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申命纪 Deuteronomy
1梅瑟召集了全以色列人,对他们说:「请听我今日向你们耳中所宣示的法令和规则,务要学习遵行。1Moses gathered the whole of Israel and said to them: "Listen, Israel, to the laws and norms which I teach you this day. Learn them and be careful to put them into practice.
2上主我们的天主在曷勒布与我们立了约。2Yahweh, our God, made a covenant with us in Horeb, and his covenant
3上主并不是与我们的祖先立了这约,而是与我们今日在这里尚生存的众人。3was not only with our fathers, but with us as well who are all alive here today.
4上主在山上,从火中面对面地与你们谈过话。4Yahweh spoke with us face to face from the midst of the fire in the mountain.
5那时我站在上主和你们中间,给你们传达上主的话,因为你们一见火便害了怕,没有上到山上去。上主说:5And I stood between Yahweh and you to transmit his word to you, since you could not go up the mountain for fear of the great fire. These were his words:
6「我是上主,你的天主,我曾领你离开埃及地,那为奴之家,6I am Yahweh, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, the house of slavery.
7除我以外,你不可有别的神。7Do not have other gods before me.
8你不可为自己雕刻偶像,或制造任何上天下地,或地下水中所有各物的形像。8Do not have idols, do not make any figure of things in the heaven or here below on the earth, or in the waters under the earth.
9你不可叩拜,也不可事奉这样的偶像,因为我上主,你的天主是忌邪的天主。对于恨我的人,我必在子孙身上追罚他们祖先的罪恶,直到第三代,第四代;9Do not kneel before them or worship them, because I, Yahweh, am your God, a jealous God who punishes the children until the third and fourth generation for the wickedness of their fathers who hate me.
10对于爱我,守我诫命的人,我对他们施行仁慈,直到千代。10But I am merciful to the thousandth generation to those who love me and obey my commandments.
11你不可妄呼上主,你天主的名,因为上主决不放过妄呼他名的人。11Do not take the name of Yahweh, your God, in vain because Yahweh will not leave unpunished him who takes his name in vain.
12当照上主,你的天主吩咐的,遵守安息日,奉为圣日。12Take care to keep holy the sabbath day, as Yahweh, your God, commands you.
13六天你当劳作,做你一切工作;13You have six days to work and do your tasks.
14第七天是上主你天主的安息日,你和你的子女、仆婢、牛驴、你所有的牲畜,以及住在你城内的外方人,都不应做任何工作,好使你的仆婢能如你一样获得安息。14But the seventh day is the Day of Rest in honor of Yahweh, your God. Do not do any work, you or your child, or your servant, or your ox, or your donkey, or any of your animals. Neither will the foreigner who lives in your land work. Your servant will rest just like you.
15你应记得:你在埃及地也曾做过奴隶,上主你的天主以大能的手和伸展的臂,将你从那里领出来;为此,上主你的天主吩咐你守安息日。15Remember that you were once enslaved in the land of Egypt from where Yahweh, your God, brought you out with his powerful hand and outstretched arm. For that reason, Yahweh, your God, commands you to observe the sabbath.
16应照上主你的天主吩咐你的,孝敬你的父母,好使你能享高寿,并在上主你的天主赐给你的土地内,获享幸福。16Honor your father and your mother as Yahweh, your God, has commanded, and you will live long and it will be well with you in the land which Yahweh, your God, gives you.
17不可杀人。17Do not kill.
18不可奸淫。18Do not commit adultery.
19不可偷盗。19Do not steal.
20不可作假见证害你的近人。20Do not give false testimony against your neighbor.
21不可贪恋你近人的妻子;不可贪图你近人的房屋、田地、仆婢、牛驴,以及属于你近人的一切事物。」21Do not desire the wife of your neighbor. Do not covet the house of your neighbor, or his field, or his servant, or his ox, or his donkey, or anything that is his.
22这是上主在山上,由火中,由浓云黑暗里,大声对你们会众所说的话,再没有加添什么;并将这些话写在两块石版上,交给了我。22These are the words of Yahweh said to the whole assembly on the mountain when he spoke from the midst of the fire and the thick cloud. He said only this and he wrote these words on the two slabs of stone which he gave to me.
23当山上火焰四射,你们听到由黑暗中发出来的声音时,你们各支派的首领和长老,都来到我跟前,23You heard that voice in the midst of darkness, while the mountain was becoming resplendent. Then all the heads of the tribes together with the elders gathered around me
24说:「看,上主我们的天主,使我们看见了他的荣耀和伟大,我们也听见了他由火中发出的声音;今日我们见了天主与人说话,而人还能生存!24and said: 'See, Yahweh, our God, has shown us his glory and greatness, and we have heard his voice from the midst of the fire. We now know that the word of Yahweh is life for man.
25现在,我们为什么要冒死,为这大火所吞灭?如果我们继续听上主我们天主的声音,我们必死无疑。25We are, nevertheless, going to die devoured by this terrible fire if we keep listening to the voice of Yahweh, our God.
26因为凡有血肉的人,有谁如我们一样,听到永生的天主由火中说话的声音,而仍能生存呢?26What man can remain alive after listening to the voice of the living God speaking from the midst of the fire, as he has now done for us?
27请你近前去,聆听上主我们的天主所说的一切;然后你将上主我们的天主对你所说的话,转告给我们;我们必听从,也必遵行。」27Better that you go nearer to hear all the things that Yahweh, our God, will say to you. Then tell these to us that we may put them into practice.'
28你们对我所说的话,上主听见了;遂对我说:「我听见了这人民对你所说的话;他们所说的都对。28Yahweh heard your words and said to me, "I have heard what this people said and they have spoken well.
29惟愿他们常存这样的心思,敬畏我,遵守我的一切诫命,好使他们和他们的子孙永享幸福。29May they always have the same spirit, fear me and observe all my precepts that all may go well with you and with your children for all time.
30你去对他们说:你们回到你们的帐幕内去。30Rise up and tell them to return to their tents in the fields.
31但是,你应留在我这里,我要将一切诫命、法令和规则训示你,你再教训他们,好叫他们在我赐给他们作为产业的地上遵行。」31But as for you, remain here with me that I may teach you all the commandments, precepts and laws which you have to teach that they may put them into practice in the land that I will give them as a possession."
32所以你们应完全遵照上主你们的天主所吩咐你们的行事,不可偏右偏左。32Observe and carry out the things that Yahweh has commanded us. Do not turn aside from them either to the right or to the left.
33在一切事上,只应履行上主你们的天主给你们指定的道路,好使你们在你们要去占领的地方,得以生存、兴盛、长寿。33Follow all the way which Yahweh has marked out for you, and you will live and be happy and you will live long in the land you are going to conquer.
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