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训道篇 Ecclesiastes
1一个死苍蝇能败坏一碗制香膏者的香膏;一点愚昧也能败坏智慧和尊荣。1As dead flies spoil a jar of perfumed oil, a little folly weighs heavier than wisdom and honor.
2智慧人的心倾向右,愚人的心偏向左。2The heart of the wise man leads him to the right, the heart of the fool leads him to the left.
3愚人连在走路时,也是无知,并称众人皆糊涂。3When the fool is on the road, he goes the wrong way and to all he meets he says, "There goes another fool."
4若当权者向你生气,你不可离弃岗位,因为心平气和能避免大错。4If the ruler gets angry with you, do not stir, for composure prevents many grave mistakes.
5我在太阳下见了一件不幸的事,似乎是出于掌权者的错误:5An evil I discovered under the sun, an error of rulers:
6愚人占居高位,贵人屈居下位。6folly is exalted to the heights while rich men take the lowest places.
7我看见仆人骑马,而王侯反像仆人一样步行。7I have seen slaves riding on horses, princes going on foot like slaves.
8挖掘陷阱的必自陷其中,拆毁墙壁的必被蛇咬伤;8He who digs a pit may fall into it and he who pierces a wall may be bitten by a serpent;
9开凿石头的必为石压伤,砍伐树木的必遭遇危险。9he who quarries stones may be hurt by them and he who splits logs may be wounded;
10铁器钝了,如不将刃磨快,必费许多气力;成功是智慧的效能。10if the axe is blunt and the edge not sharpened, you must strike stronger blows, in all this gain with wisdom.
11行法术之前,就已被蛇咬伤,法术于行法术的人,就没有好处。11But if the serpent doesn't allow itself to be charmed and bites, what did the charmer gain?
12智者口中的言语,为人有益;愚人的口舌却自招灭亡:12The words from the lips of a wise man are gracious but the lips of a fool bring about his own ruin.
13他口中的语言,开始是愚昧,最后却是残忍的狂语。13Folly marks the beginning of his speech and pure madness, the end.
14愚人只知多言:「将来的事怎样,人不知道;人身后的事,有谁来告䜣他?」14Let him multiply his words! (Man does not know what will happen and who will let him know what comes after him?)
15愚人以劳碌为烦恼,因为连怎样进城,他也不知道。15Any work wearies the fool; he doesn't even know the way to go to town.
16邦国,你的君王若是一个幼童,你的长官若清晨宴饮,你就有祸了!16Alas for you, O land! if your ruler is a young man whose princes feast in the morning.
17邦国,你的君王若出身显贵,你的长官若宴饮有时,只求养身,不为快乐,那你就有祸了。17Happy the land where the king is nobly born and where the princes eat at appropriate times, as fitting to men, rather than being drunk.
18屋顶坍塌,由于怠惰;房屋滴漏,由于手懒。18Laziness in man causes a ceiling to sag and because of a man's slackness a house leaks.
19设宴是为欢乐,酒可使生活愉快;钱能应付一切。19Man prepares a meal for pleasure; wine gives cheer to life while money is the answer to everything.
20在床榻上,不要诅咒君王;在卧室内,不要咒骂长官,因为空中的飞鸟能传音,有翅翼的能传话。20Even in your mind do not curse the king and in your bedroom do not curse the rich, for the birds of the air may tell what you say and winged carriers will make it known.
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