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得撒洛尼后书 2 Thessalonians
1弟兄们,关于我们的主耶稣基督的来临,和我们聚集到他前的事,我们请求你们,1Brothers and sisters, let us speak about the coming of Christ Jesus, our Lord, and our gathering to meet him.
2不要因着什么神恩,或什么言论,或什么似乎出于我们的书信,好像说主的日子迫近了,就迅速失去理智,惊慌失措。2Do not be easily unsettled. Do not be alarmed by what a prophet says or by any report, or by some letter said to be ours, saying the day of the Lord is at hand.
3不要让人用任何方法欺骗你们,因为在那日子来临前,必有背叛之事,那无法无天的人,即丧亡之子必先出现。3Do not let yourselves be deceived in any way. Apostasy must come first, when the man of Sin will appear,
4他即是那敌对者,他高举自己在各种称为神或受祟拜者以上,以致要坐在天主的殿中,宣布自己是神。4that instrument of evil who opposes and defiles whatever is considered divine and holy, even to the point of sitting in the temple of God and claiming to be God.
5你们不记得我还在你们那里时,给你们说过这些事吗?5Do you not remember I spoke of it when I was still with you?
6你们也知道现今那阻止他在自己的时辰才出现的是什么。6But you also know what prevents him from appearing until his due time.
7罪恶的阴谋已经在活动,只待这阻止者一由中间除去,7The mystery of sin is already at work, but the one who restrains it at present has to be taken away.
8那时,那无法无天的人就要出现,主耶稣要以自己口中的气息将他杀死,且以自己来临的显现把他消灭。8Then the wicked one will appear, whom the Lord is to sweep away with the breath of his mouth and destroy in the splendor of his coming.
9那人来到,依靠撒殚的力量,具有各种德能,行欺骗人的奇蹟异事,9This lawless one will appear with the power of Satan, performing miracles and wonderful signs at the service of deception.
10并以各种邪恶骗术,煽惑那些丧亡的人,因为他们没有接受爱慕真理之心,为获得拯救。10All the deceits of evil will then be used for the ruin of those who refused to love truth and be saved.
11为此,天主使一种错误的信念在他们身上运行,叫他们相信谎谬,11This is why God will send them the power of delusion, that they may believe what is false.
12为使一切不信真理而喜欢违法的人,被定罪受罚。12So all those who chose wickedness instead of believing the truth will be condemned.
13主所爱的弟兄们!我们该当时常为你们感谢天主,因为天主从起初就拣选了你们,藉圣神的祝圣和信从真理而得到拯救。13But we have to give thanks for you at all times, dear brothers and sisters in the Lord. For God chose you from the beginning to be saved through true faith and to be made holy by the Spirit.
14为此,他也藉着我们宣讲的福音召叫了你们,为获得我们的主耶稣基督的光荣。14To this end he called you through the gospel we preach, for he willed you to share the glory of Christ Jesus our Lord.
15所以,弟兄们,你们要站立稳定,要坚持你们或由我们的言论,或由我们的书信所学得的传授。15Because of that, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold to the traditions that we taught you by word or by letter.
16愿我们的主耶稣基督,和那爱我们,并开恩将永远的安慰和美好的希望,赐与我们的父天主,16May Christ Jesus our Lord who has loved us, may God our Father, who in his mercy gives us everlasting comfort and true hope, strengthen you.
17鼓励你们的心,并在各种善工善言上,坚固你们。17May he encourage your hearts and make you steadfast in every good work and word.
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