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宗徒大事录 Acts
1德敖斐罗!我在第一部书中,已论及耶稣所行所教的一切,1In the first part of my work, Theophilus, I wrote of all that Jesus did and taught from the beginning
2直到他藉圣神嘱咐了所选的宗徒之后,被接去的那一天为止;2until the day when he ascended to heaven. But first he had instructed through the Holy Spirit the apostles he had chosen.
3他受难以后,用了许多凭据,向他们显明自己还活着,四十天之久发现给他们,讲论天主国的事。3After his passion, he presented himself to them, giving many signs that he was alive; over a period of forty days he appeared to them and taught them concerning the Kingdom of God.
4耶稣与他们一起进食时,吩咐他们不要离开耶路撒冷,但要等候父的恩许,即你们听我所说过的:4Once when he had been eating with them, he told them, "Do not leave Jerusalem but wait for the fulfillment of the Father's promise about which I have spoken to you:
5若翰固然以水施了洗,但不多几天以后,你们要因圣神受洗。」5John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit within a few days."
6他们聚集的时候,就问耶稣说:「主,是此时要给以色列复兴国家吗?」6When they had come together, they asked him, "Is it now that you will restore the Kingdom of Israel?"
7他回答说:「父以自己的权柄所定的时候和日期,不是你们应当知道的;7And he answered, "It is not for you to know the time and the steps which the Father has fixed by his own authority.
8但当圣神降临于你们身上时,你们将充满圣神的德能,要在耶路撒冷及全犹太和撒玛黎雅,并直到地极,为我作证人。」8But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, even to the ends of the earth."
9耶稣说完这些话,就在他们观望中,被举上升,有块云彩接了他去,离开他们的眼界。9After Jesus said this, he was taken up before their eyes and a cloud hid him from their sight.
10他们向天注视着他上升的时候,忽有两个穿白衣的人站在他们 前,10While they were still looking up to heaven where he went, suddenly, two men dressed in white stood beside them
11向他们说:「加里肋亚人!你们为甚么站着望天呢﹖这位离开你们,被接到天上去的耶稣,你们看见他怎样升了天,也要怎样降来。」前编伯多禄事录11and said, "Men of Galilee, why do you stand here looking up at the sky? This Jesus who has been taken from you into heaven, will return in the same way as you have seen him go there."
12那时,他们从名叫橄榄的山上,回了耶路撒冷,这山离耶路撒冷不远,有一安息日的路程。12Then they returned to Jerusalem from the Mount called Olives, which is a fifteen-minute walk away.
13他们进了城,就上了那座他们所居住的楼房,在那里有伯多禄、若望、雅各伯、安德肋、斐理伯、多默、巴尔多禄茂、玛窦、阿耳斐的儿子雅各伯、热诚者西满及雅各伯的兄弟犹达。13On entering the city they went to the room upstairs where they were staying. Present there were Peter, John, James and Andrew; Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew, James, son of Alpheus; Simon the Zealot and Judas son of James.
14这些人同一些妇女及耶稣的母亲玛利亚并他的兄弟,都同心合意地专务祈祷。14All of these together gave themselves to constant prayer. With them were some women and also Mary, the mother of Jesus, and his brothers.
15有一天,伯多禄起来站在弟兄们中间说:──当时在一起的众人大约共有一百二十名──15It was during this time that Peter stood up in the midst of the community - about one hundred and twenty in all -
16「诸位仁人弟兄!圣神藉达味的口,关于领导逮捕耶稣的犹达斯所预言的经文,必须应验。16and he said, "Brothers, it was necessary that the Scriptures referring to Judas be fulfilled. The Holy Spirit had spoken through David about the one who would lead the crowd coming to arrest Jesus.
17他本来是我们中间的一位,分占了这职务的一分;17He was one of our number and had been called to share our common ministry.
18但这人竟用不义的代价买了一块田地,他倒头堕下,腹部崩裂,一切脏腑都流了出来。18(We know that he bought a field with the reward of his sin; yet he threw himself headlong to his death, his body burst open and all his bowels spilled out.
19耶路撒冷的居民尽人皆知,为此,他们以本地话称那块田地为「哈刻达玛」,就是「血田」的意思。19This event became known to all the people living in Jerusalem and they named that field Akeldama in their own language, which means Field of Blood).
20原来在圣咏集上曾记载说:『愿他的居所变成荒土,没有人在那里居住。』又说:『让人取去他的职位。』20In the book of Psalms it is written: Let his house become deserted and may no one live in it. But it is also written: May another take his office.
21所以必须从这些人中,即主耶稣在我们中间来往的所有时期内,常同我们在一起的人中,21Therefore we must choose someone from among those who were with us during all the time that the Lord Jesus moved about with us,
22由若翰施洗起,直到耶稣从我们中被接去的日子止,由这些人中,应当有一个同我们一起作他复活的见证人。」22beginning with John's baptism until the day when Jesus was taken away from us. One of these has to become, with us, a witness to his resurrection."
23他们便提出了名叫巴尔撒巴,号称犹斯托的若瑟,和玛弟亚两个人。23Then they proposed two: Joseph, called Barsabbas, also known as Justus, and Matthias.
24他们就祈祷说:「主,你认识众人的心,求你指示,这两个人中,你拣选了那一个,24They prayed: "You know, Lord, what is in the hearts of all. Show us, therefore, which of the two you have chosen
25使他取得这职务的地位,即宗徒的职位,因为犹达斯放弃了这职位,去了他自己的地方。」25to replace Judas in this apostolic ministry which he deserted to go to the place he deserved."
26他们给二人拈阄,玛弟亚中了阄,就列入十一位宗徒之中。26Then they drew lots between the two and the choice fell on Matthias who was added to the eleven apostles.
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