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马加伯下 2 Maccabees
1敖尼雅作大司祭的时候,因他的热诚和嫉恶的心,圣城安享太平,人民无不奉公守法,1While the Holy City enjoyed complete peace and the laws were observed as perfectly as possible through the piety of Onias the High Priest and his hatred for all wickedness,
2各国君王都尊敬圣所,餽赠珍贵礼品,增添圣殿的光荣;2it came about that kings honored the Holy Place and made the High Priest richer by their magnificent gifts.
3连亚细亚王色娄苛也以私人的进项,来供给献祭时所需要的一切费用。3Even Seleucus, king of Asia, paid from his own account for the expenses of the sacrificial services.
4但是有一个彼耳加族的息孟,本是圣殿的管理员,为了管理市场的事,与大司祭发生了冲突。4But a certain Simon, a priest of the tribe of Bilgah and the Temple administrator, came into conflict with the High Priest regarding the inspection of the city markets.
5他既不能制胜敖尼雅,便投奔到塔尔索人阿颇罗尼那里,当时他正是切肋叙利亚和腓尼基的总督。5But he could not prevail over Onias. So he went to Apollonius of Tarsus, the governor of Coele-Syria and Phoenicia,
6息孟便向他述说耶路撒冷宝库的财宝富不可言,进款多得无法统计,这一切与祭献的费用毫无关系,所以可收归王有。6and reported to him that the treasury in Jerusalem was full of untold wealth, that there was a great amount of money which had nothing to do with the expenses required by the sacrifices, and that all this could easily be brought under the control of the king.
7阿颇罗尼朝觐的时候,便把别人给他述说的这项财宝告诉了国王:王遂选派总理大臣赫略多洛,奉命去没收上述的钱财。7Apollonius met with the king and told him about the wealth that had been disclosed to him. The king then sent Heliodorus, who was in charge of his affairs, with a letter that authorized him to transfer the treasures.
8赫略多洛便立时起程,名义上是为视察切肋叙利亚和腓尼基的各城市,其实是为执行国王的计划。8Heliodorus at once set out on his journey, pretending that he was going to visit Coele-Syria and Phoenicia, but with the intention of carrying out the king's order.
9他到了耶路撒冷,受到大司祭和全城的欢迎,以后便说明他所得到的消息,并说明来意,继而询问这些事是否属实。9On his arrival in Jerusalem, he was hospitably received by the city and the High Priest to whom he related the report that had been made. He revealed the reason for his coming and asked the High Priest if the report was really true.
10大司祭声明说:库内的存款,都是寡妇孤儿所寄存的;10The High Priest explained that there were some deposits belonging to widows and orphans.
11还有一部份是位高望重的托彼雅的后裔依尔卡诺所寄存的;至于全库的财宝,并没有像邪恶的息孟传报的那样多,只有银子四百『塔冷通』,金子二百『塔冷通』罢了。11Some belonged to Hyrcanus, son of Tobias, a person of very prominent position, who had also been affected by these slanders. All in all, the treasury had four hundred talents of silver and two hundred of gold.
12此外,使那些信赖圣所神圣的人受剥削,使这举世所敬仰的圣殿,与其神圣不可侵犯的尊严受到侮辱,是万万不可的。12Finally, Onias pointed out that it was utterly impossible to cheat those who had put their confidence in this Holy Place and in the inviolable majesty of that Temple venerated throughout the world.
13但是赫略多洛因为受了王命,坚决主张应将这些财宝收归国库。13But, following the orders of the king, Heliodorus insisted that all those treasures should be turned over to the king.
14赫略多洛便于指定的日子进去清查这些宝物。这使全城大感忧伤。14So, on the day set for Heliodorus to draw up the inventory, there was great disturbance in the city.
15众司祭都穿上司祭祭服,俯伏在祭台前呼号上天,求存款的立法者,替那些存款的人安全保护这批财宝。15The priests in their sacred vestments stood before the altar and called upon Heaven: he who had given the law governing deposits should now preserve them for those who had deposited them.
16凡看见大司祭面容的人,没有不心中悲伤的,因为他的神气和他面色的改变,都明显他心灵上的痛苦。16None could look at the face of the High Priest without being deeply touched, for his appearance and his paleness revealed the anguish of his soul.
17他惊惶失措与全身战栗的态度,使人见了就明了他内心的忧伤。17A kind of fear overwhelmed him that made him tremble from head to foot, showing to those who saw him the sorrow of his heart.
18居民都成群结队的从房屋涌出,共同祈祷,因为圣所快要遭受污辱。18People rushed out of their houses in great confusion to pray together because the Holy Place was about to be profaned.
19妇女都苦带束胸,塞满了街道,连深居不出的处女,也有的跑到门口,有的爬上墙头,有的从窗户向外观望;19The women, girded with sackcloth below their breasts, thronged into the streets. The younger girls who were not yet allowed to go out into the streets ran to the doorways, and some climbed the walls and others looked out from the windows.
20大家都向上天举手哀祷。20All raised their hands to heaven and joined in prayer.
21看见群众一起伏地哀求,与大司祭的焦心不安,委实令人可怜。21It was touching to see such a crowd prostrate in disarray on the ground and the High Priest in great anguish.
22正当人民呼求全能的天主,保护存款的人所寄存的财宝绝对安全时,22While they were praying to the All-powerful Lord to protect the deposits of the Temple and keep them safe for those who entrusted them to the High Priest,
23赫略多洛就来执行他所决定的事。23Heliodorus began to carry out what had been decided upon.
24当他与卫兵走近宝库的时候,众神和全能的主忽然大显异像,使那些擅入圣殿的人,受到天主威能的打击,惊惶失措,不省人事,24He had already come near the Treasury with his bodyguard, when the Lord of the spirits and of every power caused so great a manifestation that all who had dared accompany Heliodorus were astonished before the power of God, and they lost their strength and courage.
25因为在他们眼前出现了一匹配备华丽的骏马,上面骑着一位威严可怕的骑士,疾驰冲来,前蹄乱踏赫略多洛,骑马的人身穿金黄的铠甲。25There appeared to them a horse with magnificent gear and on it was a fearsome rider. It rushed furiously at Heliodorus and struck at him with its forefeet. The rider appeared to have armor of gold.
26同时又出现了两位英勇的少年,光荣体面,穿戴华丽,立在赫略多洛的两旁,鞭打不停,使他身受重伤。26And two young men, strong and very beautiful and magnificently clothed, also appeared. They stood on each side of Heliodorus, and flogged him continuously, inflicting stroke after stroke.
27赫略多洛忽然倒在地上,昏迷不省。人将他扶起,放在床上,27Heliodorus fell to the ground, enveloped in great darkness; then his men took him up and put him on a stretcher.
28这即是方才带着大批侍从和卫士来到宝库的人,现在却无能为力,为人抬出,公然承认了这是天主的大能。28So he was carried away, powerless even to help himself, he who but a moment before had proudly entered the treasury with a great retinue and all his bodyguard. Everyone clearly recognized the power of God.
29正当这人受天主大能的打击,哑口失声,绝望无救的时候,29Because of the divine intervention, Heliodorus became mute and lost all hope of saving his life.
30犹太人却同声赞颂上主,因为上主光荣了自己的圣所;方才还充满著恐怖惊慌的圣殿,如今却因全能上主的显现,充满了欢喜快乐。30Meanwhile the Jews blessed the Lord who had glorified his Holy Place. The Temple, which a little while before had been filled with terror and fear, now overflowed with joy and gladness because of the extraordinary manifestation of God.
31赫略多洛的同僚便急忙恳请敖尼雅哀求至高者,使这奄奄待毙的人重获生命。31Then some of Heliodorus' companions begged Onias to call upon the Most High to grant the grace of life to him who was at the point of death.
32大司祭害怕国王怀疑犹太人对赫略多洛下了毒手,所以就为这人献祭祈求痊愈。32The High Priest, on his part, feared that the king might suspect the Jews of some foul play against Heliodorus, so he offered a sacrifice for the man's recovery.
33当大司祭奉献赎罪祭时,那两位少年又显现给赫略多洛,他们仍穿着同样的服装,站在他跟前说:「你应多谢大司祭敖尼雅,因为上主为了他才赏你活命。33While the High Priest was offering the sacrifice of atonement, the same young men, clothed in the same way, again appeared to Heliodorus, and standing before him, said, "Thank Onias the High Priest, for through him the Lord grants you the grace of life.
34你这被上天鞭打的人,该向一切人宣扬天主的大能。」他们说完这话,就不见了。34And as for you, who have been scourged by heaven's command, make known to all how great is the power of God." Having said this, they vanished.
35于是赫略多洛向上主献了牺牲,且向保全自己生命的上主许下大愿,和颜悦色地辞别敖尼雅,以后便率领部下回到国王那里。35Heliodorus then offered a sacrifice to the Lord and prayed at great length to him who had spared his life. He took leave of Onias and went back with his guards to the king.
36他并向一切人作证,他亲眼见了伟大的天主的作为。36There he began to bear witness to the works of the Most High God, which he had seen with his own eyes.
37国王问赫略多洛,下次派遣谁去耶路撒冷更相宜呢?他回答说:37The king asked Heliodorus who could be sent again to Jerusalem to carry out what he failed to do. Heliodorus answered him,
38「你若有仇人或叛国之徒,可以派他到那里去,即使他能逃生,也必饱受一顿毒打,才能回来见你;那里确实有天主的能力,38"If you have some enemy whom you wish to eliminate, send him there and you will see him return well flogged; that is, if he ever returns at all, for surely, divine power is in that place.
39因为那住在天上的,是那地方的看守者和保护者,故此,凡存恶意去的,必遭受痛打和杀害。」39He himself who dwells in heaven watches over the place and defends it, striking to death those who come to profane it."
40关于赫略多洛及保护圣库的事,就是如此。40This was what happened to Heliodorus and how the Treasury was saved.
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