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格林多后书 2 Corinthians
1因为我们知道:如果我们这地上帐棚式的寓所拆毁了,我们必由天主获得一所房舍,一所非人手所造,而永远在天上的寓所。1We know that when our earthly dwelling, or rather our tent, is destroyed, we may count on a building from God, a heavenly dwelling not built by human hands, that lasts forever.
2诚然,我们在此叹息,因为我们切望套上那属天上的住所,2Therefore we long and groan: Why may we not put on this heavenly dwelling over that which we have?
3只要我们还穿着衣服,不是赤裸的。3(Indeed, are we sure that we shall still be wearing our earthly dwelling and not be unclothed?)
4我们在这帐棚里的人,苦恼叹息,是由于我们不愿脱去衣服,而就套上另一层,为使这有死的为生命所吸收。4As long as we are in the field-tent, we indeed moan our unbearable fate for we do not want this clothing to be removed from us; we would rather put the other over it, that the mortal body may be absorbed by true life.
5但那安排我们如此的,是天主,是他给我们赐下了圣神作抵押。5This is God's purpose for us, and he has given us the Spirit as a pledge of what we are to receive.
6所以不论怎样,我们时常放心大胆,因为我们知道,我们几时住在这肉身内,就是与主远离──6So we feel confident always. We know that while living in the body, we wander away from the Lord,
7因为我们现今只是凭信德往来,并非凭目睹──7living by faith, without seeing;
8我们放心大胆,是为更情愿出离肉身,与主同住。8but we dare to think that we would rather be away from the body to go and live with the Lord.
9为此我们或住在或出离肉身,常专心以讨主的喜悦为光荣。9So, whether we have to keep this house or lose it, we only wish to please the Lord.
10因为我们众人都应出现在基督的审判台前,为使各人藉他肉身所行的,或善或恶,领取相当的报应。10Anyway we all have to appear before the tribunal of Christ for each one to receive what he deserves for his good or evil deeds in the present life.
11我们既然知道主的可畏,遂尽力使人相信我们;我们在主前是显明的,我也盼望在你们的良心前也是显明的。11So we know the fear of the Lord and we try to convince people while we live openly before God. And I trust that you know in your conscience what we truly are.
12这并不是我们又向你们举荐自己,而是为给你们一个有为我们夸耀的机会,使你们有以对付那些只凭外貌,而不凭内心夸耀的人们,12Once more, we do not try to win your esteem; we want to give you a reason to feel proud of us, that you may respond to those who heed appearances and not the reality.
13因为如果说我们是发狂,那是为了天主;如果说我们是清醒,那是为了你们。13Now, if I have spoken foolishly, let God alone hear; if what I have said makes sense, take it for yourselves.
14因为基督的爱催迫着我们,因我们曾如此断定:既然一个人替众人死了,那么众人就都死了;14Indeed the love of Christ holds us and we realize that if he died for all, all have died.
15他替众人死,是为使活着的人不再为自己生活,而是为替他们死而复活了的那位生活。15He died for all so that those who live may live no longer for themselves, but for him who died and rose again for them.
16所以我们从今以后,不再按人的看法认识谁了;纵使我们曾按人的看法认识过基督,但如今不再这样认识他了。16And so from now on, we do not regard anyone from a human point of view; and even if we once knew Christ personally, we should now regard him in another way.
17所以谁若在基督内,他就是一个新受造物,旧的已成过去,看,都成了新的。17For that same reason, the one who is in Christ is a new creature. For him the old things have passed away; a new world has come.
18这一切都是出于天主,他曾藉基督使我们与他自己和好,并将这和好的职务赐给了我们:18All this is the work of God who in Christ reconciled us to himself, and who entrusted to us the ministry of reconciliation.
19这就是说:天主在基督内使世界与自己和好,不再追究他们的过犯,且将和好的话放在我们的口中。19Because in Christ God reconciled the world with himself, no longer taking into account their trespasses and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.
20所以我们是代基督作大使了,好像是天主藉着我们来劝勉世人。我们如今代基督请求你们:与天主和好罢!20So we present ourselves as ambassadors in the name of Christ, as if God himself makes an appeal to you through us. Let God reconcile you; this we ask you in the name of Christ.
21因为他曾使那不认识罪的,替我们成了罪,好叫我们在他内成为天主的正义。21He had no sin, but God made him bear our sin, so that in him we might share the holiness of God.
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