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编年纪下 2 Chronicles
1撒罗满点派了七万人作运夫,八万人在山上凿石,三千六百人作监工。1He put 70,000 men to work transporting materials, 80,000 to quarry in the hill country, and 3,600 supervisors in charge of them.
2撒罗满遣使者向提洛王希兰说:「有如你怎样对待了我父达味,给他运来香柏木,建造他居往的宫殿,也请你如此对待我。2Solomon then sent this message to Huram king of Tyre, "Deal with me as you dealt with my father David when you sent him cedars to build a house to live in.
3我现今要为上主我的天主的名,建造一座圣殿,奉献给他,在他前焚烧芬芳的香料,永远献上供饼,每日早晚、安息日、月朔,以及上主我们的天主的节日,奉献全燔祭:这为以色列人是永久的事。3I am now building a house to honor Yahweh, my God, to acknowledge his holiness by burning incense of scented spices in his presence, by the loaves that are perpetually set out, by offerings morning and evening, on the sabbath, New Moon, and the solemn festivals of Yahweh our God - and this forever in Israel.
4我建造的殿宇必须广大,因为我们的天主大于诸神。4The house I am building will be large, for our God is greater than all gods.
5然而,谁有能力为他建造一座殿宇?天与诸天之天,尚容不下他。我是谁,竟能为他建造殿宇?不过只是为在他面前焚香罢了!5Yet no one can really build a temple for God because the heavens and the heaven cannot contain him. And I cannot build him a house for anything more than to burn incense in his presence.
6现在,请你给我派一位技师来,他要精于金、银、铜、铁、以及紫红、朱红、蓝线等工作;并且还应会各种彫刻,好与我父达味在犹大和耶路撒冷所准备的技术人员一同工作。6So send me a man skilled in working with gold, silver, bronze, iron, scarlet, crimson, violet, and the art of engraving too; he is to work with the skilled men whom my father David provided here in Judah and Jerusalem.
7请你由黎巴嫩给我运香柏、松柏和檀香木来,因为我知道你的仆人善于砍伐黎巴嫩的木材;我的仆人将与你的仆人一同工作。7From Lebanon send me cedar wood, juniper and algummim, since I know your servants are experts in felling the trees of Lebanon. My servants will work with yours.
8他们要为我大量预备木料,因为我要建造的殿宇极其广大。8They will prepare wood in bulk for me, since the house I wish to build is to be of astounding size.
9至于你那些伐木砍树的仆人,我必供给他们食粮,小麦二万『苛尔』,大麦二万『苛尔』,酒两万『巴特』,油两万『巴特』。9For the woodmen who are to fell the trees I assign twenty thousand kors of grain, twenty thousand kors of barley, twenty thousand baths of wine, and twenty thousand baths of oil - this is for the maintenance of your servants."
10提洛王希兰回信给撒罗满说:「上主由于爱慕自己的百姓,所以立你作了他们的君王。」10In a letter sent to King Solomon, Huram king of Tyre replied, "Because Yahweh loves his people he has made you king.
11希兰又说:「创造天地的上主以色列的天主应受赞美!因为他赐给了达味王一个智慧的儿子,聪明机敏,可为上主建造殿宇,为自己修筑王宫。11Blessed be Yahweh, the God of Israel, who has made the heavens and the earth, and given King David a wise son, full of understanding and skill, who is going to build a house for Yahweh and a palace for himself and his court.
12我现在打发一个具有智慧和才学的人去,他名叫胡兰阿彼,12And I am also sending you a skilled craftsman, Huram-abi,
13是一丹支派女人的儿子,他父亲是提洛人,他精于金、银、铜、铁、石、木、紫色、红色、蓝色、细麻,以及朱红线各种工作,善于各样的彫刻,又能设计各种托于他的技工。这人可与你的技师和你父亲我主达味的技师,一同工作。13the son of a Danite woman by a Tyrian father. He is skilled in the use of gold, silver, bronze, iron, stone, wood, scarlet, violet, fine linen, crimson, in engraving of all kinds, and in the execution of any design suggested to him. Let him be put to work with your craftsmen and those of my lord David, your father.
14我主谈及的小麦、大麦、油和酒,请即运来分配给仆人。14So now let my lord send his servants the wheat, barley, oil and wine, as already suggested.
15我们必照你所需要的,在黎巴嫩砍伐树木,编成木筏,由海上运到约培;以后你运到耶路撒冷。15For our part, we will cut down all the cedar trees you need from Lebanon, and bring them to you in rafts by sea to Joppa, and you will transport them to Jerusalem."
16撒罗满按照他父亲达味所统计过的数目,又统计了住在以色列境内的一切外方人,共计十五万三千六百人,16Solomon took a count of all the foreigners living in the land of Israel, following the census that David his father had taken; it was found there were a hundred and fifty-three thousand six hundred.
17委派其中的七万人作运夫,八万人在山上凿石,三千六百人作监工,督促人民工作。17He impressed seventy thousand of these for carrying loads, eighty thousand for quarrying in the hill country, and three thousand six hundred as overseers to make sure the people worked.
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