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出谷纪 Exodus
1上主训示梅瑟说:1Yahweh spoke to Moses saying,
2「以色列子民中,无论是人是牲畜,凡是开胎首生的,都应祝圣于我,属于我。」2"Consecrate to me every firstborn: the first to leave the womb among the sons of Israel, whether of man or beast, is mine."
3梅瑟向百姓说:「你们应当记念从埃及,从为奴之家出来的这一天,因为上主在这一天用强有力的手臂,从那里领出了你们,故此不可吃有酵的食物。3Moses said to the people, "Remember the day you came out of Egypt from the house of slavery, for it was by his power that Yahweh brought you out; because of this you will not eat leavened bread.
4今天你们出来正在「阿彼布」月。4The day you left was in the month of Abib.
5几时上主领你们进了客纳罕人、赫特人、阿摩黎人、希威人和耶步斯人的地方,就是他向你的祖先起誓应许给你那流奶流蜜之地,你应在这一月举行此礼:5When Yahweh brings you to the land of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Hivites and the Jebusites - a land flowing with milk and honey which he swore to your fathers to give you - you will carry out this ceremony.
6七天之内应吃无酵饼,第七天是敬礼上主的节日。6For seven days you will eat unleavened bread and on the seventh day you will hold a feast in honor of Yahweh.
7七天之内吃无酵饼,在你面前不可有发酵之物,在你四境之内也不可见有酵母。7You will eat unleavened bread for seven days and no leavened bread is to be seen among you or anywhere throughout all your territory.
8在那一天要告诉你们的儿子说:是因为上主在我出埃及时,为我所行的事。8On that day you will tell your son: 'I do this because of what Yahweh did for me when I came out of Egypt.'
9应把这事做你手上的记号,做你额上的记念,好使上主的法律常在你口中,因为上主用强有力的手臂,领你出了埃及。9This ceremony will be for you as a sign on your hand and a reminder on your forehead, so that Yahweh's law may be ever on your lips, for it was with great power that Yahweh brought you out of Egypt.
10所以你应年年按照定期遵守这规定。10Because of this you will observe this ordinance at the appointed time from year to year.
11当上主照他起誓向你和你祖先所许的话,领你到了客纳罕人的地方,将那地给了你之后,11When Yahweh brings you to the land of the Canaanites and gives it to you, as he swore to you and your fathers,
12你应将一切开胎首生者归于上主;你牲畜中,凡开胎首生的牲畜,亦应归于上主。12you are to give over to Yahweh all that first opens the womb, and every firstborn of your cattle as well. These firstborn males are for Yahweh.
13凡首生的驴,应用羊赎回;你若不赎回,应打断牠的颈项。你的子孙中,凡是长子,你应赎回。13Every firstborn donkey will be redeemed by a lamb, and if you do not redeem it, you are to break its neck. Every firstborn among your sons you are to redeem.
14将来若你的儿子问你:这是什么意思?你要回答他说:这是因为上主用强有力的手臂领我们出离了埃及,出离了为奴之家。14When in the future your son questions you as to what it means you will say: 'Yahweh, by his power brought us out of Egypt from the house of slavery.
15原来法郎顽固,不释放我们,上主就把埃及国一切首生者,不拘是人或牲畜的首生者都杀了,为此我把一切首开母胎的雄性都祭献于上主;但首生的男孩,我却要赎回。15As Pharaoh stubbornly refused to let us go, Yahweh slew every firstborn in Egypt, of man and beast. That is why I sacrifice to Yahweh all the males of my cattle that first open the womb, but the firstborn of my sons, I redeem.'
16应将这事作你手上的记号,作你额上的标志,记念上主用强有力的手臂领我们出了埃及。」16It will be as a sign on your hand and a charm between your eyes, reminding you that the power of Yahweh brought us out of Egypt."
17法郎放走百姓以后,天主没有领他们走培肋舍特地的近路,因为天主想:「怕百姓遇见战争而后悔,再回到埃及。」17It happened that when Pharaoh sent the people away, God did not lead them through the land of the Philistines, although it was nearer, for God thought that the people might lose heart if they were faced with the prospect of a battle and would return to Egypt.
18因此天主领百姓绕道,走向靠红海的旷野。以色列子民都武装着离开了埃及。18God therefore led the people by the way of the wilderness towards the Red Sea. So the Israelites left Egypt in an orderly manner.
19梅瑟也带了若瑟的骨骸,因为若瑟曾叫以色列的儿子们起誓说:「天主必要眷顾你们,那时你们应把我的骨骸从此地带回去。」19Moses took with him the bones of Joseph for he had made the sons of Israel swear saying, "God will surely remember you and then you will carry my bones with you away from here."
20他们从稣苛特起程前行,就在位于旷野边缘的厄堂安了营。20They moved on from Succoth and encamped at Etham bordering the wilderness.
21上主在他们前面行,白天在云柱里给他们领路,夜间在火柱里光照他们,为叫他们白天黑夜都能走路:21By day Yahweh went before them in a pillar of cloud to guide them along the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, enabling them to travel day and night.
22白天的云柱,黑夜的火柱,总不离开百姓面前。22Neither the cloud by day nor the fire by night, disappeared from the sight of the people.
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