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训道篇 Ecclesiastes
1你不要在天主前冒然开口,你的心也不要急于发言应许,因为天主在天上,你在地下,为此你说话应当简单。1Don't be impulsive and hasty with words in the presence of God, for God is in heaven and you are on earth. For that reason let your words be few.
2因为夜梦由于事务繁杂,乱语出于多言。2For dreams come from over-anxiety and foolish talk from too many words.
3天主许愿,就不可拖延偿还,因为他不喜欢人怠慢;你许了愿,就应速还;3When you make a vow to God, waste no time in fulfilling it, for he takes no pleasure in fools. Do what you vowed.
4不许愿好过许而不还。4Better not to make a vow than to fail to fulfill it.
5不要放任你的口,使你陷于罪过,免得你在使者前说是「错许了。」为何要天主因你这句话而发怒,破坏你手中的工作?5Don't let your speech cause you to sin, and then tell God's minister it was a mistake. Why anger God by what you say and destroy the work of your hands? From much dreaming and many words comes emptiness.
6多梦多虚幻,多言多糊涂;你要敬畏天主。6So fear God.
7你若在某省看见欺压穷人,违犯公道和正义的事,不必对此惊奇,因为高者之上还有更高者在上鉴察,而他们之上还有更高者。7If you see the poor oppressed, right and justice denied in the province, do not be surprised, for over a high-placed official a higher one watches, and over both of these a still higher one watches.
8国家全面的利益,在乎有一位关心农业的君王。8The produce of the land benefits everyone and the king serves the land.
9爱钱的,钱不能使他满足:爱财的,进益不能使他满足:这也是空虚。9Whoever loves money will not be satisfied with money. Whoever loves wealth hasn't sufficient income. This is senseless.
10钱财增多,消费的人也随之增多;财主除饱享眼福外,能有什么益处?10When there is abundance of good things there is abundance of consumers. What profit is there for the owner except to look on?
11工人不论吃多吃少,总睡得甘甜;饱食的富人,却难于安眠。11Sweet the sleep of the laborer, whether he eats little or much. But the rich man who has had his fill cannot sleep.
12我看见在太阳下有一件惨痛的事:财主积蓄财富,反而害了自己。12There is a great evil that I found under the sun, the rich man who kept his wealth to his own harm.
13生意一次失败,财产尽失:生了个儿子,手中一无所有。13A mistaken investment and these riches are lost; a son is born but there is nothing to leave him.
14他赤身出离母胎,也照样赤身归去;他劳力之所得,丝毫不能带去。14Naked he came from his mother's womb, he returns as he came - naked. Nothing of the fruit of his toil is he able to take with him.
15这也是一件惨痛的事:他怎样来,也怎样去;他操劳追风,究有什么益处;15That, too, is a grievous evil: As he came, so he goes. So what did he gain from chasing the wind?
16况且他一生在黑暗中生活,遭受许多烦恼、疾病和悲愤的事。16Why did he eat in darkness all through his life, amidst great sorrow, suffering and vexation?
17我所认为幸福美满的事,是人在天主所赏的少数岁月内,有吃有喝,且享受他在太阳下一切劳碌所得的福乐,这原是他应得的一分。17This is what I saw as most fitting for man: to eat, drink and be happy in all the work he does under the sun during the days God grants him; this is his reward.
18的确,天主赏赐人财产和富裕,叫他能享用;能取得应有的一分,能享受劳碌所得的快乐,实是天主的恩赐。18And when God gives a man riches and property with the possibility of enjoying them and being happy in his work, this is a gift from God.
19那么,人就不甚顾虑人生岁月的短促,因为天主以喜乐充满了他的心。19As long as God keeps him occupied in the gladness of his heart, he is not concerned about how long he will live.
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