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编年纪下 2 Chronicles
1阿玛责雅登极时年二十五岁,在耶路撒冷作王凡二十九年;他的母亲名叫约阿当,是耶路撒冷人。1Amaziah was twenty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned for twenty-nine years in Jerusalem. His mother was Hehoassan of Jerusalem.
2他行了上主视为正义的事,只是心不专一。2He did what is pleasing to Yahweh, though not steadily.
3及至王权已掌握在他手中之后,他将弑杀他父王的臣仆杀掉;3As soon as he was firmly in power, he killed those of his officers who had murdered the king his father.
4但没有将他们的子女处死,因为按梅瑟法律书上所载的,上主曾命令说:「不可为儿子的罪处死父亲,亦不可为父亲的罪处死儿子;每人应为自己的罪被处死刑。」4But he did not put their sons to death, in obedience to what is written in the Law, in the book of Moses, where Yahweh has ordered, "Fathers must not be put to death for sons, nor sons for fathers; but everyone will pay for his own crime."
5阿玛责雅召集了犹大人,按他们的家族,为全犹大和本雅明安置了千夫长和百夫长,统计了人民,由二十岁及以上的,凡能操枪持盾,能出征上阵的精兵,共有三十万;5Amaziah called the men of Judah together and organized them in families with commanders of thousands and of hundreds for all Judah and Benjamin. He counted those who were twenty years old or older, and found there were three hundred thousand of selected warriors fit for military service, and for handling spear and shield.
6又用一百『塔冷通』银子,由以色列招募了十万勇敢的战士。6Next, he enrolled one hundred thousand from Israel as mercenaries, for about four tons of silver.
7有天主的人前来见他,对他说:「请大王不要带以色列军队与你同往,因为上主不与以色列,即厄弗辣因所有的子孙在一起。7A man of God then came to him and said, "O king, don't take these Israelite soldiers with you, for Yahweh is not with Israel or with any of the Ephraimites.
8如果你以为这样可以战胜,天主必使你败于敌人之前,因为天主有能力助人,亦有能力使人溃败。」8If they come, whatever be the number of your men, God will still bring you down before your enemies, for God's is the power to uphold or to throw down."
9阿玛责雅问天主的人说:「我已给了以色列雇佣兵一百『塔冷通』银子,那怎么办呢?」天主的人回答说:「上主能将比这更多的赐给你。」9Amaziah answered the man of God, "And what about the four tons of silver I have given the Israelite soldiers?" The man of God replied, "Yahweh can give you far more than that."
10阿玛责雅于是将从厄弗辣因来的雇佣兵分出来,遣送回家;因此他们非常怀恨犹大人,愤愤地回了家。10At this, Amaziah dismissed from his army the troops that had come to him from Ephraim and sent them home; these men were furious with Judah and went home in great anger.
11阿玛责雅鼓起勇气,率领自己的军队来到盐谷,击杀了一万色依尔人。11Amaziah led his army to Salt Valley and defeated ten thousand Edomite soldiers.
12犹大子民又生擒了一万,带到石崖顶上,由石崖顶上将他们推下去,都摔得支离破碎。12The men of Judah took ten thousand captives alive and, taking them to the top of the cliff, threw them off the top; they were all dashed to pieces.
13但是,那些被阿玛责雅遣回,不准一同出征的雇佣兵,却侵入犹大各城,由撒玛黎雅直到贝特曷龙,击杀了三千人,掠去了许多财物。13Then the Israelite troops which Amaziah had dismissed and not allowed to fight with him raided the towns of Judah, from Samaria as far as Bethhoron, but they were defeated by a troop of three thousand men who recovered great quantities of plunder.
14阿玛责雅打败厄东人回来时,也将色依尔子民的神像带回来,立为自己的神,在他们前焚香顶礼;14On returning from his defeat of the Edomites, Amaziah brought the gods of the Edomites with him and set these up as gods for himself, bowing down before them and burning incense to them.
15因此上主向阿玛责雅发怒,派一位先知去见他,对他说:「这个民族的神未能拯救自己的百姓脱离你的手,你为什么还求他们呢?」15Then Yahweh became angry with Amaziah and he sent him a prophet, who said, "Why have you looked to this people's gods, who could not save their own people from your power?"
16先知正与君王说话时,君王对他说:「莫非我们立了你作君王的谋士?不必再说!你为什么来寻死呢?」先知便止住了,只声明说:「我知道天主已决意要消灭你,因为你作了这事,还不听从我的劝戒。」16He was still speaking when Amaziah interrupted him, "Have we appointed you a royal counselor? If you do not want to be hurt, be quiet!" The prophet paused; then he said, "Now I know that God has decided to destroy you, since after having acted like this, you refuse to listen to me."
17犹大王阿玛责雅聚议以后,便派人到以色列王耶胡的孙子,约阿哈次的儿子耶曷阿士那里去说:「来,让我们见个高低!」17After consulting his advisers, Amaziah king of Judah sent a message to Joash son of Jehoahaz, son of Jehu, king of Israel, challenging him to fight.
18以色列王耶曷阿士派人回答犹大王阿玛责雅说:「黎巴嫩的荆棘派使者去见黎巴嫩的香柏说:将你的女儿嫁给我的儿子为妻!后来有一只黎巴嫩的野兽经过,将这棵荆棘踏坏了。18Joash king of Israel sent back word to Amaziah king of Judah, "The thornbush of Lebanon sent a message to the cedar of Lebanon, saying, 'Give my son your daughter in marriage'; but the wild animals of Lebanon trampled the thornbush down as they passed. You are very proud because you have defeated the Edomites - Boast on but stay at home.
19你想你打败了厄东,你就心高气傲,自鸣得意。现在,你还是留在家里罢!又何必惹祸,使你和犹大一同丧亡呢?」19Why stir up trouble that will only bring disaster on you and your people?"
20但是,阿玛责雅不肯听从;这原是出于天主,要将他们交于敌人手中,因为他们求问了厄东的神。20But Amaziah would not listen. It was God's will for him to be defeated, because he had worshiped the Edomite idols.
21于是以色列王耶曷阿士上来,在犹大的贝特舍默士,与犹大王阿玛责雅相见了。21And at Bethshemesh Judah, they made their trial of strength, Joash and Amaziah king of Judah.
22犹大人被以色列击败,各自逃回帐幕去了。22Judah was defeated by Israel, and everyone fled to his tent.
23以色列王耶曷阿士在贝特舍默士生擒了阿哈齐雅的孙子,约阿士的儿子犹大王阿玛责雅,带到耶路撒冷,将耶路撒冷的城墙拆了一个缺口,从厄弗辣因门直到角门,共四百肘;23The king of Judah, Amaziah son of Joash, son of Ahaziah, was taken prisoner at Bethshemesh by Joash, king of Israel who led him off to Jerusalem, where Joash tore down the city wall from the Gate of Ephraim to the Gate of the Corner, a distance of two hundred yards.
24又将敖贝得厄东所看守的天主殿内的一切金银和器皿,并王宫的财宝都拿了去;又带着人质,回了撒玛黎雅。24He took all the gold and silver, all the furnishings to be found with Obed-edom in the House of God, the treasures of the royal palace, and hostages besides, and then returned to Samaria.
25以色列王约阿哈次的儿子耶曷阿士死后,犹大王约阿士的儿子阿玛责雅还活了十五年。25Amaziah son of Joash, king of Judah, lived for fifteen years after the death of Joash son of Jehoahaz, king of Israel.
26阿玛责雅前后其余的事蹟,都记载在犹大和以色列列王实录上。26The rest of the history of Amaziah, from first to last, is all recorded in the Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel.
27自从阿玛责雅离弃了上主以后,在耶路撒冷就有人结党反抗他,他即逃往拉基士,但是叛党派人追到拉基士,在那里将他杀死。27After the time when Amaziah rebelled against Yahweh, there had been a plot against him in Jerusalem; he fled to Lachish; but he was followed to Lachish and put to death there.
28然后将他的尸体用马駄回,葬在达味城,和他的祖先埋在一起。28He was brought back by horse, and buried with his ancestors in the City of David.
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