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弟茂德前书 1 Timothy
1不要严责老年人,但要劝他如劝父亲;劝青年人如劝弟兄;1Do not rebuke an older man; on the contrary, advise him as if he were your father. Treat the young as your brothers,
2劝老妇如劝母亲;以完全纯洁的心;劝青年女子如劝姊妹。2the elder women as mothers and the young girls as your sisters, with great purity.
3要敬重寡妇,即那些真正做寡妇的。3Take care of widows who are really widows.
4假使寡妇有儿子或孙子,他们就应先学着孝敬本家人,报答祖先,因为这是天主所喜悦的事。4If a widow has children or grandchildren, they should first learn their family duties and give their parents financial help. This is correct and pleases God.
5那真正做寡妇的,孤独无依,已寄望于天主,黑夜白日常在恳求和祈祷;5A true widow is one who, in being left alone, has set her hope in God, praying day and night to God and asking him for help.
6但那任性纵欲的寡妇,虽生犹死。6On the contrary, a widow who lives as she pleases is dead even while she lives.
7你要拿这些话去劝戒,使她们无可指摘。7Warn them about this that they may be blameless.
8如有人不照顾自己的戚族,尤其不照顾自己的家人,即是背弃信德,比不信的人更坏。8Those who do not take care of their own, especially those of their household, have denied the faith and are worse than unbelievers.
9录用一个寡妇,年纪不要少过六十岁,且只做过一个丈夫的妻子,9Let no one be put on the list of widows unless she is sixty years old and has been married only once.
10又必须有行善的声望,如:教育过儿女,款待过旅客,洗过圣徒的脚,赒济过遭难的人,勤行过各种善工。10She must be commended for her good works and the education of her children. Has she offered hospitality to and humbly served the saints, helped the suffering and practiced other good deeds?
11至于年轻的寡妇,你要拒绝录用,因为当她们情欲冲动违背基督的时候,便想再嫁;11Do not accept younger widows; they may have other desires than for Christ and want to marry;
12这样必招致惩罚,因为她们摈弃了起初的信誓;12then they deserve condemnation for breaking their first commitment.
13同时她们又游手好闲,习惯串门踏户;不但游手好闲,而且还饶舌不休,好管闲事,说些不当说的话。13Besides they form the habit of being idle, going from house to house. And it is not just idleness! They become gossips and busybodies, saying what they should not.
14所以我要年轻的寡妇再嫁,生养儿女,治理家务,不给敌人以诽谤的任何借口,14So I want young widows to marry and have children, to rule their household and give adversaries no grounds for criticism.
15因为有些已转身随从了撒殚。15Some have already strayed to follow Satan.
16若女信徒家中有寡妇,就应供养她们,不可加重教会的负担,为教会能供养那些真正的寡妇。16If any Christian woman has widows in her family, let her assist them; in this way the church will not be burdened and may assist those who are truly widows.
17那些善于督导的长老,尤其那些出力讲道和施教的人,堪受加倍的敬奉,17Let the elders who rule well receive double compensation, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.
18因为经上记载:『牛在打场的时候,不可笼住牠的嘴』;又说:『工人自当有他的工资。』18Scripture says: Do not muzzle the ox while it threshes grain, and: The worker deserves his wages.
19反对长老的控告,除非有两三个证人,你不可受理。19Do not accept accusations against an elder except on the evidence of two or three witnesses.
20犯罪的人,你要在众人前加以斥责,为叫其余的人有所警惕。20If he continues to sin, rebuke him in the presence of the community, as a warning to the rest.
21我在天主与基督耶稣,以及蒙选的天使前恳求你,要遵守这些话,不可存成见,做事也不可有偏心。21I urge you, in the presence of God and Christ Jesus and of the holy angels, to obey these rules with impartiality, without making distinctions.
22不可轻易给人覆手;不可在别人的罪上有分子,务要守身清白。22Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, thus becoming an accomplice in the sins of others. Keep yourself free from blame.
23至于你,你以后不要单喝清水,为了你的胃病和你屡次生病,却要用点酒。23Do not drink only water but take a little wine to help your digestion, because of your frequent illness.
24有些人的罪过,在受审以前便是显明的,但有些人的罪过只在受审以后;24The sins of some people are plain to see, even before they are examined; the sins of others are known only later on.
25同样,善工也是显明的;即使不明显,也不能隐瞒住。25Likewise good deeds are conspicuous; even when they are not, they cannot remain hidden.
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