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编年纪下 2 Chronicles
1这些忠贞之事作完之后,亚述王散乃黑黎布来进攻犹大,包围一切坚城,企图攻破,占为己有。1After Hezekiah had faithfully done all this, Sennacherib king of Assyria invaded Judah. He pitched camp before the fortified towns and gave orders for his army to break their way through the walls.
2希则克雅见散乃黑黎布前来,决意要进攻耶路撒冷,2Hezekiah realized that Sennacherib intended to attack Jerusalem also,
3便与自己的将领和勇士商议,将城外的水泉杜塞;他们都赞成;3so he summoned his officers and champions and they decided to cut off the water supply from the springs situated outside the city.
4于是召集许多人,将水泉和通过田间的水渠都杜塞,说:「为什么让亚述王来,得到这样多的水!」4So a large number of people banded together to block all the springs and cut off the watercourse flowing through the fields. They said, "Why should the king of Assyria find plenty of water when he arrives?"
5希则克雅遂加强防御工事,重修所有破裂的城墙,上面建上城楼,城外又筑了一道墙,加强达味城的米罗,制造了许多箭矢和盾牌。5Hezekiah strengthened his defenses: he had the broken parts of the wall repaired, built towers on it, constructed a second wall on the outer side, strengthened the Millo of the City of David and made quantities of spears and shields.
6然后派了将官率领军民,将他们集合到城门广场他自己面前,鼓励他们说:6He then appointed generals to command the people, had them assemble in the square by the city gate and spoke as follows to encourage them,
7你们应该勇敢大胆,不要害怕,不要因亚述王和他所统领的大军而胆怯,因为那与我们同在的比与他同在的,更有能力。7"Be strong and stand firm; be fearless, be confident when you face the king of Assyria and the whole army he brings with him, since he that is with us is stronger than he that is with him.
8那与他同在的只是血肉的手臂,那与我们同在的却是天主,我们的天主,他必要协助我们,为我们作战。」众人都因犹大王希则克雅这番话而得到鼓励。8He has only an arm of flesh, but we have Yahweh our God to help us and fight our battles." The people were encouraged by the words of Hezekiah king of Judah.
9此后,亚述王散乃黑黎布派自己的臣仆到耶路撒冷来,──他本人偕全军驻在拉基士──向犹大王希则克雅,和在耶路撒冷所有的犹大人说:9Next, Sennacherib king of Assyria, who was then outside Lachish with all his army, sent his servants to Jerusalem, to Hezekiah king of Judah, and to all the Judaeans who were in Jerusalem. They said,
10「亚述王散乃黑黎布这样说:你们在耶路撒冷受困,还依靠什么呢?10"Hear the message from Sennacherib king of Assyria, 'What gives you the confidence to stay in Jerusalem under siege?
11希则克雅曾对你们说过:雅威我们的天主必要救我们脱离亚述王的手,这岂不是诱惑你们,使你们饿死渴死吗?11Is not Hezekiah deceiving you? Is he not condemning you to die of hunger and thirst when he says: Yahweh our God will save us from the king of Assyria?
12希则克雅岂不是将高丘和香坛推翻,且吩咐犹大和耶路撒冷人说:你们应在一个坛前朝拜,单在这上面焚香吗?12Is not Hezekiah the very man who has destroyed the High places and the altars of Yahweh, and given the order to Judah and to Jerusalem: Before one altar only are you to worship, and on that alone offer incense?
13难道你们不知道我与我的祖先,对各列邦民族所作的事吗?列邦各地的神,是否曾能拯救自己的国土,脱离我的手?13Do you not know what I have done, I and my ancestors, to all the peoples of other countries? Have the gods of any nation in those countries ever been able to save them from me?
14我祖先所消灭的那些邦国的诸神中,有那一个曾能够拯救自己的百姓,脱离我的手?难道你们的神就能拯救你们脱离我的手吗?14Who among all the gods of those nations was able to save his people from me?
15所以现在,不要让希则克雅这样欺骗你们,迷惑你们;你们也不要相信他,因为任何一个国家,一个民族的神,都不能拯救自己的百姓,脱离我的手,和我祖先的手;何况你们的神?他更不能救你们脱离我的手!」15Do not let Hezekiah deceive you. Do not let him mislead you like this. Do not believe him, for no god of any nation or kingdom has been able to save his people from me or from my ancestors. No more will your god be able to save you from me."
16散乃黑黎布的臣仆,还说了许多毁谤上主天主,和他仆人希则克雅的话。16His officials were still speaking against Yahweh God, and his servant Hezekiah,
17散乃黑黎布也写信嘲笑上主以色列的天主,侮辱他说:「就如列邦民族的神没有拯救自己的百姓脱离我的手,同样希则克雅的神也不能救自己的百姓脱离我的手。」17when Sennacherib wrote a letter insulting Yahweh the God of Israel. This is what he said about him, "Just as the gods of the nations in other countries have failed to save their peoples from me, so will the god of Hezekiah fail to save his people."
18随后,他们用犹大方言向耶路撒冷城墙上的军民呼喊,想惊吓他们,令他们恐惧,以便夺取京城。18They shouted this out in the language of Judah, to the people of Jerusalem who were on the city wall, to confuse and frighten them, and so that they might capture the city:
19他们论及耶路撒冷的天主,好似论及列邦民族的神一样,当作人手的造物。19they spoke of the God of Jerusalem in the same way they talked of the gods of the peoples of the world, the work of human hands.
20希则克雅王与阿摩兹的儿子依撒意亚先知为此向天祈求呼吁。20Then King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz prayed and cried out to heaven.
21上主便派一位天使进入亚述王的营中,将所有的兵士、将军和统帅,予以歼灭,使亚述王含羞回了本国。当他进入自己的神庙时,为他亲生的儿子用剑所杀。21And Yahweh sent an angel who made all the mighty warriors, commanders and officers die in the camp of the king of Assyria. So the emperor went back to Assyria very ashamed. And as he came into the temple of his god, some of his own sons struck him with their swords.
22这样,上主救了希则克雅和耶路撒冷的居民,脱离了亚述王散乃黑黎布和所有敌人的手,使他们四境获得了安宁。22So Yahweh saved Hezekiah and the people of Jerusalem from the power of Sennacherib king of Assyria and from everyone else, and he gave them peace on every side.
23众人就都到耶路撒冷向上主献上礼品,也赠予犹大王希则克雅礼物;从此以后,希则克雅乃为各国所敬重。23Many people brought grain offerings to Yahweh in Jerusalem and gifts for Hezekiah king of Judah; since then all the nations held Hezekiah in honor.
24那时,希则克雅害病要死,他哀求了上主,上主便应允了他,给了他一个异兆。24In those days, Hezekiah fell ill and was at the point of death. He prayed to Yahweh, who heard him and granted him a sign.
25但是,希则克雅不但没有照他所受的恩惠还报,反而心高气傲,于是上主的怒火降于他和犹大并耶路撒冷。25But Hezekiah did not show gratitude for what Yahweh had done for him; his heart grew proud and Judah and Jerusalem suffered for it.
26以后,希则克雅抑制了自己的骄傲,他和耶路撒冷居民都自谦自卑,因此上主的怒气,在希则克雅生时,没有向他们发作。26Finally, however, Hezekiah and the people of Jerusalem humbled themselves, and so Yahweh did not punish the people until after Hezekiah's death.
27希则克雅享尽富贵荣华,建造了府库,储藏金银、宝石、香料、盾牌和各种珍器;27Hezekiah enjoyed immense riches and honor. He built himself storerooms for gold, silver, precious stones, spices, gems and every sort of valuable.
28修建了仓廪,储藏五谷、新酒和油;修盖了棚栏,为养各类牲畜;为羊群修了羊栈;28He had storehouses for his returns of corn, wine and oil, buildings for his different sorts of cattle, and sheep runs for his sheep,
29又畜养了驴,以及许多大小牲畜;天主实在赐给了他极多的财物。29and, further, acquired donkeys and enormous herds and flocks. God had indeed given him very great riches.
30希则克雅杜住基红泉上边的水,将水直引到达味城西。希则克雅所作所为无不顺利。30It was Hezekiah who stopped the upper outlet of Gihon Spring and channeled the water down to the west side of the City of David. Hezekiah succeeded in all he undertook.
31甚至巴比伦王公大人派使者来见希则克雅,询问他国内发生的奇事时,天主也让他自由,藉以考验他,好知道他心中的一切。31However, when the authorities in Babylon sent to him to inquire about the extraordinary thing that had taken place in the country, God abandoned him only to test him, and to discover the secrets of his heart.
32希则克雅其余的事蹟,以及他的善行,都记载在阿摩兹的儿子依撒意亚先知的神视录及犹大和以色列列王实录上。32The rest of the history of Hezekiah, and his deed of piety, are recorded in the Vision of the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz and in the Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel.
33希则克雅与他的祖先同眠,葬在达味子孙墓地的斜坡上;他死了,全犹大和耶路撒冷居民都为他举哀致敬;他的儿子默纳舍继位为王。33Then Hezekiah rested with his fathers and they buried him on the slope going up to the tombs of the sons of David. At his death, all of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem did him honor. His son Manasseh succeeded him.
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