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编年纪下 2 Chronicles
1犹大王约沙法特平安回了耶路撒冷王宫。1Jehoshaphat came back safe and sound to Jerusalem.
2先见者哈纳尼的儿子耶胡来见约沙法特王,对他说:「你怎能协助恶人,爱那憎恨上主的人呢?因此上主的愤怒必临于你,2Jehu, son of Hanani the prophet, went to meet him and said to king Jehoshaphat, "Should a man give help to the wicked? Should you love those who hate Yahweh? Because of this you have brought his anger on you!
3不过你还行了好事,因为你由国内铲除了木偶,专心致志寻求了上主。」3There is some good in you, however, since you have removed from your land Asherah's trunks and have set your heart on seeking God."
4约沙法特在耶路撒冷住了一段时期以后,又出驾巡视民间,由贝尔舍巴直到厄弗辣因山地,引导他们归向上主,他们祖先的天主。4Jehoshaphat stayed for a time in Jerusalem. After that he would again visit his people regularly, from Beersheba to the highlands of Ephraim to bring them back to Yahweh, the God of their ancestors.
5他在犹大境内所有的坚城,每座城内都设立了判官,5He appointed judges in the country in every one of all the fortified towns of Judah.
6对这些判官说:「你们所作所为,必须慎重,因为你们处理诉讼的事,不是为人,而是为上主;你们在处理诉讼时,他必与你们同在。6He said to these judges, "Give due thought to your duties, since you are not judging in the name of men but in the name of Yahweh, who is with you whenever you pronounce sentence.
7现在你们应有敬畏上主的心,办事必须勤谨,因为上主,我们的天主,毫无不义,不偏待人,不受贿赂。」7May the fear of Yahweh now be on you. Keep the Law, apply it, for Yahweh our God does not tolerate fraud or partiality or the taking of bribes."
8约沙法特在耶路撒冷又另委派了一些肋未人、司祭和以色列族长,为上主施行判断,为耶路撒冷的居民处理诉讼的事,8In addition, Jehoshaphat appointed priests, Levites and heads of Israelite families in Jerusalem as judges in cases involving a violation of the Law or legal disputes between people living in the city. They lived in Jerusalem
9吩咐他们说:「你们行事应敬畏上主,诚心实意。9and Jehoshaphat gave them the following instructions, "You are to perform these duties in the fear of Yahweh, as upright and honest men.
10你们住在各城中的弟兄,无论有什么争讼的案件,向你们投诉,或为血案,或为有关法律与诫命,典章与律例之间的争执,你们应开导他们,以免得罪上主,招致愤怒来到你们和你们弟兄身上;你们如此行事,方可无罪。10Whatever dispute comes before you from your brothers living in their towns: either about crimes or questions of the Law, you are to teach them the commandments, statutes or ordinances, so that they do not become guilty of sinning against Yahweh, lest his anger come on you and your brothers. Do this and you will not be guilty.
11诸凡属于上主的事,全由大司祭阿玛黎雅指挥你们;所有属于君王的事,概由犹大族长依市玛耳的儿子则巴狄雅处理;有肋未人作你们的书记。你们应勇敢行事,上主必与好人同在。11Amariah, the chief priest, will have final authority over you in all religious matters, and Zebadiah son of Ishmael, governor of Judah, in all matters affecting the king. The Levites will serve as your scribes. Be courageous, carry out these instructions, and Yahweh will be there to bring success."
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