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巴路克 Baruch
1耶路撒冷!请你脱去你居丧悲伤的衣裳,永远穿上天主光荣的华服,1Jerusalem, put off your garment of mourning and unhappiness, put on the splendor and glory of God forever.
2披上天主正义的披肩,在你头上戴上永生者光荣的冠冕,2Wrap yourself in the mantle of holiness that comes from God, put on your head the crown of glory of the Eternal One.
3因为天主要对天下万邦显示你的荣耀,3For God will show your splendor to every being under Heaven.
4给你起名永远叫「正义的和平,」和「虔敬的光荣。」4He will call your name forever, "Peace in Justice" and "Glory in the Fear of the Lord."
5耶路撒冷!请你起来,站在高处,向东远眺,看,你的子女奉圣者的命,由西方至东方集合,喜庆天主终于想起了他们。5Rise up, Jerusalem, stand on the heights. Look towards the East and see your children gathered together from the setting of the sun to its rising, by the voice of the Holy One, rejoicing because God has remembered them.
6他们离你远去,由仇人押送步行;如今天主却将他们给你再领回来;他们体面光荣,被人抬回,好像皇子一样;6They left you on foot, taken away by the enemy. God will lead them back, carried gloriously like royal princes.
7因为天主已命令夷平一切的高山和永恒的丘陵,填平所有的山谷,使它们化为平地,好让以色列在天主的光荣下平安前行;7For God has resolved to bring low every high mountain and the everlasting hills, to fill up the valleys and level out the ground, in order that Israel may walk in safety under the Glory of God.
8森林和一切香树要依照天主的命令,给以色列散布荫凉;8Even the forests and the fragrant trees will give shade to Israel at God's command.
9因为天主要在喜乐中,以自己本有的仁慈和正义,在自己荣耀的光辉下,亲自领回以色列。9For God will lead Israel with joy by the light of his Glory, escorting them with his mercy and justice.
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