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得撒洛尼前书 1 Thessalonians
1保禄和息耳瓦诺及弟茂德,致书给在天主父及主耶稣基督内的得撒洛尼人的教会。祝你们蒙受恩宠与平安!1From Paul, Sylvanus and Timothy to the church of Thessalonica which is in God the Father and in Christ Jesus, the Lord. May the peace and grace of God be with you.
2我们常为你们众人感谢天主,在祈祷时常记念你们;不断地,2We give thanks to God at all times for you and remember you in our prayers.
3在天主和我们的父前,记念你们因信德所作的工作,因爱德所受的劳苦,因盼望我们的主耶稣基督所有的坚忍。3We constantly recall before God our Father the work of your faith, the labors of your love and your endurance in waiting for Christ Jesus our Lord.
4天主所爱的弟兄们,我们知道你们是蒙召选的,4We remember, brothers and sisters, the circumstances of your being called.
5因为我们把福音传到你们那里,不仅在乎言语,而且也在乎德能和圣神,以及坚固的信心;正如你们也知道,我们为了你们,在你们中是怎样为人。5The gospel we brought you was such not only in words. Miracles, Holy Spirit and plenty of everything were given to you. You also know how we dealt with you for your sake.
6你们虽在许多苦难中,却怀着圣神的喜乐接受了圣道,成了效法我们和效法主的人,6In return, you became followers of us and of the Lord when, on receiving the word, you experienced the joy of the Holy Spirit in the midst of great opposition.
7甚至成了马其顿和阿哈雅众信者的模范。7And you became a model for the faithful of Macedonia and Achaia,
8因为主的圣道由你们那里,不仅声闻于马其顿和阿哈雅,而且你们对天主的信仰也传遍了各地,以致不需要我们再说什么。8since from you the word of the Lord spread to Macedonia and Achaia, and still farther. The faith you have in God has become news in so many places that we need say no more about it.
9因为有他们传述我们的事,说我们怎样来到了你们那里,你们怎样离开偶像归依了天主,为事奉永生的真天主,9Others tell of how you responded to us and turned from idols to the Lord. For you serve the living and true God,
10并期待他的圣子自天降下,就是他使之从死者中复活,为救我们脱免那要来的震怒的耶稣。10and you wait for his Son from Heaven whom he raised from the dead, Jesus, who frees us from impending trial.
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