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亚毛斯 Amos
1你们这些欺压弱小,虐待穷人,且对自己丈夫说:「拿酒来,我们畅饮」的撒玛黎雅山上的巴商母牛,听听这话罢!1Listen to this word, you cows of Bashan, you women who live on the hills of Samaria, who oppress the weak and abuse the needy, who order your husbands, "Bring us something to drink quickly!"
2吾主上主指著自己的神圣起誓说:「看,对付你们的日子快到,人必用勾子把你们勾去;直到你们最后一个也必被人用鱼勾勾去。2Yahweh has sworn by his holiness, "The time is coming upon you when you will be dragged away with hooks, even the last of you with fishhooks.
3你们一个一个地经过城墙的裂口,被押到赫尔孟去」──上主的断语。3Through the breaks in the wall you will go out, straight ahead, driven out all the way to Hermon." It is Yahweh who speaks.
4「你们去贝特耳犯罪罢!去基耳加耳罪上加罪罢!每晨奉献你们的牺牲,每三天奉献你们的什一之物,4"Come, sinners, to the Sanctuary in Bethel, go down to Gilgal and sin even more! Each morning bring your sacrifices and on the third day your tithes. Burn leavened food for thanksgiving.
5焚烧有酵供物当作感恩祭,高声宣扬你们自愿献的祭献!以色列子民,你们原喜欢这样──吾主上主的断语──5Proclaim in public your freewill offering, for this is what makes you happy, people of Israel," says Yahweh.
6虽然我使你们一切城市饥荒,到处缺粮,但你们还是不归向我──上主的断语──6"Though I have made your teeth clean of food in every city, though I have made your bread in all your dwellings scarce, yet you did not return to me," says Yahweh.
7收割前三个月,我就不给你们降雨,或者在这城降雨,在另一城却不降雨;这块地得了雨,而另一块地没有得雨,因而干枯了;7"Though I withheld rain from you when the harvest was still three months away, though I sent rain upon one town and withheld it from another,
8两三座城的人踉踉跄跄走到另一座城里去喝水,却不能喝足;虽然如此,你们还是不归向我──上主的断语──8though people staggered from town to town, and found no water to quench their thirst, yet you never returned to me," says Yahweh.
9我使热风和霉烂袭击你们,使你们的田园和葡萄园干旱;蝗虫又吃光了你们的无花果树和橄榄树,但你们还是不归向我──上主的断语──9"Though with blight and calamities I have stricken your garden and vineyard, though your fig and olive trees were devoured by the locusts, yet you never returned to me," says Yahweh.
10我在你们中降下了瘟疫,如在埃及一样,用刀剑杀了你们的精兵,令人掳掠你们的战马,使你们营中腥臭扑鼻,但你们还是不归向我──上主的断语──10"Though as in Egypt I sent you a plague, though I slew your young men with the sword along with your captured horses, and nauseated you with stench from your own dead, yet you never returned to me," says Yahweh.
11我倾覆了你们,像天主倾覆了索多玛和哈摩辣,你们好似由火中抽出来的木柴,但你们还是不归向我──上主的断语──11"I overthrew you, a divine punishment, as happened to Sodom and Gomorrah; you were like a brand snatched from the blaze, yet you never returned to me," says Yahweh.
12为此,以色列!我必要这样对待你。以色列!因我要这样对待你,你准备迎接你的天主罢!」12"Therefore I will deal with you in my own way, Israel, and since I will do this to you, prepare, Israel, to meet your God!"
13看,是他形成了山岳,创造了风暴,向人宣示他的旨意,造成黎明和黑暗,在大地高处巡行,他的名字叫「雅威」,万军的天主。13For it is he who makes the thunder and creates the winds, and makes people know why he did, who turns dawn to twilight, who strides upon the heights of the earth - Yahweh, God of hosts, is his name.
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