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撒慕尔纪下 2 Samuel
1君王一听这话,不胜悲伤,就上了门楼痛哭;他哭着说:「我儿阿贝沙隆!我儿;我儿阿贝沙隆!巴不得我替你死了!我儿阿贝沙隆!我儿!」1The king was greatly disturbed and, going up to the room over the gate, he wept and said, "O, my son Absalom! My son, my son Absalom! Would that I had died instead of you, O Absalom, my son, my son!"
2有人报告约阿布说:「看,君王在痛哭哀悼阿贝沙隆。」2It was reported to Joab, "The king is weeping and mourning for Absalom."
3那天的胜利为全军竟变成了悲哀,因为他们那天听说君王为自己的儿子悲伤。3So the victory that day turned into mourning for all the people, when they heard that the king was grieving over his son.
4因此,那天军人暗暗地进了城,好像由战场上受辱逃回来的军队。4The people quietly entered the city that day, like those fleeing from battle in shame.
5此时君王正在掩面,大声哀哭说:「我儿阿贝沙隆!我儿阿贝沙隆!我儿!」5The king covered his face and was crying aloud, "O my son Absalom, O Absalom, my son, my son!"
6约阿布进去对君王说:「你今天大伤你仆人们的脸面,他们救了你的性命,你儿女的性命,你妻妾的性命;6Joab then came to the king's house and said, "You have today put to shame all your servants who saved your life, the lives of your sons and daughters, and of your wives and concubines.
7然而恨你的,你反爱他;爱你的,你反恨他。今天你已明确表示:王侯和臣民为你不算什么。我也明明看出:阿贝沙隆今天若能活着,我们都死了,你才安心呢!7Yes, you love those who hate you and hate those who love you. For you have made it clear today that your commanders and guards mean nothing to you. I know that if Absalom were alive today and all of us dead, you would be pleased.
8现今你快起来,出去,说几句使你仆人们安心的话罢!我指著上主起誓,如果你不出去,今夜再没有一个人同你一起了。这祸患于你要超过你从小至今所遭遇的一切祸患。」8You must now show yourself and say a good word to your guards for, I swear by Yahweh, if you do not, no one will stay with you tonight, and this will be worse than all the evil that has happened to you from your youth to the present day."
9君王就起来,坐在大门口。遂有人向军民传报说:「君王已坐在门口!」军人便都聚齐,来到君王前。以色列人各自逃回自己的营幕。9So the king took his seat at the gate and as the people were informed that the king was sitting at the gate, they came before him. The people of Israel had fled, each man to his own home.
10那时,以色列各支派的民众纷纷议论说:「君王从仇人手中解救了我们,又从培肋舍特人手中拯救了我们,现在,他竟为逃避阿贝沙隆离开了本国。10Yet throughout all the tribes of Israel, the people were arguing, "The king who delivered us from the Philistines has had to flee because of Absalom.
11我们给阿贝沙隆曾傅油为管理我们,他已经战死。现今你们等什么,还不把君王接回来?」11We ourselves anointed Absalom to rule over us. But if he died in battle, what prevents us from bringing back the king?"
12全以色列这提议传到君王那里。达味王遂派人对司祭匝多克和厄贝雅塔尔说:「你们应向犹大长老说:为什么你们要等最后才去迎接君王回宫呢?12King David heard what the Israelites said. So he sent this message to the priests Zadok and Abiathar, "Say to the elders of Judah: 'Why should you be the last to bring the king back to his house?
13你们是我的兄弟,我的骨肉,为什么你们等到最后才去迎接君王呢?13You are relatives, of my own race. Why should you be the last to bring back the king?'
14你们要向阿玛撒说:你不是我的骨肉吗?若我不叫你一生代替约阿布作元帅,愿天主这样罚我,且更加倍地罚我!」14Say also to Amasa, 'Are you not of my own family? I swear before God that I will make you general of my army in place of Joab."
15那时,全犹大人都同心合意,一致派使者到君王那里说:「请你和你的臣仆回来罢!」15So he won over the men of Judah and, as one man, they sent word to the king, "Please return with your servants."
16君王就动身回来,到了约但河。这时迎接君王的犹大人来到了基耳加耳,协助君王渡约但河。16So the king came back and the men of Judah went over to Gilgal to welcome him and help him cross the Jordan.
17那时,巴胡陵的本雅明人革辣的儿子史米,也赶快来同那些犹大人欢迎达味君王。17Shimei, son of Gera, the Benjaminite from Bahurim, hurried down with the people of Judah to meet King David.
18同他来的,还有一千本雅明人。撒乌耳的家仆漆巴和他十五个儿子同二十个仆人,也来到约但河迎接君王。18He had taken with him a thousand men from Benjamin. Ziba also, the steward of Saul's family, hurried down to the Jordan before the king with his fifteen sons and twenty servants.
19他们都到渡口那边,协助君王的家族过河,听君王的调动;君王快要过约但河时,革辣的儿子史米就俯伏在君王前,19He helped the king's household cross the ford and attended to his needs. Shimei the son of Gera fell down before the king, as he was about to cross the Jordan,
20向他说:「我主,请不要归罪于我,求你不要怀念大王出离耶路撒冷时,你仆人所犯的罪;愿大王不要把这事放在心上!20and said to him, "Let not my lord hold me guilty or remember the wrong your servant did when my lord the king left Jerusalem. Let not the king remember this,
21因为你的仆人自知犯了罪。看,如今我是若瑟全家族中,首先来欢迎我主大王的。」21for I confess that I have sinned; and therefore I have come today, the first from Joseph's tribes to welcome my lord the king."
22责鲁雅的儿子阿彼瑟立即发言说:「史米辱骂了上主的受傅者,难道为了他这番话就不该死吗?」22Abishai the son of Zeruiah answered, "Shall not Shimei be put to death for having cursed Yahweh's anointed?"
23达味却答说:「责鲁雅的儿子们,我与你们有什么关系?竟使你们今天与我作对!今天还可以将一个以色列人处死吗?难道我不知道,我今天又作了以色列的君王?」23But David said, "Far be it from me to listen to you, you sons of Zeruiah! This is bad advice; no one shall be put to death in Israel today. Do I not know that I am ruling again over Israel this day?"
24然后君王向史米说:「你不会死!」君王遂向他起了誓。24So the king assured Shimei with an oath, "You shall not die."
25撒乌耳的孙子默黎巴耳也下来欢迎君王;他自从君王出走的那日起,直到他平安归来的这一天,没有洗脚,没有修须,也没有换洗自己的衣服。25Mepibaal, the son of Saul, came down from Jerusalem to meet the king. He had not washed his feet, or trimmed his beard, or cleaned his clothes since the king departed.
26他由耶路撒冷来欢迎君王时,君王问他说:「默黎巴耳!你为什么不同我一起出走呢?」26When he arrived to meet the king, the king said to him, "Why did you not go with me, Mepibaal?"
27他答说:「我主大王!我的仆人哄骗了我,你仆人曾向他说:给我备一匹驴,我好骑着跟王一齐去,因你仆人脚跛。27He answered, "My lord, O king! My steward deceived me. For I said to him, 'Saddle an ass for me so that I may ride on it and go with the king,' since I am lame.
28他又在我主大王前毁谤了你的仆人;但我主大王像天主的天使,你看怎样好,就怎样作罢!28But he has slandered me to my lord the king. And yet my lord the king is like an angel of God. Do, therefore, what seems good to you.
29因为我父全家对于我主大王,都是该死的人,你反而使你的仆人与你同桌共食,我那里还有名分来向大王诉苦?」29My father's family was doomed to die before my lord the king, but you counted your servant among those who eat at your table. What further right do I have to complain to the king?"
30君王对他说:「你何必再说?我已决定,你该和漆巴平分产业。」30The king said to him, "Why talk more? I have decided - you and Ziba shall divide the land."
31默黎巴耳回答君王说:「我主大王既然平安回朝,让他全占有罢!」31Mepibaal answered, "Oh, let him take it all since my lord the king has come home safely."
32基肋阿得人巴尔齐来从洛革林下来,陪伴君王过了约但河,在约但河岸与他辞别。32Now, Barzillai the Gileadite had come down from Rogelim and he crossed the Jordan with him; then he said goodbye to him.
33巴尔齐来年纪很老,已八十岁。君王住在玛哈纳殷时,他供给了君王的吃用,他原很富有。33Barzillai was a very old man of eighty, who, being a very wealthy man, had provided the king with food when he remained in Mahanaim.
34君王向巴尔齐来说:「你同我一起去罢!我愿在耶路撒冷供养你的老年。」34The king said to Barzillai, "Come, join me and stay with me; I will take care of you in Jerusalem."
35巴尔齐来回答君王说:「即使我同大王上耶路撒冷去,我还能活几年?35But Barzillai said to the king, "How many more years will I live that I should go up with the king to Jerusalem?
36我现年已八十,还能分辨美丑么?你的仆人还能尝出吃喝的味道来么?还能细听伶人和歌女的乐声么?你的仆人为什么还要拖累我主大王?36Today, I am eighty years old and can discern neither what is pleasant nor what is not. Can your servant still taste what he eats or drinks; or listen to the voice of men and women singing? Why then should your servant be an added burden to my lord the king?
37你的仆人陪着大王过约但河,只是一点小意思,为什么大王要给我一个这样的报答?37Your servant will accompany the king just a little past the Jordan. Why should the king reward me for this?
38请让你的仆人回去,叫我死在靠近我父母坟墓的故乡!看,你的仆人基默罕在这里,他可跟我主大王同去,你看着怎样好,就怎样待他罢!」38Please allow me to return to my own city where I may die and be buried near the graves of my father and mother. But let this my son Kimham, your servant, continue with my lord the king. You can do for him whatever it may please you.
39达味答说:「那么,让基默罕跟我去好了,你看着怎样好,我就怎样待他;凡你向我所要求的,我必为你作到。」39The king answered, "Kimham will come with me and I will give him whatever seems fit to you. Besides, I will do for you whatever you desire of me."
40众人都过了约但河,君王也过去了;然后与巴尔齐来亲吻,祝福道别。巴尔齐来遂回了本乡。40As all the people had crossed the Jordan, the king also crossed. Then the king embraced and blessed Barzillai who then returned to his own home.
41君王继续向基耳加耳前行,基默罕跟他同来。犹大全民众和一半以色列人陪着君王前行。41The king went on to Gilgal accompanied by Kimham, together with the men of Judah and some Israelites.
42众以色列人来到君王前,向君王说:「为什么我们的兄弟犹大人将王劫了去,领君王和君王的眷属过了约但河?所有属达味的人不都是他的百姓么?」42Then the Israelites came to the king and asked, "Why have our brothers, the men of Judah, grabbed you? They have brought the king and his entire family over the Jordan together with all your soldiers?"
43众犹大人回答以色列人说:「因为君王是我们的亲族,你们为什么因此而愤怒?我们岂是吃过君王的饭,或是领过他的俸禄?」43The men of Judah answered the Israelites, "Because the king is our immediate relative. But why does this rouse your anger? Have we fed ourselves at the king's expense or received any gift from him?"
44以色列人回复犹大人说:「我们对君王有十倍权利,那么,我们对达味的名分也多过你们,你们为什么轻视我们?不是我们首先提议,要迎回我们的君王吗?」然而犹大人的答复比以色列人所说的话,更为激烈。44But the Israelites answered the men of Judah, "We have more right to the king than you because we are ten tribes. Why did you disregard us? Were we not the first to have the king brought back?" But the men of Judah argued more vehemently than the Israelites.
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