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训道篇 Ecclesiastes
1在你年轻的时日,在灾祸的日子来到之前,即在你所说的那些「没有欢乐」的日子来到之前,你应记念你的造主;1Be mindful of your Creator when you are young, before the time of sorrow comes when you have to say, "This gives me no pleasure,"
2不要等到太阳、光体、月亮、星辰失光,雨后云彩再来;2and before the sun, moon and stars withdraw their light, before the clouds gather again after the rain.
3因为那时,看门者战栗,大力士屈伏,推磨的妇女因为少而停工,眺望窗外的女人面目昏黑,3On the day when the guardians of the house tremble, when sturdy men are bowed and those at the mill stop working because they are too few, when it grows dim for those looking through the windows,
4两扇街门将要关闭,磨声低微,雀鸟息声,歌女低吟,4and the doors are shut and the noise of the mill grows faint, the sparrow stops chirping and the bird-song is silenced,
5怕上高处,行路危险,杏子被弃,蚱蜢被嫌,续随子失去效力,因为人要回永久的家乡,哀悼的人徘徊街头;5when one fears the slopes and to walk is frightening; yet the almond tree blossoms, the grasshopper is fat and the caperberry bears fruit that serves no purpose, because man goes forward to his eternal home and mourners gather in the street,
6那时银链将断,金灯将碎,水罐将破于泉旁,轮子将烂于井边,6even before the silver chain is snapped or the golden globe is shattered, before the pitcher is broken at the fountain or the wheel at the mill,
7灰尘将归于原来的土中,生气将归于天主,因为原是天主之所赐。7before the dust returns to the earth from which it came and the spirit returns to God who gave it.
8训道者说:虚而又虚,万事皆虚。8Meaningless! meaningless! the Teacher says; all is meaningless!
9训道者不但是智者,并且教人获得知识,在沈思推究之后,编撰了许多格言。9Besides being a wise man Qoheleth taught the people; he listened, studied and classified a great number of proverbs.
10训道者费神寻找适当的语句,忠诚地写下了真理之言。10Qoheleth tried to write in a pleasant style and express frankly words of truth.
11智者的话好似锥子;收集起的言论集,好像钉牢的钉子:二者都是一位牧者所赐。11The words of the wise are spurs, their collected sayings are like a fence whose many pegs have been assembled by one shepherd.
12除此之外,我儿,不必再找别的书籍,书不论写多少,总没有止境;用功过度,必使身体疲倦。12Beware, my son, of searching beyond. Writing many books would be useless, and intense study wearies the body.
13总而言之:「你应敬畏天主,遵守他的诫命,因为这是众人的义务。」13Conclusion: fear God and obey his precepts; for man depends entirely on this.
14因为天主对一切行为,连最隐秘的,不论好坏,都要一一审判。14God brings every deed to judgment, all that is hidden, be it good or bad.
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