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巴路克 Baruch
1为此,上主实践了他对我们,和对治理以色列的我们的长官,对我们的君王和政要,对以色列人和犹大人所说的话:1That is why the Lord our God has carried out the word which he spoke against us, against the judges who have governed Israel, against our kings, our princes and the men of Israel and Judah.
2他在耶路撒冷按著梅瑟法律的记载所作的,在普天之下从来没有发生过,2No one under the sky has ever seen the like of what happened in Jerusalem, according to what is written in the book of Moses.
3就是:我们中有人烹食自己儿子的肉,有人烹食自己女儿的肉;3For people among us came to eat their son's and daughter's flesh.
4且将他们交付给我们四周列国权下,使他们在上主叫他们流徙所到的四邻民族中,遭受诅咒凌辱,4And he handed them over into the power of all the surrounding kingdoms, so that they were cursed and humiliated among the neighboring peoples among whom the Lord had scattered them.
5他们成了阶下囚,不是在人之上,因为我们得罪了上主我们的天主,没有听从他的声音。5Submission and not command has been our lot, because we have sinned against the Lord our God and have not listened to his voice.
6正义属于上主我们的天主,但是,像今日的耻辱,是我们和我们的祖先所应得的。6Just is the Lord our God, whereas shame and confusion befit us and our fathers right down to this day.
7上主对我们所警告的一切灾祸,都来到了我们身上。7All those evils which the Lord prophesied concerning us have fallen upon us.
8但我们没有勉力求上主息怒,谁也没有离弃自己的邪心恶念,8And we have not begged the Lord to make each of us turn away from the thoughts of our evil hearts.
9因此上主常警醒,等待时机,把灾祸降到我们身上;的确,不论上主吩咐我们什么,他常是正义的,9Then the Lord kept watch over the evils and allowed them to come upon us, for the Lord is just in all that he has commanded us to do.
10只是我们没有听从他的声音,没有按照上主给我们颁赐的法令行事。10We have not listened to his voice nor followed the commands which the Lord has ordered us to keep.
11如今,上主,以色列的天主!你曾以强力的手、奇事、神蹟、伟大的能力和伸展的手臂,领你的人民出离了埃及地,使你获得有如今日的盛名。11And now, Lord God of Israel, you who brought your people out of Egypt with a strong hand, with miracles and wonders and great power, you who stretched out your arm and made for yourself a name such as you have today,
12上主,我们的天主啊!我们犯了罪,行了不义,违犯了你的一切诫命,12we have sinned. We have been godless and unjust, Lord, careless about all your commands.
13愿你的义怒不再向我们发作,因为在你使我们流徙所到的民族中,我们剩下的人数已很稀少。13May your fury be turned away from us, for there are very few of us left among the nations in which you have scattered us.
14上主,求你俯听我们的祈求和哀祷,求你为了你的缘故,拯救我们,恩赐我们在俘掳我们的人前获得宠遇,14Hear our supplication and our prayer, O Lord, deliver us for your own honor and let us find favor with those who deported us.
15叫全地都知道你是上主,我们的天主,因为以色列和他的后裔,是归你名下的。15Let all the earth know that you are the Lord our God, because Israel and its people bear your name.
16上主,求你从你的圣殿垂视眷念我们;上主,求你侧耳俯听;16Lord, look down from your holy dwelling place and think of us; Lord, incline your ear and listen;
17上主,求你睁眼看一看,不是那些在阴府里,五内已没有气息的死人,能归光荣和正义于上主,17Lord, open your eyes and consider: it is not the dead, lying in the netherworld, who will praise your glory and justice,
18而是备受痛苦的心灵,行走伛偻和力量衰弱,眼睛憔悴无光,和忍饥受饿的生灵,才能归光荣和正义于你,上主!18since their spirit has been taken from their breast. Grieving under his burden, and walking bowed down and exhausted, the man with eyes sore from weeping and who is hungry - these are they, who can give you glory and justice, O Lord.
19上主,我们的天主!我们并不是仗恃我们祖先或我们君王的功绩,将我们的请求呈递到你台前,19For it is not on account of the merits of our fathers and of our kings that we pour out our cry for pity before you, O Lord our God.
20因为你曾向我们生气发怒,正如你藉你的仆人先知们申明说:20You have sent down on us your fury and your anger as you announced through your servants, the prophets, saying,
21「上主这样说:你们该低头服事巴比伦王,这样你们便可住在我赐给你们祖先的地上;21"Thus says the Lord: Bend your shoulders and serve the king of Babylon and you will dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers.
22假使你们不听从上主的声音,不服事巴比伦王,22But if you do not listen to the voice of the Lord your God and serve the king of Babylon,
23我就要使犹大城内,和耶路撒冷街上再也听不到欢愉和喜乐的声音,新郎和新娘的声音,全地要变为无人居住的荒野。」23I will bring to an end in the towns of Judah and in Jerusalem the song of joy and gladness, the song of the bridegroom and the bride, and the whole country will become a desert without inhabitants.
24我们既没有听从你的声音,没有服事巴比伦王,所以你实践了你藉你的仆人先知们说的话:「我们的君王和我们祖先的骨骸,必被人从坟墓中掘出来。」24We did not listen to your invitation to serve the king of Babylon and so you carried out what you had foretold by your servants, the prophets, that the bones of our kings and our fathers would be taken from their graves.
25看,他们已被掘了出来,日晒夜冻。他们都在极惨的痛苦中,死于饥饿、刀剑和瘟疫;25See, they have been exposed to the heat of the day and the cold of the night; they died in cruel sufferings, by famine, by the sword and by plagues.
26连那归你名下的殿宇,因了以色列家和犹大家的罪孽,你也将它弄成像今日的样子。26And you have reduced the nation which bears your name to the state in which it is today because of the wickedness of the people of Judah.
27虽然如此,上主,我们的天主!你对待我们实在宽宏大量,无限仁慈,27However, you have acted towards us, O Lord our God, indulgently and with great tenderness,
28正如你在命令你的仆人梅瑟给以色列子民写下你的法律的那天,藉他申明说:28as you foretold by your servant Moses, the day you ordered him to write down your Law in the presence of the children of Israel saying:
29「假使你们不听从我的声音,这庞大的民众,在我使他们流徙所到的民族中,必会变成弱小的。29If you do not listen to my voice, this great and vast multitude will be reduced to a small remnant among the nations where I shall scatter them;
30我原知道他们不会听从我,因为他们是一强项的民族;但是在充军的地方,他们必回心转意,30for I know well that they will not listen to me because they are a stiff-necked people. But in the land of their exile their hearts will be converted
31承认我是上主,他们的天主,我也要赐他们心明耳顺,31and they will know that I am the Lord their God.
32叫他们在充军之地赞美我,记念我的名号。32And I will give them a heart and listening ears, that they may praise me in the land of their exile and remember my name.
33他们必回心转意,不再强项,不再作恶,因为他们记着他们在上主面前犯罪的祖先的结局。33They will repent of their stiff-necked obstinacy and their evil deeds, because they will remember what happened to their fathers who had sinned before the Lord.
34那时,我要再领他们回到我起誓许给他们的祖先亚巴郎、依撒格和雅各伯的地域去,叫他们恢复祖业;我也要增加他们的人数,叫他们不再减少;34And I will lead them into the land which I have promised by oath to their fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and they will take possession of it. I will increase their number and it will no longer diminish.
35我要与他们订立永久的盟约:我要作他们的天主,他们要作我的人民;我决不再将我的人民以色列逐出我赐与他们的地域。」35I will make with them an everlasting covenant; I will be their God and they shall be my people. I will no longer drive my people Israel from the land which I have given them.
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