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马加伯下 2 Maccabees
1尼加诺尔听说犹大和他的部下都在撒玛黎雅附近,便决意要在安息日那天攻击他们,可确保胜利;1Nicanor was informed that the men of Judas were in the neighboring villages of Samaria, so he prepared to safely attack them on the day of the sabbath.
2但那些被迫跟随他的犹太人却反对说:「你切不要这样残忍凶悍地去屠杀人,应当尊敬观察万物者所圣化的日子!」2The Jews, who were forced to accompany him, said to him, "Do not destroy them so savagely and barbarously, but show respect for the day of the sabbath, for He who sees all has honored this day and sanctified it."
3那罪大恶极的人问道:「天上是否有位命令守安息日的主宰?」3But the wretch asked if there was indeed a sovereign in heaven who had commanded that the sabbath be holy.
4他们率直地答说:「有一位永生的天主,是天上的主宰,他命令守安息日。」4They answered, "It is the living God himself, the Sovereign in heaven, who has commanded us to celebrate the seventh day."
5他答说:「在地上我是主宰。我今命你们拿出武器,执行君王的命令!」虽然如此,他却没有完成那残酷的计谋。5"So I, as sovereign on earth, command you to take up arms and carry out the decrees of the king." But he could not bring to completion his evil designs.
6可是,尼加诺尔骄傲自大,仍决意要建立一座象征击败犹大和其部下的凯旋坊;6Nicanor was so sure of victory, that he planned to build a monument with the mortal remains of Judas and his men.
7玛加伯却时常怀着坚定的信念,全心信赖必得到上主的援助,7But Maccabeus, for his part, felt confident and put his trust in God's help.
8劝勉自己的同志,不必害怕外邦人的攻击,只该怀念昔日从天上赐予他们的援助,深信此时全能者也必赐给他们胜利。8He encouraged his men not to fear the attack of the pagans, and not to forget the times God had come to their help, confident that even now God would give them victory.
9后又用法律和先知的话来鼓励他们,又叫他们回忆所经历的战争,使他们都热情勃发。9He roused their spirit with the words of the Law and the Prophets, reminding them of previous triumphs.
10激起他们作战的精神以后,又宣示外邦人如何失信,违犯誓言,遂发出攻击的命令。10Encouraging his men more and more, he finished by showing them the evil of the pagans and how they had betrayed their oath.
11他武装每个兵士,并不靠盾牌和长枪,而是用极富鼓励的话向他们讲述了一个很可信梦,──即一个异像──使他们非常高兴。11So he armed them not with the sword or shield but with the certainty that comes from noble words. Then he made them all full of joy by telling them what he saw in a true dream.
12他所见的异像是这样:他看见一个人,举起双手为整个犹太民族祈祷。这人就是为人善良敦厚,待人谦和,态度温雅,善于辞令,自幼勤修各样德行的前任大司祭敖尼雅。12He had seen Onias, the former High Priest, a courteous, good man, humble in his ways, distinguished in his words and exemplary in his irreproachable conduct since childhood. With arms outstretched, Onias prayed for the whole Jewish community.
13接着,又看见一人显现,同样为犹太民族祈祷。他头发苍白,体面端雅,尊严非凡,令人起敬。13Then, a gray-haired and honorable man appeared, praying in the same way, and characterized by dignity and majesty.
14敖尼雅便解释说:「这是爱护弟兄的人,他就是常为百姓及圣城祈祷的,天主的先知耶肋米亚。」14Then Onias, the High Priest, said to Judas, "This is he who loves your brothers, he who prays without ceasing for the Jewish people and for the Holy City. He is Jeremiah, the prophet of God."
15随后,耶肋米亚伸出右手,交给犹大一把金剑说:15And Jeremiah had stretched out his right hand giving a golden sword to Judas, as he said,
16「你收下这把圣剑!这是天主的恩赐,你要用来击杀敌人。」16"Receive this sword as a gift from God, with which you shall destroy your enemies."
17听到了犹大这番美妙言辞的鼓励,人心大为振作,青年的斗志因而坚强起来,因此大家决定不再留守营中,要奋勇进攻拚命与敌人决战,因为京城、宗教与圣殿,都陷在危险中。17Encouraged by these beautiful words of Judas, which were able to encourage righteous people and strengthen young souls, they determined not to set up camp with defenses. They decided instead to rush out bravely and take the offensive to settle the matter by fighting bravely, for the Holy City Jerusalem, their religion and the Temple were in danger.
18他们对妻子、儿女、兄弟及亲友并不怎么挂虑,最挂虑的却是神圣的圣殿。18They considered of secondary importance any concern for their wives, children and friends; because they feared above all for the Temple consecrated to God.
19留在城中的人也非常焦虑,为那些在外作战的人放心不下。19Regarding those who had stayed in the city, their anxiety was by no means little, since they were worried about the battle that was about to begin in the camp.
20众人都期待着快要来临的决战。那时,敌人都已聚集严阵以待,象队已摆在重要的据点,马队已分成左右两翼。20Everyone waited for the imminent outcome as the enemies attacked. They had set their troops in place, led the elephants to strategic positions and had the cavalry in the wings.
21玛加伯见配备各样武器的大军,及凶猛的象队已摆好阵势,便举手向天,呼求施行奇蹟的上主;他知道胜利并不在乎武器,而在于上主断定谁应胜利,就使谁胜利。21Then Maccabeus could see this multitude with their weapons of every kind and the ferocious elephants. He stretched forth his hands to heaven and called on the Lord who works marvels, for he knew that God gives victory to those who deserve it, and this does not depend on weapons, but on the will of God.
22犹大又祈祷说:「无上的主宰!在犹大王希则克雅时,你曾派遣你的天使,斩杀了散乃黑黎布的军队约十八万五千人。22So Judas said in prayer, "O Lord, you sent your angel in the days of Hezekiah, the king of Judah, and he wiped out one hundred and eighty-five thousand men of the army of Sennacherib.
23上天的主宰,求你现在也派遣一位好天使来,在我们前散布恐怖惊惶。23So now, O Lord of Heaven, send your good angel, before us too, to fill our enemies with fear and terror.
24求你用你大能的手,打击这些谩骂和攻击你圣民的人!」他就这样结束了祈祷。24Show your power and let your arm strike those who insult you and who come to destroy your holy people." With this, he ended his prayer.
25那时,尼加诺尔率领军队,吹着号角,唱着军歌,蜂拥而来。25Meanwhile, Nicanor and his men advanced amid blasts of trumpets and shouts of war.
26犹大的部下却在哀求与祈祷声中,前去迎敌,26Judas and his men, for their part, entered into battle with supplication and prayer.
27徒手作战,心中不住呼求天主,因此击杀了不下三万五千人,万分高兴天主明显的助佑。27As they fought with their hands, their hearts prayed to God. And being so magnificently strengthened by the manifest presence of God, they killed no less than thirty-five thousand enemies.
28战后,他们兴高彩烈回来时,发觉尼加诺尔穿着全副武装,卧地阵亡,28When the battle ended, and they returned rejoicing, they found Nicanor dead, lying on the ground with all his armor.
29一时高声欢呼,用本国语言称颂无上的主宰。29Then they blessed God in their ancestral language amidst shouts and clamors.
30那位完全奉献身心为同胞奋斗,一生热爱民族的犹大,便命人将尼加诺尔的头和手臂砍下,带到耶路撒冷去。30Judas, who had once fully consecrated himself to the welfare of his fellow residents and had never wavered in his affection for them, ordered that Nicanor's head and arms up to the shoulders be cut off and brought to Jerusalem.
31他一到那里,便召集同胞和司祭,又派人将堡垒里的人召来;然后站在祭坛前,31There he summoned his compatriots and priests. He stood before the altar and ordered them to send for those in the Citadel.
32将这可恶的尼加诺尔的头,并将他为亵渎慢骂全能者圣殿而举过的手,出示给众人看。32He showed them the head of that wretched, Nicanor, and the hand which that wicked man had raised in pride above the house of God.
33然后,又割下这邪恶尼加诺尔的舌头,下令切成碎块,以饲飞鸟,并将这狂妄的手臂,挂在圣殿前面。33He ordered that Nicanor's tongue be cut into pieces and given to the birds, and the hand be hung in front of the sanctuary as punishment for his arrogance.
34那时众人都向天赞颂荣耀的上主说:「那位保卫圣所不受玷污的,应受赞美!」34Then they blessed Heaven saying, "Blessed be he who did not let his Sacred House be defiled!"
35犹大又将尼加诺尔的头,悬在堡垒上,作为上主援助极显明昭著的记号。35Finally, Judas ordered that Nicanor's head be hung in the Citadel as a sign of God's help.
36众人一致决议,不可让这一天平淡地过去,而该在每年十二月,叙利亚语名「阿达尔」月,十三日,即摩尔德开节前日,隆重庆祝。36By popular agreement, they decided that on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month called Adar in Aramaic, the vespers of the day of Mordecai would be commemorated as a festival day.
37这就是有关尼加诺尔的事。从此以后,京城便由希伯来人占领。我也就此结束此记述。37These were the events during the time of Nicanor. As from those days the city remained under the power of the Hebrews, I end my account here.
38此书若叙述得体,编辑完善,这才是我的愿望;若嫌写得肤浅平凡,但我已尽了我之所能。38If the narration has been good and well composed, that is indeed what I desired; but if it has been ordinary and indifferent, it is what I was able to do.
39比方人只喝酒,或只喝水,都不免有害;但酒水调和了再喝,才有滋味,畅快人心;同样,若史事编纂的巧妙,读此史事的人,才感兴趣。──全书终。39The readers' pleasure depends on how the account was arranged, just as it is with one who drinks. It does not do any good when one drinks only pure wine or water but wine mixed with water is tasty and delightful. Let this, then, be my last word.
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