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弟茂德前书 1 Timothy
1谁若想望监督的职分,是渴望一件善事:这话是确实的。1If someone aspires to the over seer's ministry, he is without a doubt looking for a noble task.
2那么,监督必须是无可指摘的,只作过一个妻子的丈夫,有节制,应慎重,端庄,好客,善于教导;2It is necessary that the overseer (or bishop) be beyond reproach, the husband of one wife, responsible, judicious, of good manners, hospitable and skillful in teaching.
3不嗜酒,不暴戾,而应温良和善,不贪爱钱财,3He must not be addicted to wine or quarrelsome, but gentle and peaceful, and not a lover of money,
4善于管理自己的家庭,使子女们服从,凡事端庄;4but a man whose household is well-managed, with obedient and well-mannered children.
5谁若不知管理自己的家庭,如何能照管天主的教会?5If he cannot govern his own house, how can he lead the assembly of God?
6不可是新奉教的,怕他妄自尊大,而陷于魔鬼所受的判决,6He must not be a recent convert, lest he become conceited and fall into the same condemnation as the devil.
7并且在外人中也必须有好声望,怕他遭人诽谤,落入魔鬼的罗网。7Moreover he must enjoy a good reputation among the outsiders, lest people speak evil about him and he fall into the snare of the devil.
8执事也必须端庄,不一口两舌,不饮酒过度,不贪赃;8Deacons, likewise, must be serious and sincere and moderate in drinking wine, not greedy for money,
9以纯洁的良心,保持信德的奥蹟。9they must keep the mystery of faith with a clear conscience.
10这些人应当先受试验,如果无瑕可指,然后才能作执事。10Let them be first tried and, if found blameless, be accepted as deacons.
11女人也必须端庄,不谗谤,有节制,凡事忠信。11In the same way the women must be conscientious, not given to gossip, but reserved and trustworthy.
12执事应当只作过一个妻子的丈夫,善于管理自己的子女和家庭,12A deacon must be husband of one wife, and must know how to guide his children and manage his household.
13因为善于服务的,自可获得优越的品位,而大胆地宣扬基督耶稣内的信仰。13Those who serve well as deacons will win honorable rank, with authority to speak of Christian faith.
14我虽希望快到你那里去,但我仍把这些事写给你;14I give you these instructions, although I hope I will see you soon.
15假使我迟迟不到,你可知道在天主的家中应当如何行动;这家就是永生天主的教会,真理的柱石和基础。15If I delay, you will know how you ought to conduct yourself in the household of God, that is, the Church of the living God, which is the pillar and foundation of the truth.
16无不公认,这虔敬的奥蹟是伟大的:就是他出现于肉身,受证于圣神,发显于天使,被传于异民,见信于普世,被接于光荣。16How great indeed is the mystery of divine blessing! He was shown in the flesh and sanctified by the Spirit; presented to the angels and proclaimed to all nations. The world believed in him: He was taken up in glory!
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