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训道篇 Ecclesiastes
1我看见在太阳下,另有一种不幸,重压在人身上:1There is another very evil thing which I saw under the sun: a man has riches, property, honor, and lacks nothing he could desire,
2有一人,天主赐他富裕、钱财、光荣;凡他心中所愿意的,一件也不缺;但天主没有让他享用这一切,却让外人享用了:这也是空虚,是一件很悲惨的事。2yet God does not permit him to benefit from them; a stranger has the enjoyment. That is nonsense and a grievous hurt.
3一人生有百子,活了很大岁数,他年纪虽高,却没有随心享受福乐,且未得安葬,照我看来,他还不如流产的胎儿。3What if a man had a hundred sons and lived many years but without tasting happiness and even without a tomb! More fortunate, I would say, the one untimely-born.
4流产的胎儿徒然而来,悄然而去,他的名字也湮没无闻;4For he came in vain and goes to darkness and in darkness will his name be hidden.
5他没有见过天日,也没有任何知觉,但他总比那人更享安宁。5He has not seen the sun and has not known it. Finally he has had more rest than that man.
6那人即便活了两千岁,如未享受福乐,他们二人岂不是同归一处?6Even if he should live a thousand years twice over, but without tasting happiness; do not both go to the same place?
7人的一切劳碌都是为了口腹,但他的欲望却总不知满足。7Man works to fill his stomach, yet he himself is not satisfied.
8智者较愚者究有什么利益?知道如何与人往来的穷人,能得什么好处?8Has the wise man more than the fool? What is the benefit of wisdom to one overwhelmed by poverty?
9眼看见过的总胜过心所想望的:这也是空虚,也是追风。9What the eye sees seems better than what the heart desires. That, too, is senseless and chasing wind.
10已往所有的,都已有名可称;人为何物,都已知道;人决不能与强于自己的抗辩。10Everything has already been evaluated. One knows what man is and that he cannot dispute with the one stronger than himself.
11说话多,必多空谈:这对人能有什么益处?11Many words, much emptiness; what does it profit?
12在空虚,消逝如影的人生少数岁月内,有谁知道什么事对人有益?又有谁能给人指示,他身后在太阳下要发生什么事?12Who knows what is the good way of life for man, during the days of his meaningless life which pass like a shadow? Who will let him know what will happen after he has gone?
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