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马加伯下 2 Maccabees
1此后不久,王的亲戚和监护人并国务总理里息雅,对所遭遇的事,异常愤恨,1After a while, Lysias, the king's tutor and kinsman, who was head of the government, was much displeased at the turn of events,
2便募集了八万步兵及所有的骑兵,出发进攻犹太人,企图将圣城作为希腊人的居所;2and gathered together about eighty thousand men and his entire cavalry. They advanced against the Jews intending to make the city of Jerusalem a Greek colony and
3向圣殿征税,像对其他各国的寺庙一样;并且每年高价出售大司祭的职位。3to convert the Temple into a source of revenue, as they had done with other sanctuaries of the pagans, and to put the office of high priest up for sale every year.
4他毫不想天主的威能,而只信赖他的几万步兵,数千骑兵和八十匹象。4He took God's power for granted, and went up with his infantry regiments, his horsemen by the thousands, and his eighty elephants.
5侵入犹太之后,逼近离耶路撒冷约三十二公里的一个要塞贝特族尔,倾全力围攻。5He entered Judea, came near Beth-zur, a strong city some kilometers away from Jerusalem, and besieged it.
6玛加伯与部下听说他围攻那堡垒,便与民众一同叹息流泪,恳求上主派一位好天使来拯救以色列。6When the men of Maccabeus learned that Lysias had begun laying siege to their strong cities, they prayed to the Lord together with all the people, with tears and lamentations, that the Lord might send a good angel to save Israel.
7玛加伯自己首先拿起武器,然后激励众人跟他去冒险拯救同胞;众人都自告奋勇与他前去。7Maccabeus himself was the first to take arms and exhort the rest to go with him to face the danger and help their brothers and sisters. They set out together, full of enthusiasm.
8他们离耶路撒冷不远,有位身穿白衣,手挥金武器的骑兵出现,作他们的前锋。8While they were still near Jerusalem, a horseman dressed in white with golden armor appeared and stood at the head of them.
9他们一致称扬仁慈的天主,个个勇往直前,不但准备冲锋杀敌,而且还敢与最凶猛的野兽搏斗,冲破铜墙铁壁。9So with one voice, everyone blessed the merciful God. They were strengthened and prepared not only to face men in battle but even the most savage beasts and walls of iron.
10他们既得上主垂怜,从天上获得助战者,就列阵前进,10They advanced with the aid of this ally sent from heaven, for the Lord had compassion on them.
11冲向敌人如猛狮一般,击杀了步兵一万一千,骑兵一千六百,迫得其余的人都望风而逃,11They charged like lions against the enemy, brought down eleven thousand infantrymen and one thousand six hundred horsemen, and forced the rest to flee.
12大半负伤弃甲逃命,连里息雅自己也得抱头鼠窜,才得苟全性命。12Most of them fled, wounded and disarmed, until Lysias himself fled in disgrace in order to save himself.
13但他并不是个愚昧人:当他回想自己所遭遇的失败,便知希伯来人是不可战胜的,因为有全能的天主与他们共同作战;13Lysias, being an intelligent man, reflected on the defeat he had suffered and understood that the Hebrews were invincible because the powerful God fought for them.
14于是派遣使者,去同犹太人说和,立平等的条件,且许下尽力劝国王与他们做朋友。14So he sent a messenger to convince them to accept peace with every kind of just condition. And he even promised to persuade the king to make peace with them, too.
15玛加伯为顾全公共的利益,就接受了里息雅所提出的一切,王也批准了玛加伯为犹太人向里息雅书面所要求的各项条件。15Maccabeus, thinking of the common good of all, accepted Lysias' offer of peace. And in fact, the king granted all the demands that Maccabeus had presented to Lysias in writing.
16里息雅给犹太人所写的函件如下:「里息雅祝犹太人民安好!16Lysias wrote to them as follows: "From Lysias to the Jewish people, greetings.
17你们的使者若望及阿贝沙隆呈递下附的函件,请求批准所列的事项。17John and Absalom, your envoys, have delivered to us your written petitions, asking us to respond.
18凡应转呈君王的,我已禀呈;凡是可允准的,他一概允准了。18I have set forth before the king everything that needed his attention; and I have granted everything that was within my competence.
19若你们对政府仍保持友好,今后我必尽力为你们谋求幸福。19Therefore, if you maintain your good will toward the State, I will also try in the future to work in your favor.
20关于这些及其余详细事项,我已吩咐你们的使者和我的特派员与你们会商。20As for the details, I have given orders for your envoys and my own representatives to discuss these with you.
21祝你们健康!一四八年,『彫斯苛洛』月二十四日。」21May everything go well with you. In the year one hundred and forty-eight, the twenty-fourth day of the month of the Corinthian God."
22王的谕文如下:「安提约古王祝兄弟里息雅安好!22The king's letter was as follows: "King Antiochus greets his brother Lysias.
23自从先父归于诸神以后,我们愿意所属人民,自管其国,不受骚扰;23From the day we succeeded to the throne of our father, who has gone to the dwelling place of the gods, it has been our desire that all our subjects live undisturbed so that everyone may dedicate himself to his own work.
24我们也听说犹太人不满先父令他们随从希腊风俗,而愿保守自己固有的生活方式,并且要求遵守自己法律的许可。24Learning that the Jews do not wish to adopt Greek customs, as it was the will of my father, but prefer their own way of life and ask that they be allowed to live according to their laws,
25其实,我们很愿意这民族不受骚扰,决意将圣殿交还他们,准许他们按照祖先的习例度日。25and since it is our desire that this nation live in peace, we have decreed that the Temple be restored to them and that they be allowed to live according to the laws and customs of their ancestors.
26所以,你更好派使者到他们那里去,与他们和好,好使他们认清我们的意思,安心乐意处理自己的事务。」26You will do well, therefore, to send envoys to conclude a treaty of peace with them. May they come to know our constant aim, so they may be reassured and dedicate themselves with joy to their own occupations."
27王给犹太民族所颁的诏书如下:「安提约古王祝犹太参议院与其他的人民安好!27This was the king's letter to the Jewish people: "King Antiochus to the Council of Elders and to the Jewish people: greetings!
28如果你们安康,那正是我们的希望,我们也很平安,28If you enjoy good health, we are happy for you; we ourselves are also well.
29默乃劳向我们呈报,说你们愿意回乡,从事己业。29Menelaus has told us that you wish to return to your homes and occupations.
30因此,凡在『散提苛』月三十日以前回家的,一概得享平安。30Therefore, I have issued a decree of amnesty for all who would go home before the thirtieth of the month of Xanthicus.
31并允许犹太人像昔日一样,享用自己规定的食物,遵守自己的法律;如果有人无意做了什么错事,谁也不可干涉。31The Jews from now on may live according to their own customs concerning their food, and be governed by their own laws as before. None of them is to be molested in any way for anything done involuntarily.
32此外,我又派默乃劳前去慰问你们。32I have ordered Menelaus to reassure you of all this.
33谨此祝你们健康!一四八年『散提苛』月十五日。」33I wish you good health. In the year one hundred and forty-eight, the fifteenth day of the month of Xanthicus."
34罗马人也寄给犹太人一封公函,其原文如下:「罗马人的使者昆突默米,提突玛尼祝犹太人民安好!34The Romans also sent them a letter which read as follows: "Quintus Memmius and Titus Manius, ambassadors of the Romans, send their greetings to the Jewish people.
35王的亲人里息雅与你们商定的事,我们也表示赞同。35Everything that Lysias, the king's kinsman, has granted you, we also approve.
36对于那些他认为应请示国王的事,在你们仔细考虑以后,即刻派一人来,使我们能依照你们的利益去建议,因为我们快要起身到安提约基雅去。36As for the matters about which Lysias considered it necessary to inform the king and take up with him, we ask that you study them carefully and send someone to us at once, so we can explain everything to the king to your advantage, for we are now leaving for Antioch.
37请急速派几个人来,叫我们知道究竟你们有什么意见。37Lose no time, therefore, in sending someone to us, that we may know your plans.
38谨此祝你们健康!一四八年『散提苛』月十五日。」38We wish you good health. In the fifteenth of the month of Xanthicus in the year one hundred and forty-eight."
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