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格林多后书 2 Corinthians
1所以,亲爱的!我们既有这些恩许,就当洁净自己,除去肉体和心灵上的一切玷污,以敬畏天主之情来成就圣德。1Since we have such promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from all defilement of body and spirit, and complete the work of sanctification in the fear of God.
2容纳我们罢!我们并没有侵犯过谁,没有败坏过谁,也没有占过谁的便宜。2Welcome us in your hearts. We have injured no one, we have harmed no one, we have cheated no one.
3我说这话,并不是为定你们的罪,因为我以前曾说过:你们常在我们心中,甚至于同死同生。3I do not say this to condemn you: I have just said that you are in our heart to live together and die as one.
4我对你们大可放心,我为了你们也很可夸耀;我充满了安慰,在我们各样的苦难中,我格外充满喜乐,4I have great confidence in you and I am indeed proud of you. I feel very much encouraged and my joy overflows in spite of all this bitterness.
5因为自从我们到了马其顿,我们的肉身没有得到一点安宁,反而处处遭难:外有争斗,内有恐惧。5Know that when I came to Macedonia, I had no rest at all but I was afflicted with all kinds of difficulties: conflict outside and fear within.
6但那安慰谦卑人的天主,以弟铎的来临安慰了我们;6But God who encourages the humble gave me comfort with the arrival of Titus,
7不但以他的来临,而且也以他由你们所得的安慰,安慰了我们,因为他把你们的切望,你们的悲痛,你们对我的热忱,都给我们报告了,致令我更加喜欢。7not only because of his arrival, but also because you had received him very well. He told me about your deep affection for me; you were affected by what happened, you worried about me, and this made me rejoice all the more.
8虽然我曾以那封信使你们忧苦了,我并不后悔,纵然我曾经后悔过──因为我看见那封信实在使你们忧苦了,虽然只是一时──8If my letter caused you pain, I do not regret it. Perhaps I did regret it, for I saw that the letter caused you sadness for a moment but now I rejoice,
9如今我却喜欢,并不是因为你们忧苦了,而是因为你们忧苦以致于悔改,因为你们是按照天主的圣意而忧苦的,所以没有由我们受到什么损害。9not because of your sadness, but because this sadness brought you to repentance. This was a sadness from God, so that no evil came to you because of me.
10因为按照天主圣意而来的忧苦,能产生再不返悔的悔改,以致于得救;世间的忧苦却产生死亡。10Sadness from God brings firm repentance that leads to salvation and brings no regret, but worldly grief produces death.
11且看,这种按照天主圣意而来的忧苦,在你们中产生了多大的热情,甚而辨白,而愤慨,而恐惧,而切望,而热忱,而谴责;在各方面,你们表明自己对那事件是无罪的。11See what this sadness from God has produced in you: What concern for me! What apologies! What indignation and fear! What a longing to see me, to make amends and do me justice! You have fully proved that you were innocent in this matter.
12因此,虽然我从前给你们写了信,却不是为了那侵犯人的,也不是为了那受侵犯的,而是为要把你们对我们的热情,在天主面前表彰出来;12In reality, I wrote to you not on account of the offender or of the offended, but that you may be conscious of the concern you have for me before God.
13为此我们得到了安慰。在我们受安慰之外,我们尤其因弟铎的喜乐而更加喜乐,因为他的心神由你们众人得到宽慰,13I was encouraged by this. In addition to this consolation of mine, I rejoice especially to see Titus very pleased with the way you all reassured him.
14因为,我如果对弟铎夸耀过你们什么,我也不致于羞愧,因为我向他夸耀你们的话,成了真的,正如我们对你们所说的一切都是真的一样;14I had no cause to regret my praise of you to him. You know that I am always sincere with you; likewise my praise of you to Titus has been justified.
15并且,他一想起你们众人的服从,怎样以敬畏和战栗的心情来接待他,他的心肠就越发倾向你们。15He now feels much more affection for you as he remembers the obedience of all and the respect and humility with which you received him.
16我真喜欢,因为我对你们在各方面都可以放心了!16Really I rejoice for I can be truly proud of you.
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