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格林多后书 2 Corinthians
1为此,我们既蒙垂青,获得了这职务,我们决不胆怯;1Since this is our ministry mercifully given to us, we do not weaken.
2反而戒绝了一切可耻的隐瞒行为,不以狡猾行事,也不变通天主的道理,只是藉著显示真理,在天主前将我们自己举荐于众人的良心。2We refuse to stay with half-truths through fear; we do not behave with cunning or falsify the message of God but, manifesting the truth, we deserve the respect of everyone before God.
3但如果说我们的福音也被蒙住了,那只是为丧亡的人蒙着,3In fact if the Gospel we proclaim remains obscure, it is obscure only for those who go to their own destruction.
4因为今世的神已蒙蔽了这些不信者的心意,免得他们看见基督──天主的肖像──光荣福音的光明。4The god of this world has blinded the minds of these unbelievers lest they see the radiance of the glorious Gospel of Christ, who is God's image.
5因为我们不是宣传我们自己,而是宣传耶稣基督为主,我们只是因耶稣的缘故作了你们的奴仆。5It is not ourselves we preach, but Christ Jesus as Lord; and for Jesus' sake we are your servants.
6因为那吩咐『光从黑暗中照耀』的天主,曾经照耀在我们心中,为使我们以那在【耶稣】基督的面貌上,所闪耀的天主的光荣的知识,来光照别人。6God who said, Let the light shine out of darkness, has also made the light shine in our hearts to radiate and to make known the Glory of God, as it shines in the face of Christ.
7但我们是在瓦器中存有这宝贝,为彰显那卓著的力量是属于天主,并非出于我们。7However, we carry this treasure in vessels of clay, so that this all-surpassing power may not be seen as ours but as God's.
8我们在各方面受了磨难,却没有被困住;绝了路,却没有绝望;8Trials of every sort come to us, but we are not discouraged.
9被迫害,却没有被弃舍;被打倒,却没有丧亡;9We are left without answer, but do not despair; persecuted but not abandoned, knocked down but not crushed.
10身上时常带着耶稣的死状,为使耶稣的生活也彰显在我们身上。10At any moment we carry in our person the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in us.
11的确,我们这些活着的人,时常为耶稣的缘故被交于死亡,为使耶稣的生活也彰显在我们有死的肉身上。11For we, the living, are given up continually to death for the sake of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may appear in our mortal existence.
12这样看来,死亡施展在我们身上,生活却施展在你们身上。12And as death is at work in us, life comes to you.
13但我们既然具有经上所载的:『我信了,所以我说』那同样的信心,我们也信,所以也说,13We have received the same spirit of faith referred to in Scripture that says: I believed and so I spoke. We also believe and so we speak.
14因为我们知道那使主耶稣复活的,也要使我们与耶稣一起复活,并使我们与你们一同站在他前。14We know that He who raised the Lord Jesus will also raise us with Jesus and bring us, with you, into his presence.
15其实,这一切都是为了你们,为使获得恩宠的人越增多,感谢也越增加,好归光荣于天主。15Finally, everything is for your good, so that grace will come more abundantly upon you and great will be the thanksgiving for the glory of God.
16为此,我们决不胆怯,纵使我们外在的人日渐损坏,但我们内在的人却日日更新,16Therefore we are not discouraged. On the contrary, while our outer being wastes away, the inner self is renewed from day to day.
17因为我们这现时轻微的苦难,正分外无比地给我们造就永远的光荣厚报,17The slight affliction which quickly passes away prepares us for an eternal wealth of glory so great and beyond all comparison.
18因为我们并不注目那看得见的,而只注目那看不见的;那看得见的,原是暂时的;那看不见的,才是永远的。18So we no longer pay attention to the things that are seen, but to those that are unseen, for the things that we see last for a moment, but that which cannot be seen is eternal.
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