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弟茂德前书 1 Timothy
1圣神明明地说:在最后的时期,有些人要背弃信德,听信欺诈的神和魔鬼的训言,1The Spirit tells us clearly that in the last days some will defect from the faith and follow deceitful spirits and devilish doctrines,
2这训言是出于那些伪善的说谎者,他们的良心已烙上了火印。2led by lying hypocrites whose conscience has been branded with the stamp of infamy.
3他们禁止嫁娶,戒绝一些食物;这些食物本是天主所造,叫那信仰而认识真理的人,以感恩的心所享用的;3These persons forbid marriage and condemn the use of certain foods which God created for those who know the truth, and which the believers receive with thanksgiving.
4因为天主所造的样样都好,如以感恩的心领受,没有一样是可摈弃的;4Everything created by God is good, and all food is lawful; nothing is to be rejected if we receive it with thanksgiving,
5因为样样都是藉天主的话和祈祷祝圣了的。5for it is blessed with the word of God and prayer, and made holy.
6你若拿这些话提醒弟兄们,就是基督耶稣的好仆役,并显出你在信德和你一向所追随的好教训上得到好的教育。6If you explain these things to the brothers and sisters, you will prove to be a good servant of Christ Jesus, nourished by the teachings of faith and the sound doctrine which you have followed.
7至于凡俗和老妇的无稽传说,务要躲避!但要在虔敬上操练自己,7Reject irreligious fables and old wives' tales. Train yourself in godliness.
8因为身体的操练益处不多,惟独虔敬在各方面都有益处,因为有今生与来生的应许。8Physical training is of limited value; godliness, instead, is useful in every way, holding promise for the present life and for the life to come.
9这话是确实的,值得完全接纳。9Here you have a sure doctrine you can trust.
10我们劳苦奋斗,正是如此,因为我们已寄望于永生的天主,他是全人类,尤其是信徒们的救主。10We toil and endure because we trust in the living God, the Savior of all, especially of those who believe.
11你要拿这些事去指导和教训人,11Command and teach these things.
12不要让人小看你年轻;但要在言语行为上,在爱德、信德和洁德上,做信徒的模范。12Let no one reproach you on account of your youth. Be a model to the believers in the way you speak and act, in your love, your faith and purity of life.
13直到我来时,你要专务宣读、劝勉和教导。13Devote yourself to reading, preaching and teaching, until I come.
14不要疏忽你心内的神恩,即从前因预言,藉长老团的覆手赐予你的神恩。14Do not neglect the spiritual gift conferred on you with prophetic words when the elders laid their hands upon you.
15你要专心做这些事,全神贯注在这些事上,为使众人看出你的进步。15Think about it and practice it so that your progress may be seen by all.
16应注意你自己和你的训言,在这些事上要坚持不变,因为你这样做,才能救你自己,又能救你的听众。16Take care of yourself and attend to your teaching. Be steadfast in doing this and you will save both yourself and your hearers.
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