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编年纪下 2 Chronicles
1达味的儿子撒罗满渐渐巩固了自己的王位,上主,他的天主常与他同在,使他非常伟大。1Solomon, son of David, took firm control of the Kingdom of Israel. Yahweh, his God, was with him and exalted him greatly.
2撒罗满命令全以色列,即千夫长、百夫长、判官,以及全以色列的首领和族长集合,2Solomon then spoke to all Israel, to commanders of thousands and of hundreds, to the judges, and to all the princes of Israel, the heads of families.
3然后同全会众往基贝红高丘去,因为那里有上主的仆人梅瑟,在旷野里所做的天主的会幕。3Then Solomon, and with him the whole assembly, went to the High place at Gibeon, where God's Tent of Meeting was, which Moses, the servant of God, had made in the wilderness;
4但是,天主的约柜,达味已由克黎雅特耶阿陵运到所预备的地方,因为他在耶路撒冷为约柜搭了一个帐幕。4David, however, had brought the ark of God from Kiriath-jearim to the place he had prepared for it, having set up a tent for it in Jerusalem.
5胡尔的子孙,乌黎的儿子贝匝肋耳所制的铜坛也在那里,即上主的会幕前。撒罗满与会众便去求问上主。5The bronze altar that Bezalel, son of Uri, son of Hur, had made stood there in front of the Holy Tent of Yahweh; Solomon, with the assembly, came to this altar, looking for Yahweh's presence.
6撒罗满上到会幕前的铜坛上,在上主面前,献了一千牺牲,作为全燔祭。6Solomon went up to the bronze altar that was by the Tent of Meeting, and offered a thousand burnt offerings on it.
7那天夜里天主显示给撒罗满,对他说:「你不拘求甚么,我必给你!」7That night, God appeared to Solomon and said, "Ask what you would like me to give you."
8撒罗满对天主说:「你曾对我父达味大施仁慈,使我继他为王。8Solomon replied to God, "You showed great kindness to David my father; and you have made me king in his place.
9上主,天主!现在唯愿你向我父达味应许的话得以实现,因为你已立了我为王,治理一个多如地上尘沙的民族。9Yahweh God, the promise you made to David my father has now been fulfilled, since you have made me king over a people who are so many that they cannot be counted.
10现在,求你赐我智慧和聪明,好使我能在这民族面前出入,因为谁能统治你这样大的一个民族?」10Therefore now give me wisdom and knowledge to act as leader of this people, for who could govern a people so great as yours?"
11天主对撒罗满说:「你既有此心愿,没有求富贵、财宝、光荣,也没有要求你敌人的性命,也没有要求长寿,只为自己求智慧和聪明,好能治理我的民族,即我使你为王所管理的民族;11God said to Solomon, "Since that is what you want, you have asked, not for riches, treasure, honor, the lives of your enemies, or even for a long life, but for wisdom and knowledge to govern my people of whom I have made you king;
12为此,智慧和聪明已赐予了你,但我还愿将富贵财宝和光荣赐予你,是你以前的君王从没有过,你以后也不会再有的。」12therefore wisdom and knowledge are granted you. I give you riches too, and treasures, and honor such as none of the kings had that were before you, nor shall any have that come after you."
13以后撒罗满由基贝红高丘,由会幕前回了耶路撒冷,治理以色列。13Solomon left the High place and the Tent of Meeting at Gibeon and returned to Jerusalem.
14撒罗满调集了战车和骑兵,计战车一千四百辆,骑兵一万二千名,使他们驻守屯车城,或在耶路撒冷君王左右。14Solomon built up a force of chariots and horses; he had one thousand four hundred chariots and twelve thousand horses; these he stationed in the chariot towns and with the king in Jerusalem.
15君王在耶路撒冷积存的金银多如石块,香柏木多如平原的桑树。15During his reign, silver and gold became as common in Jerusalem as stone, while cedar wood was as plentiful as the ordinary sycamore trees in the foothills of Judah.
16撒罗满所养的马,都是来自慕兹黎和科厄,是君王的商人依照定价由科厄买来的。16Solomon's horses were imported from Cilicia; the king's agents took delivery of them from Cilicia at a fixed rate.
17他们由慕兹黎运来的车,每辆值银六百『协刻耳』﹔马每匹值银一百五十『协刻耳』。同样,赫特诸王和阿兰诸王所有的车马,也都是经这些商人的手运来的。17They imported chariots from Egypt for 600 pieces of silver each, and horses for 150 each. These men acted in the same way for all the kings of the Hittites and the kings of Aram.
18撒罗满决定为上主的名建造圣殿,为自己修筑王宫。18Solomon decided to build a house for Yahweh's Name and a palace for himself.
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