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训道篇 Ecclesiastes
1我留心考察这一切,终于看出:义人、智者和他们的行为,都在天主手里;是爱是恨,人不知道;二者都能来到他们身上。1I have pondered on all this and now I understand that the just, the wise and all they do are in the hand of God. Man does not know whether hate or love is in store for him.
2无论是义人,是恶人,是好人,是坏人,是洁净的人,是不洁净的人,是献祭的人,是不献祭的人,都有同样的命运;好人与罪人一样,妄发誓的与怕发誓的也一样。2What is most senseless is that the same destiny awaits all, the virtuous and the wicked, the clean and the unclean, the one who sacrifices and the one who doesn't. It is then the same for the good man and the sinner, for the one who swears and the one who refrains from swearing.
3太阳之下所发生的一切事中,最不幸的是众人都有同样的命运;更有甚者,世人的心都充满邪恶,有生之日,心怀狂妄,以后与死者相聚。3The same fate comes to all: this is the evil which corrupts all that is done under the sun. This is why man's heart is full of evil and foolishness during his life and his end is with the dead.
4的确,谁尚与活人有联系,还怀有希望,因为一只活狗胜过一只死狮。4As long as he shares with the living there is hope, a live dog being better than a dead lion.
5活着的人至少自知必死,而死了的人却一无所知;他们再得不到报酬,因为连他们的记念也被人遗忘了。5The living at least know they will die but the dead know nothing; neither do they await anything; the memory of them has vanished.
6他们的爱好,他们的憎恨,他们的热诚,皆已消失;在太阳下所发生的一切事,永远再没有他们的分。6Their love, hate and jealousy have already perished and they no longer have a share in all that is done under the sun.
7你倒不如去快乐地吃你的饭,开怀畅饮你的酒,因为天主早已嘉纳你所作的工作。7Go, eat your bread with gladness and drink your wine joyfully; this is God's approval of your work.
8你的衣服常要洁白,你头上不要缺少香液。8Dress in white and perfume your head.
9在天主赐你在太阳下的一生虚幻岁月中,同你的爱妻共享人生之乐:这原是你在太阳下,一生从劳苦中所应得的一分。9Enjoy life with the wife you love all the days of the meaningless life given you by God under the sun, for this is your lot in life and in the work you do under the sun.
10你手能做什么,就努力去做,因为在你所要去的阴府内,没有工作,没有计划,没有学问,没有智慧。10Fulfill your projects while you are able, for among the dead where you are going there is no work, no planning, no knowledge, no wisdom.
11我又在太阳下看见:善跑的不得竞赛,勇将不得参战,智者得不到食物,明白人得不到财富,博学者得不到宠幸,11I saw something else under the sun: the race is not won by the swift, nor the battle by the strong, nor does bread go to the wise nor riches to the intelligent; favor is not for the learned, for fortune and misfortune overtake them all.
12因为他们都遭遇了不幸的时运。因为人不知道自己的时期;当凶险猝然而至的时候,人子为不幸的时运所获,就像鱼被网捕住,又像鸟被圈套套住。12For man is not aware of his time: just as fish are caught in the treacherous net and sparrows trapped in the snare, man, like them, is caught by misfortune suddenly befalling him.
13在太阳下我又得了一个智慧的经验,依我看来,大有意义:13I have considered something else very grave under the sun.
14有座小城,里面居民不多;有位大王来攻打此城,把城围住,周围筑了高垒。14There was a small town with few inhabitants. A king set out to attack it, laid siege to it and built great siege-works around it.
15那时,城中有个贫贱却具有智慧的人,他用自己的智慧,救了本城:可是人们却忘了这贫贱的人。15But a poverty-stricken wise man was found, who by his wisdom saved the town. No one, however, remembered the poor man.
16于是我说:智慧远胜过武力;然而贫贱人的智慧却被人轻忽,他的话却没有人听。16So I said, "Better wisdom than heroism," but the wisdom of the poor is despised and his words are not heeded.
17智者温和的言语,比王者在愚人中的呐喊,更受欢迎。17The words of the wise spoken calmly are heard above the shouts of a ruler of fools.
18智慧胜于武器;一个错误能破坏许多好事。18Wisdom is better than weapons; one sinner spoils much happiness.
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