the seventh day He called to Moses from within the cloud.
17上主的荣耀在以色列子民眼前,好像烈火出现在山顶上。17The Glory of Yahweh appeared like a consuming fire on the top of the mountain: so it was as it appeared to the Israelites.
18梅瑟进入云彩中,上了山;梅瑟在山上停留了四十天,四十夜。18And Moses entered the cloud and went up the mountain. Moses stayed on the mountain forty days and forty nights.
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