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哥罗森书 Colossians
1你们既然与基督一同复活了,就该追求天上的事,在那里有基督坐在天主的右边。1So then, if you are risen with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.
2你们该思念天上的事,不该思念地上的事,2Set your mind on the things that are above, not on earthly things.
3因为你们已经死了,你们的生命已与基督一同藏在天主内了;3For you have died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.
4当基督,我们的生命显现时,那时,你们也要与他一同出现在光荣之中。4When Christ, who is your life, reveals himself, you also will be revealed with him in Glory.
5为此,你们要致死属于地上的肢体,致死淫乱、不洁、邪情、恶欲和无异于偶像崇拜的贪婪,5Therefore, put to death what is earthly in your life, that is immorality, impurity, inordinate passions, wicked desires and greed which is a way of worshiping idols.
6为了这一切,天主的义怒才降在悖逆之子身上;6These are the things that arouse the wrath of God.
7当你们生活在其中时,你们也曾一度在其中行动过,7For a time you followed this way and lived in such disorders.
8但是现在你们却该戒绝这一切:忿怒、暴戾、恶意、诟骂和出于你们口中的秽言。8Well then, reject all that: anger, evil intentions, malice; and let no abusive words be heard from your lips.
9不要彼此说谎;你们原已脱去了旧人和他的作为,9Do not lie to one another. You have been stripped of the old self and its way of thinking
10且穿上了新人,这新人即是照创造他者的肖像而更新,为获得知识的;10to put on the new, which is being renewed and is to reach perfect knowledge and the likeness of its creator.
11在这一点上,已没有希腊人或犹太人,受割损的或未受割损的,野蛮人、叔提雅人、奴隶、自由人的分别,而只有是一切并在一切内的基督。11There, there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, between circumcised and uncircumcised. There are no strangers, barbarians, slave and free, but Christ is all and is in all.
12为此,你们该如天主所拣选的,所爱的圣者,穿上怜悯的心肠、仁慈、谦卑、良善和含忍;12Clothe yourselves, then, as is fitting for God's chosen people, holy and beloved of him. Put on compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience
13如果有人对某人有什么怨恨的事,要彼此担待,互相宽恕;就如主怎样宽恕了你们,你们也要怎样宽恕人。13to bear with one another and forgive whenever there is any occasion to do so. As the Lord has forgiven you, forgive one another.
14在这一切以上,尤该有爱德,因为爱德是全德的联系。14When you have put on all these, take love as your belt so that the dress be perfect.
15还要叫基督的平安,在你们心中作主;你们所以蒙召存于一个身体内,也是为此,所以你们该有感恩之心。15May the peace of Christ overflow in your hearts; for this end you were called to be one body. And be thankful.
16要让基督的话充分地存在你们内,以各种智慧彼此教导规劝,以圣咏、诗词和属神的歌曲在你们心内,怀着感恩之情,歌颂天主。16Let the word of God dwell in you in all its richness. Teach and admonish one another with words of wisdom. With thankful hearts sing to God psalms, hymns and spontaneous praise.
17你们无论作什么,在言语上或在行为上,一切都该因主耶稣的名而作,藉着他感谢天主圣父。17And whatever you do or say, do it in the Name of Jesus, the Lord, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
18作妻子的,应该服从丈夫,如在主内所当行的。18Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as you should do in the Lord.
19作丈夫的,应该爱妻子,不要苦待她们。19Husbands, love your wives and do not get angry with them.
20作子女的,应该事事听从父母,因为这是主所喜悦的。20Children, obey your parents in everything, because that pleases the Lord.
21作父母的,不要激怒你们的子女,免得他们灰心丧志。21Parents, do not be too demanding of your children, lest they become discouraged.
22作奴隶的,应该事事听从肉身的主人,且不要只当着眼前服事,像是取悦于人,而是要以诚心,出于敬畏主。22Servants, obey your masters in everything; not only while they are present, to gain favor with them, but sincerely, because you fear the Lord.
23你们无论作什么,都要从心里去作,如同是为主,而不是为人,23Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly, working for the Lord, and not for humans.
24因为你们该知道,你们要由主领取产业作为报酬;你们服事主基督罢!24You well know that the Lord will reward you with the inheritance. You are servants, but your Lord is Christ.
25因为凡行不义的,必要得他所行不义的报应;天主决不看情面。25Every evildoer will be paid back for whatever wrong has been done, for God does not make exceptions in favor of anyone.
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