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格林多后书 2 Corinthians
1所以我拿定了主意,不再带忧苦到你们那里去,1So I gave up a visit that would again be a distressing one.
2因为如果我使你们忧苦,那么,除了那由我而受忧苦的人外,又有谁可使我欢乐呢?2If I make you sad, who will make me happy if not you whom I have grieved?
3为此,我写了那样的信,正是为避免我来到的时候,那本该叫我喜乐的,反而叫我忧苦,因为我相信你们众人都以我的喜乐为你们众人的喜乐。3Remember what I wrote you, "May it be that when I come I do not feel sad because of you, who should rather make me happy." I trust in everyone and I am sure that my joy will be the joy of you all.
4我在万般的痛心忧苦中,流着许多泪给你们写了信,并不是为叫你们忧苦,而是为叫你们认清我对你们所有的爱,多么卓绝。4So afflicted and worried was I when I wrote to you, that I even shed tears. I did not intend to cause you pain, but rather to let you know of the immense love that I have for you.
5如果有人使人忧苦,他不是使我忧苦,而是使你们众人,至少使一部分,免得我说得过火。5If anyone has caused me pain, he has hurt not me but in some measure, (I do not wish to exaggerate) all of you.
6这样的人,受了你们大多数人的谴责,已足够了;6The punishment that he received from the majority is enough for him.
7你们宽恕劝慰他,反倒更好,免得他一时为过度的忧苦所吞噬。7Now you should rather forgive and comfort him, lest excessive sorrow discourage him.
8为此,我劝告你们对他再建起爱情来。8So I beg you to treat him with love.
9其实,也正是为此我才写了那信,为要考验你们,看你们是否在一切事上都服从命令。9This is why I wrote to you, to test you and to know if you would obey in everything.
10你们宽恕谁什么,我也宽恕,因为我所宽恕的──如果我曾宽恕过什么──是为你们的缘故,当着基督的面而宽恕的,10The one you forgive, I also forgive. And what I forgave, if indeed I had anything to forgive, I forgave for your sake in the presence of Christ,
11免得我们让撒殚占了便宜,因为我们不是不知道他的心意。11lest Satan take advantage of us; for we know his designs.
12当我为宣讲基督福音来到特洛阿时,虽然给我开了为主工作的大门,12So I came to Troas to preach the Gospel of Christ, and the Lord opened doors for me.
13但因我没有遇到我的弟兄弟铎,我的心神得不到安宁,遂辞别他们,到马其顿去了。13However I could not be at peace because I did not find my brother Titus there, so I took leave of them and went to Macedonia.
14感谢天主时常使我们在基督内参与凯旋的行列,并藉我们在各处播扬认识基督的芬芳;14Thanks be to God, who always leads us in the triumphant following of Christ and, through us, spreads the knowledge of him everywhere, like an aroma.
15因为我们就是献与天主的基督的馨香,在得救的人中是,在丧亡的人中也是;15We are Christ's fragrance rising up to God, and perceived by those who are saved as well as by those who are lost.
16但为后者,是由死入死的芬芳;为前者,却是由生入生的芬芳。对这样的工作,谁够资格呢?16To the latter, it smells of death and leads them to death. To others it is the fragrance of life and leads to life.
17至少我们不像那许多人为利而混乱了天主的道理;我们宣讲乃是出于真诚,出于天主,当着天主的面,在基督内。17But who is worthy of such a mission? Unlike so many who make money out of the word of God, we speak with sincerity: everything comes from God and is said in his presence, in Christ.
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