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申命纪 Deuteronomy
1几时这一切事,就是我在你面前提出的祝福和诅咒,来到你身上,而你在上主你的天主驱逐你去的异族中,回心转意,1When these things come upon you according to this blessing and this curse that I have set before you, you will recall them among the nations where Yahweh, your God, has driven you.
2你和你的子孙全心全灵归向上主你的天主,全照我今天吩咐你的,听从他的话,2Then you will return to him, you and your children; you will listen to his voice with all your heart and with all your soul, obeying all that I command you today.
3那么,上主你的天主必转变你的命运,怜悯你;上主你的天主必从分散你去的各民族中,再召集你回来;3So Yahweh, your God, will bring back the captives of your people, he will have pity on you, and will gather you again from all the nations where Yahweh has scattered you.
4即便被放逐的人远在天涯,上主你的天主也要从那里召回,将你从那里领回来。4Though you are driven out at the other end of the earth,
5上主你的天主必领你进入你祖先所占领的土地,叫你再占领;也必使你比你的祖先更幸福,更众多。5Yahweh will gather you even from there, and will take you once again to the land which your fathers possessed so that it may also be yours. He will make you happy and make you more numerous than your fathers.
6那时上主你的天主必在你的心上,和你后裔的心上行割损,叫你全心全灵爱慕上主你的天主,使你得以生存。6Yahweh, your God, will circumcise your heart and the heart of your descendants that you may love Yahweh with all your heart and with all your soul, in order that you may live.
7上主你的天主必将这一切诅咒,加在迫害你的仇人和敌人身上。7So Yahweh, your God, will inflict all these curses upon your enemies who hate you and persecute you.
8从此,你必再听从上主的话,遵行我今天吩咐你的一切诫命。8You shall again listen to Yahweh and put into practice all his commandments that I give you today.
9上主你的天主必使你做的一切事,你身所生的、牲畜所出的、田地所产的,都顺利兴旺,因为上主要再喜欢你,使你享福,如他以前喜欢你的祖先一样,9Yahweh, your God, will make you succeed in everything you do. He will multiply for your good your children, the offspring of your livestock and the fruits of your land. For Yahweh will again be pleased to treat you well, as he did your fathers.
10只要你听从上主你天主的话,谨守这法律书上所记载的诫命和法令;只要你全心全灵回头,归向上主你的天主。10For you shall turn to Yahweh, your God, with all your heart and with all your soul, and observe his commandments and norms, in a word, everything written in this book of the Law.
11其实,我今天吩咐你的这诫命,为你并不太难,也不是达不到的。11These commandments that I give you today are neither too high nor too far for you.
12这诫命不在天上,以致你能说:「谁能为我们上到天上,给我们取下,使我们听了好能遵行呢?」12They are not in heaven that you should say: "Who will go up to heaven to get these commandments that we may hear them and put them into practice."
13也不在海外,以致你能说:「谁能为我们渡到海外,给我们取来,使我们听了好能遵行呢?」13Neither are they at the other side of the sea for you to say: "Who will cross to the other side and bring them to us, that we may hear them and put them into practice."
14其实,这话离你很近,就在你口里,就在你心里,使你遵行。14On the contrary, my word is very near you; it is already in your mouth and in your heart, so that you can put it into practice.
15你看,我今天将生命与幸福,死亡与灾祸,都摆在你面前,15See, I set before you on this day life and good, evil and death.
16如果你遵行我今天吩咐你的,上主你天主的诫命:爱慕上主你的天主,履行他的道路,谨守他的诫命、法令和规定,你必能生活繁荣,上主你的天主在你要去占领的地上,必要祝福你。16I command you to love Yahweh, your God and follow his ways. Observe his commandments, his norms and his laws, and you will live and increase, and Yahweh will give you his blessing in the land you are going to possess.
17但是,如果你心中叛离,不愿听从,被人引去敬拜事奉其他的神,17But if your heart turns away and does not listen, if you are drawn away and bow before other gods to serve them,
18我今天警告你们:你们必要灭亡;在你渡过约但河去占领的土地上,决不能久存。18I declare on this day that you shall perish. You shall not last in the land you are going to occupy on the other side of the Jordan.
19我今天指著天地向你们作证:我已将生命与死亡,祝福与诅咒,都摆在你面前;你要选择生命,为叫你和你的后裔得以生存;19Let the heavens and the earth listen, that they may be witnesses against you. I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore, choose life that you and your descendants may live,
20你应爱慕上主你的天主,听从他的话,完全依赖他;因为这样你才能生活,才能久存,才能住在上主向你的祖先亚巴郎、依撒格和雅各伯誓许要给他们的土地上。20loving Yahweh, listening to his voice, and being one with him. In this is life for you and length of days in the land which Yahweh swore to give to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob."
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