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厄弗所书 Ephesians
1所以我这在主内为囚犯的恳求你们,行动务要与你们所受的宠召相称,1Therefore I, the prisoner of Christ, invite you to live the vocation you have received.
2凡事要谦逊、温和、忍耐,在爱德中彼此担待,2Be humble, kind, patient, and bear with one another in love.
3尽力以和平的联系,保持心神的合一,3Make every effort to keep among you the unity of Spirit through bonds of peace.
4因为只有一个身体和一个圣神,正如你们蒙召,同有一个希望一样。4Let there be one body and one spirit, for God, in calling you, gave the same Spirit to all.
5只有一个主,一个信德,一个洗礼;5One Lord, one faith, one baptism.
6只有一个天主和众人之父,他超越众人,贯通众人,且在众人之内。6One God, the Father of all, who is above all and works through all and is in all.
7但我们各人所领受的恩宠,却是按照基督赐恩的尺度。7But to each of us divine grace is given according to the measure of Christ's gift.
8为此经上说:『他带领俘虏,升上高天,且把恩惠赐与人。』8Therefore it is said: When he ascended to the heights, he brought captives and gave his gifts to people.
9说他上升了,岂不是说他曾下降到地下吗?9He ascended: this refers to the one who first descended to the dead in the lower parts of the world.
10那下降的,正是上升超乎诸天之上,以充满万有的那一位,10He himself who went down, then ascended far above all the heavens to fill all things.
11就是他赐与这些人作宗徒,那些人作先知,有的作传福音者,有的作司牧和教师,11As for his gifts, to some he gave to be apostles, to others prophets, or even evangelists, or pastors and teachers.
12为成全圣徒,使之各尽其职;为建树基督的身体,12So he prepared those who belong to him for the ministry, in order to build up the Body of Christ,
13直到我们众人都达到对于天主子,有一致的信仰和认识,成为成年人,达到基督圆满年龄的程度;13until we are all united in the same faith and knowledge of the Son of God. Thus we shall become the perfect Man, upon reaching maturity and sharing the fullness of Christ.
14使我们不再做小孩子,为各种教义之风所飘荡,所卷去,而中了人的阴谋,陷于引入荒谬的诡计;14Then no longer shall we be like children tossed about by any wave or wind of doctrine, and deceived by the cunning of people who drag them along into error.
15反而在爱德中持守真理,在各方面长进,而归于那为元首的基督,15Rather, with sincere love, we shall grow in every way towards him who is the head, Christ.
16本着他,全身都结构紧凑,藉著各关节的互相补助,按照各肢体的功用,各尽其职,使身体不断增长,在爱德中将它建立起来。16From him comes the growth of the whole body to which a network of joints gives order and cohesion, taking into account and making use of the function of each one. So the body builds itself in love.
17为此我说,且在主内苦劝你们,生活不要像外邦人,顺随自己的虚妄思念而生活;17I say to you, then, and with insistence I advise you in the Lord: do not imitate the pagans who live an aimless kind of life.
18他们的理智受了蒙蔽,因着他们的无知和固执,与天主的生命隔绝了。18Their understanding is in darkness and they remain in ignorance because of their blind conscience, very far from the life of God.
19这样的人既已麻木,便纵情恣欲,贪行各种不洁。19As a result of their corruption, they have abandoned themselves to sensuality and have eagerly given themselves to every kind of immorality.
20但你们却不是这样学了基督。20But it is not for this that you have followed Christ.
21如果你们真听过他,按照在耶稣内的真理,在他内受过教,21For I suppose that you heard of him and received his teaching which is seen in Jesus himself.
22就该脱去你们照从前生活的旧人,就是因顺从享乐的欲念而败坏的旧人,22You must give up your former way of living, the old self, whose deceitful desires bring self-destruction.
23应在心思念虑上改换一新,23Renew yourselves spiritually, from inside,
24穿上新人,就是按照天主的肖像所造,具有真实的正义和圣善的新人。24and put on the new self, or self according to God, which is created in true righteousness and holiness.
25为此,你们应该戒绝谎言,彼此应该说实话,因为我们彼此都是一身的肢体。25Therefore, give up lying; let all of us speak the truth to our neighbors for we are members of one another.
26『你们纵然动怒,但是不可犯罪;』不可让太阳在你们含怒时西落,26Be angry but do not sin: do not let your anger last until the end of the day,
27也不可给魔鬼留有余地。27lest you give the devil a foothold.
28那以前偷窃的,不要再偷窃,却更要劳苦,亲手赚取正当的利润,好能赒济贫乏的人。28Let the one who used to steal, steal no more, but busy himself working usefully with his hands so that he may have something to share with the needy.
29一切坏话都不可出于你们的口;但看事情的需要,说造就人的话,叫听众获得益处。29Do not let even one bad word come from your mouth, but only good words that will encourage when necessary and be helpful to those who hear.
30你们不要叫天主的圣神忧郁,因为你们是在他内受了印证,以待得救的日子。30Do not sadden the Holy Spirit of God which you were marked with. It will be your distinctive mark on the day of salvation.
31一切毒辣、怨恨、忿怒、争吵、毁谤以及一切邪恶,都要从你们中除掉;31Do away with all quarreling, rage, anger, insults and every kind of malice:
32彼此相待,要良善,要仁慈,互相宽恕,如同天主在基督内宽恕了你们一样。32be good and understanding, mutually forgiving one another as God forgave you in Christ.
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