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申命纪 Deuteronomy
1有任何残缺或瑕疵的牛羊,不可祭献给上主你的天主,因为这为上主你的天主是可憎恶的事。1You shall not sacrifice to Yahweh, your God, an ox or a sheep that has any blemish or defect because Yahweh abhors this.
2在你中间,即在上主你的天主赐给你的一座城内,若发现一个男人或女人,做了上主你的天主眼中视为恶的事,违犯了他的盟约,2If there is among you, in any of the cities which Yahweh will give you, a man or a woman who does what is evil in the sight of Yahweh to the point of breaking his covenant,
3去事奉敬拜其他的神,或太阳,或月亮,或任何天象,反对我所吩咐的事;3if they go to serve other gods and bow before them - to the sun, or the moon, or the stars of heaven - which I have forbidden,
4如果有人告诉了你,你一听说,就应详细调查。如果实有其事,真在以色列中做了这种可恶的事,4and this has been reported to you or you learn of it, you shall begin to investigate the matter well. If you have proved that this abomination has indeed been committed in Israel,
5就将那做这种恶事的男人或女人,带到城门外,用石头砸死他们。5you shall bring to the gates of the city that man or woman who committed the misdeed, and you shall stone him or her to death.
6根据两个或三个见证的口供,即可将这该死的人处以死刑;根据一个见证的口供,却不可处以死刑。6But you will need the testimony of two or three witnesses to condemn a person to death. No one will be condemned by the accusation of only one witness.
7见证人应先下手,然后众人才下手将他处死:如此由你中间铲除了这邪恶。7The hands of the witnesses shall throw the first stones to kill the accused. Afterwards all the people shall stone him. In this way, you will make the evil disappear from your midst.
8若在你城镇内发生了诉讼案件:或是杀人,或是争讼,或是殴伤,而又是你难以处决的案件,你应起来上到上主你的天主所选的地方,8If a very difficult case is presented to you which you cannot resolve in the city tribunal, either about murder, a legal dispute or a quarrel because of injuries, you shall go up to the place chosen by Yahweh, your God;
9去见肋未司祭和那在职的判官,询问他们,他们要指教你怎样判断这案件。9you shall approach the Levite priests and the judge in office at that time. You shall consult them and they will point out to you the decision on the case.
10你应依照他们在上主所选的地方,有关那案件指教你的话去执行;凡他们教训你的,应完全遵行。10You shall carry out the decision that they have made for you in that place chosen by Yahweh, and you shall act in accordance with what they have instructed you.
11应全依照他们给你的指导,告诉你的判断去执行;对他们告诉你的定案,不可偏左偏右。11You shall follow the instructions or the verdict they have given you without turning aside either to the right or to the left from the decision they made for you.
12若有人擅自行事,不听从那侍立于上主你的天主前供职的司祭,或不听从判官,应把这人处死。如此你由以色列中铲除了这邪恶;12He who dares to act in another way and does not listen to the priest who stands there in the service of Yahweh, or to the judge, that man will die. You shall banish evil from Israel.
13民众听见了,必都害怕,再不敢擅自行事。13So all the people upon knowing this shall fear and not make decisions without the right to do so.
14当你进入上主你的天主赐给你的土地,占据了那地,安住在那里以后,你如说:「我愿照我四周的各民族,设立一位君王统治我」,14When you come to the land which Yahweh, your God, gives you, when you have conquered it and live in it, you shall perhaps say: "I would like to have a king like all the neighboring nations."
15你应将上主你的天主所拣选的人,立为你的君王。应由你兄弟中立一人,作你的君王,不可让不属你兄弟的外方人统治你。15Then you have to appoint a king chosen by Yahweh from among your brothers. You shall not appoint a foreign king who is not a brother Israelite.
16但是,不可许他养许多马,免得他叫人民回到埃及去买马,因为上主曾对你们说过:「你们不可再回到那条路上去;」16Ensure that your king does not acquire many horses, lest he again send his people to Egypt to get more horses. For Yahweh commanded you never to go back that way.
17也不可许他有许多妻妾,免得他的心迷于邪途;也不可许他过于积蓄金银。17Neither shall he have many women lest they pervert his heart. And neither let him pile up gold and silver.
18几时他登上了王位,依照肋未司祭处所存的法律书,给他抄写一本,18When he ascends the throne, let him copy for his use this Law from the book of the Levite priests.
19叫他带在身边,一生天天阅读,好使他学习敬畏上主他的天主,谨守遵行这法律上的一切话和这些规则。19He shall bring it with him and read it every day of his life, that he may learn to fear Yahweh, keeping all the sayings of the Law and putting his precepts into practice.
20如此他可避免对自己的同胞心高气傲,偏离这些诫命,好使他和他的子孙在以色列中间久居王位。20So let him not become conceited nor look down on his brothers, nor turn aside from this commandment either to the right or to the left, so that he and his children may lengthen the days of their reign in the midst of Israel.
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