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申命纪 Deuteronomy
1苍天,倾听,我要发言;大地,聆听我口要说的话!1Listen, O heavens, as I speak; hear, earth, the words of my mouth.
2愿我的教训如雨下降,我的言语似露滴落,像降在绿茵上的细雨,像落在青草上的甘霖!2May my teaching be drenching as the rain, and my words, permeate gently as the dew: like abundant rain upon the grass, like a gentle shower on the tender crops.
3因为我要宣扬上主的名,请赞颂我们的天主!3For I will proclaim the name of the Lord and declare the greatness of our God.
4他是磐石,他的作为完美无比;他的行径公平正直,他是忠实无妄的天主,公义而又正直。4He is the Rock, and perfect are all his works, just are all his ways. A faithful God he is, upright and just and unerring.
5那不堪称为子女的,自趋堕落,背叛了他,实在是个邪恶败坏的世代!5Yet he has been treated perversely by his degenerate children - a deceitful and crooked generation.
6愚昧无知的人民,你们就这样报答上主吗?他不是生育你,创造你,使你生存的大父吗?6Is this how you repay the Lord, you foolish and senseless people? He is your father, your creator, who formed you and set you up.
7你回想往古的时日,思念历代的岁月;问你的父亲,问你的长辈,他必给你讲述:7Recall the days of old, think of the years gone by; your father will teach you about them, your elders will enlighten you.
8当至高者为民族分配产业时,分布人的子孙时,按照天使的数目,为万民划定了疆界;8When the Most High divided mankind and gave the nations their inheritance, he set up boundaries for the peoples after the number of the sons of God.
9但雅各伯是上主所保留的一分,以色列成为他特有的产业。9But the Lord keeps for himself his portion Jacob, his chosen one.
10上主在旷野之地,在野兽咆哮的原野,发现了他,遂将他抱起,加以抚育,加以保护,有如自己的眼珠。10In the wilderness he found them, in a barren, howling wasteland; he shielded them and cared for them as the apple of his eye.
11老鹰怎样守候自己的窝巢,飞翔在幼雏之上,上主也怎样伸展双翅,把他背在自己的翼上。11Like an eagle watching its nest, hovering over its young, supporting them on its spread wings and carrying them on its pinions,
12上主独自领导了他,他旁边并没有外邦的神祇。12the Lord alone led them, without the aid of a foreign god.
13上主使他驰骋于高原之上,以田间的出产养育他,使他享受巖穴间的蜜,坚石中的油,13He made them ride on the heights and live on the produce of the earth. He gave them honey to suck from the rock, olive oil from the hard stony crag,
14牛酪和羊乳,肥美的羔羊和公羊,巴商的公牛与山羊,以及上等的麦面;并以葡萄美酒作你的饮品。14curds from the herd, milk from the flock, fattened lambs and goats and Bashan bulls, the finest wheat and the best grape wine.
15雅各伯吃肥了,耶叔戎吃胖了,会踢人了。──的确,你胖了,肥了,饱满了。──他遂抛弃了造他的天主,轻视了救他的磐石。15Israel grew up well nourished - you were fat, heavy and overfed. But they abandoned God, their creator; they rejected the rock, their savior.
16他们以邪神的敬礼激起他的妒火,以可憎恶的事物,惹他动怒;16They made him jealous with their strange gods; they angered him with their abominable deeds.
17他们所祭祀的是邪神,而非真神,是向来所不认识的神,是近来新兴,你们的祖先所不敬畏的神。17They sacrificed not to him but to the demons, to gods they had not known, to newly arrived gods they feared but which their fathers never revered.
18你忽略了那生你的磐石,忘记了那使你出世的天主。18They have disowned the Rock who fathered them; they have forgotten the God who gave them birth.
19上主一见,大为震怒,遂抛弃了自己的子女,19The Lord saw this, and in his anger rejected his sons and daughters.
20说我要掩面不顾他们,要看他们的结局如何;这实在是败坏的一代,毫无信实的子女。20He said, "I will hide my face from them and see what will become of them. They are so perverse, so unfaithful!
21他们以虚妄之神,激起我的怒火,以虚无之物,惹我动怒;我也要以那不成子民的人激起他们的妒火,以愚昧的民族惹他们发怒。21They made me jealous with their false gods and angered me with their idols. I will, therefore, make them envious of a foolish people, I will provoke them to anger with an empty-headed nation.
22我的怒火一燃起,必烧到阴府的深底,吞灭大地及其出产,焚毁山岳的基础。22For my wrath has kindled a fire, burning the world of death to its depths, devouring the earth and its harvests, setting ablaze the foundations of the mountains.
23我要将灾祸不断加在他们身上,向他们射尽我的箭矢。23I will send them trouble upon trouble and spend all my arrows upon them;
24他们必因饥饿而衰弱,必为热症、毒疫所消灭;我还使尖牙的野兽和土中爬行的毒虫伤害他们。24I will afflict them with famine, deadly diseases and pestilence. I will send them wild beasts and venomous snakes.
25外有刀剑,内有恐怖,使少男少女,乳儿白头,同归于尽。25Their children will fall by the sword; terror shall reign within, destroying both young man and virgin, both the sucking child and the old man.
26我原想粉碎他们,将他们的记念由人间消灭;26I said I would scatter them afar and blot out their memory among mankind,
27但我怕仇人自夸,怕敌人误会说:「是我的手得胜了,而不是上主行了这一切。」27but I feared the enemy's boasting, lest the adversary misunderstand and say; 'We have triumphed, the Lord has brought this about.'
28他们原是无谋的民族,没有一点见识。28They are a senseless and undiscerning nation. Had they wisdom, they would have known
29如果他们有点智慧,定会明了此事,看清未来的局势。29the meaning of this and the end awaiting them.
30「若不是他们的磐石出卖了他们,上主放弃了他们,一人怎能追击一千,两人怎能打跑一万?」30For how could one or two men put to flight a thousand or ten thousand, unless their Rock had abandoned them, unless their Lord had given them up?
31连我们的仇人也承认,他们的磐石不如我们的磐石。31Even our enemies understand this: their rock indeed is not like our Rock:
32诚然,他们的葡萄秧,出自索多玛的葡萄园,来自哈摩辣的田园;他们的葡萄是毒葡萄,粒粒葡萄皆酸苦。32They are an offshoot of Sodom's vinestock, an outgrowth from the fields of Gomorrah; their grapes are poison, their clusters bitter,
33他们的酒是蛇的毒汁,是蝮蛇的猛烈毒液。33their wine contains venom from the cruel fangs of deadly vipers.
34这事岂不是贮藏在我身旁,封闭在我府库里?34I have kept this in reserve and sealed up in my storehouse.
35等到他们失足之时,我必复仇报复;他们灭亡的日子确已临近,给他们预定的命运就要来到。35Vengeance and recompense is mine. Their feet will slip in due time, their day of calamity is at hand, and swiftly their doom will come.
36因为上主要卫护自己的人民,怜恤自己的仆人。当他看见他们的能力已逝,奴隶与自由人已到绝境,36The Lord will give justice to his people and have mercy on his servants, when he sees their strength failing and both slave and free disappearing.
37必问说:「他们的神祇在那里,他们投靠的磐石究在何处?37He will say, "Where are their gods, the rock they thought could be their refuge,
38一向吃他们祭牲脂肪的,喝他们奠祭酒浆的,都在那里?让他们起来援助你们罢!让他们做你们的保障罢!38who ate the fat of their sacrifices and drank the wine of their libations? Let them rise up now and help you, let them give you protection!
39现在你们应认清,只有我是「那一位」,除我以外没有别神;我使人死,也使人活;我击伤人,也加以治疗;谁也不能由我手中救出。39Learn this now - that I alone am He; there is no god besides me. It is I who give both death and life; it is I who wound and heal as well and out of my hand no one can deliver.
40我向天举手宣誓:我生活,至于永远!40I raise my hand to heaven and swear: as truly as I live forever,
41我一磨亮我的刀剑,我一掌握裁判权,必向我的敌人雪恨,对恨我的人报复。41when I sharpen my glittering sword and my hand takes hold of judgment, I will deal out vengeance upon my foes and retribution upon those who hate me.
42我要使我的箭矢醉饮鲜血,使我的刀剑吞食血肉;阵亡和俘虏的鲜血,仇敌将领的头颅。」42My arrows will drip with blood, my sword will sink deep into the flesh - blood of the wounded and slain captives, flesh of beheaded enemy leaders.
43万国,你们应向他的百姓祝贺!因为上主必为自己的仆人报血仇,向仇敌报复,圣洁自己的土地和百姓。43Rejoice, O nations, with his people, for he will avenge his servants' blood, take vengeance on his adversaries, and perform the rite of expiation for his people and his land.
44梅瑟和农的儿子若苏厄前来,将这篇诗歌的话朗诵给百姓听。44Moses recited the words of this song in the hearing of the people, and Joshua, son of Nun, was with him.
45梅瑟向全以色列人一朗诵完了,45When Moses had finished reciting these words to all Israel,
46就对他们说:「你们应把我今日警告你们的一切话记在心内,好吩咐你们的子孙,谨守遵行这法律上的一切话。46he said to them, "Be attentive to all these words which I declare to you today. Repeat them to your children so that they may take care to put all these laws into practice.
47因为这为你们不是空洞的话,而是关系你们的生命;由于遵守这话,你们才能在过约但河后所要占领的地上,长久居留。」47It is no slight matter: on this depends your life, and by this, you shall lengthen your days in the land you are going to conquer after crossing the Jordan."
48上主就在当天对梅瑟说:48Yahweh spoke to Moses on that same day and he said:
49「你到摩阿布去,上这座阿巴陵山,即面对耶里哥的乃波山上去,观看我要给以色列子民作产业的客纳罕地。49"Go up to the mountains of Abarim in the land of Moab and climb Mount Nebo facing Jericho. From there you shall see the land of Canaan which I give to the children of Israel.
50你要死在你所上的山上,归到你本族那里,像你哥哥亚郎死在曷尔山,归到他本族那里一样。50Then you shall die on Mount Nebo and join your fathers as your brother Aaron died on Mount Hor and went to join them.
51因为你们在亲旷野,卡德士的默黎巴水边,在以色列子民中对我失信,没有在他们中尊我为圣;51Remember that you did not trust me at the waters of Meribah in the desert of Zion, when you did not proclaim me before the Israelites.
52为此,我赐给以色列子民的地方,你只可由对面眺望,却不能进去。」52Therefore you shall not enter the Land, but shall only see it from afar."
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