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格林多后书 2 Corinthians
1我们岂又开始举荐我们自己吗?或者,难道我们也应像某些人一般,需要给你们递上荐书,或由你们写荐书吗?1Am I again commending myself? Or do I need to present to you letters of recommendation as some do; or should I ask you for those letters?
2你们就是我们的荐书,是写在我们心上,为众人所共知共读的,2You are the letter. This letter is written in your inner self, yet all can read and understand it.
3因为明显地,你们就是我们供职所写的基督的书信:不是用墨水写的,而是以生活的天主圣神;不是写在石版上,而是在血肉的心版上。3Yes, who could deny that you are Christ's letter written by us - a letter written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, carved not in slabs of stones, but in hearts of flesh.
4我们藉著基督在天主前才敢这样自信,4This is how we are sure of God, through Christ.
5但这并不是说:我们凭自己能够承担什么事,好似出于自己一般;而是说:我们所以够资格,是出于天主,5As for us we would not dare consider that something comes from us: our ability comes from God.
6并且是他使我们能够做新约的仆役:这约并不是在于文字,而是在于神,因为文字叫人死,神却叫人活。6He has even enabled us to be ministers of a new covenant no longer depending on a written text but on the Spirit. The written text kills, but the Spirit gives life.
7如果那以文字刻在石头上而属死的职务,尚且有过光荣──甚至以色列子民为了梅瑟面貌上易于消逝的光荣,不能注视他的面貌──7The ministry of the Law carved on stones brought death; it was nevertheless surrounded by glory and we know that the Israelites could not fix their eyes on the face of Moses, such was his radiance, though fleeting.
8那么,属神的职务,岂不更该有光荣吗?8How much more glorious will the ministry of the Spirit be!
9如果先前定罪的职务有过光荣,那么,成义的职务更该多么充满光荣!9If there is greatness in a ministry which uses to condemn, how much more will there be in the ministry that brings holiness?
10其实,那先前有过光荣的,因了这更超越的光荣,已算不得光荣了,10This is such a glorious thing that in comparison the former's glory is like nothing.
11因为如果那易于消逝的曾一度有过光荣,那么,这常存的更该多么有光荣!11That ministry was provisory and had only moments of glory; but ours endures with a lasting glory.
12所以,我们既怀有这种希望,所以坦白行事,12Since we have such a great ambition, we are quite confident -
13不像梅瑟一般,将帕子蒙在脸上,免得以色列子民看到那易于消逝的光荣的终结;13unlike Moses, who covered his face with a veil. Otherwise the Israelites would have seen his passing radiance fade.
14但是他们的心意陷于迟钝,因为直到今天,在读旧约时,同样的帕子仍然存在,没有揭去,因为只有在基督内才得除去;14They became blind, however; until this day, the same veil prevents them from understanding the Old Covenant and they do not realize that in Christ it is nullified.
15而且直到今天,几时读梅瑟时,还有帕子盖在他们的心上;15Up to this very day, whenever they read Moses, the veil remains over their understanding
16他们几时转向主,帕子就会除掉。16but, for whoever turns to the Lord, the veil shall be removed.
17主就是那神:主的神在那里,那里就有自由。17The Lord is spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
18我们众人以揭开的脸面反映主的光荣的,渐渐地光荣上加光荣,都变成了与主同样的肖像,正如由主,即神在我们内所完成的。18So, with unveiled faces, we all reflect the Glory of the Lord, while we are transformed into his likeness and experience his Glory more and more by the action of the Lord who is spirit.
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