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列王纪下 2 Kings
1厄里叟说:「请听上主的话:上主这样说:明天这个时候,在撒玛黎雅城门口,一『色阿』上等面粉只值一『协刻耳』,两『色阿』大麦,只值一『协刻耳』。1But Elisha answered, "Listen to the word of Yahweh: Tomorrow at this same time, at the gate of Samaria, a measure of flour shall be sold for a piece of silver, and two measures of barley for a piece of silver, too."
2那个手扶君王的侍卫回答天主的人说:「纵使上主打开天上的闸,也不会有这样的事!」先知说:「你必亲眼看到,只是吃不上。」2The shield bearer on whose arm the king leaned said to the man of God, "Even if Yahweh opens the windows of heaven for it to rain wheat, how could this thing be?" Elisha answered, "You shall see it with your own eyes, but you shall not eat of it."
3在城门口有四个癞病人,他们彼此说:「我们为什么在这里坐着等死呢?3Four men were at the city gates, outside, at the other side of the wall. They were lepers. And on that day, they said to one another, "Shall we sit here until we die?
4如果我们决意进城去,城里也有饥荒,我们必死在那里;如果留在这里,我们也是一样死;不如去投到阿兰人营中,假如他们让我们活着,我们就活着;假如他们要杀我们,我们就死罢。」4If we decide to enter the city, there we shall die of hunger. But if we stay here, we die as well. So let us go over to the camp of the Arameans. If they spare our lives, then we live; and if they kill us, then let us die!"
5他们于是在黄昏时起身,往阿兰人的营盘那里去;及至到了阿兰人的营盘边时,哦!那里一个人也没有了。5They arose as it was getting dark to go to the camp of the Arameans. But when they reached the camp, they found no one there.
6原来上主早已使阿兰人的营盘中听到战车马队和大军的喧嚣声,他们就彼此说:「呀!以色列王雇用了赫特人王和慕兹黎人王来攻打我们了。」6The Lord had let the Arameans hear the noise of chariots and horses, the sound of a great army. And they had thought: "The king of Israel has sent money to the kings of the Hittites and Moshrites to come and attack us."
7所以,他们在黄昏时,即起身逃走,丢下了他们的帐幕骡马,只顾逃命,留下营盘未动。7So they fled as it was getting dark to save themselves, abandoning their tents, their horses, and their asses, leaving the camp just as it was.
8这些癞病人到了营盘边,进了一个帐幕,又吃又喝,将那里的金银和衣服拿走,去收藏起来;然后又回来,进了另一帐幕,拿走了那里的东西,去收藏起来。8When these lepers reached the camp boundary, they went into a tent. They ate and drank; they took the silver, gold and clothes, and hid them there in the ground. They entered another tent and took whatever they found, and hid them in the same way.
9以后,癞病人彼此说:我们这样做得不对,今天原是报喜讯的日子,我们竟然不声不响;如果等到早晨天亮,我们就有罪了。来,现在我们就去向王室报信!」9Then they thought: "What we are doing is not good. Today is a day of good tidings, and if we keep silent until tomorrow, we shall be guilty. So let us go and tell this to the king's men."
10他们于是去向把守城门的人喊叫,给他们报告说:「我们曾到过阿兰人的营盘,那里一个人也没有,也没有人声,只有拴著的马,拴著的驴;帐幕一点未动。」10Returning to the city, they called out to the city guards, saying, "We went to the camp of the Arameans but no one was there, not a trace of anyone, only horses and asses tied, and the tents just as they were left."
11把守城门的人就高声喊叫,向王室传报消息。11The guards cried out the news and it was told within the king's household.
12君王夜间起来,对自己的臣仆说:「现在让我给你们解释,阿兰人对我们所作的事:他们知道我们闹饥荒,所以离开营盘,埋伏在田间,心想:以色列人必由城里出来,那时,我们可将他们活活捉住,然后开进城去。」12The king arose in the night and said to his officials, "The Arameans know that we are hungry. They have left their camp and have hidden in the field, waiting for us to come out of the city that they may take us alive and then get into the city."
13有个臣仆回答说:「请叫人从这里所剩下的马中,牵出五匹来,无论怎样,同别的一样要死,倒不如派人去看看。13One of the officials answered, "Let some men take five of the remaining horses for, at any rate, these are also bound to die of hunger, as are all the people of this city. Dispatch them and see."
14他们于是推出两辆战车,五匹马,君王就派他们去追赶阿兰军队说:「你们去看看!」14So they took two chariots and their horses, and the king sent the horsemen after the Arameans.
15那些人追踪阿兰人,直到约但河,见路上满是阿兰人在仓卒逃走中,丢下的衣服和装备;使者们便回来报告了君王。15They went as far as the Jordan, and all the way was littered with clothes and equipment which the Arameans had thrown away in their flight. The messengers returned and told this to the king.
16人民便出来抢掠了阿兰人的营盘,于是,一『色阿』上等面粉,只值一『协刻耳』,两『色阿』大麦,只值一『协刻耳』,正应验了上主所说的话。16Then the people went out and plundered the camp of the Arameans. A measure of flour was sold for a piece of silver and a double measure of barley was also sold for a piece, as Elisha had said.
17君王派定那手扶自己的侍卫,把守城门;但人民在城门口把他踏死了,应验了天主的人,在君王下来见他时,所说的话。17The king had appointed his shield bearer to keep watch at the city gates. But he was crushed right there by the crowd, so that he died,
18原来,天主的人对君王说过:「明天这个时候,在撒玛黎雅城门口,一『色阿』上等面粉,只值一『协刻耳』,两『色阿』大麦,只值一『协刻耳』。」18just as Elisha had told him when the king had come down to see him. For when Elisha had said to the king, "Tomorrow at this hour, at the gate of Samaria, two measures of barley as well as a measure of flour shall be sold for a shekel,"
19那侍卫曾回答天主的人说:「纵使上主打开天上的闸,也不会有这样的事!」先知答说:「你必亲眼看到,只是吃不上。」19the shield bearer had said to the man of God, "Even if Yahweh opens the windows of heaven for it to rain down wheat, what you say will not happen." Then Elisha had told him, "You shall see it with your own eyes, but you shall not eat of it."
20这事果然发生在他身上了:人民在城门口把他踏死了。20So it happened. The people ran over him and crushed him at the city gates, and there he died.
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