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撒慕尔纪上 1 Samuel
1培肋舍特人将军队全调集在阿费克,同时以色列人在依次勒耳附近的泉旁扎了营。1Now the Philistines mustered all their forces at Aphek; the Israelites were encamped beside the spring in Jezreel.
2培肋舍特人的酋长,有领一百人的,也有领一千人的,列阵在前;达味带领自己的人同阿基士列阵在后。2While the Philistine rulers went ahead of their groups of thousands and hundreds, David and his men were marching at the rear with Achish.
3培肋舍特人的将领说:「这些希伯来人作什么?」阿基士回答培肋舍特人的将领说:「他不是以色列王撒乌耳的臣仆达味吗?他已同我在一起有一二年了,从他归顺我那一天起,直到今日,在他身上从未发现过什么过错。」3The Philistine chiefs asked, "Who are these Hebrews?" Achish replied to the Philistine chiefs, "This is David, servant of Saul, king of Israel. He has been with me for over a year and since he fled to me up to the present day I have found no fault in him."
4培肋舍特人的将领向他大发愤怒说:「把这人打发回去,叫他回到你给他所指定的地方去,王要让他同我们一起下去打仗,免得他在战争中作出卖我们的奸细。他不藉用我们这些人的头,怎能获得他主人的欢心?4But the Philistine chiefs were angered at this and said to him, "Send that man back! Let him return to the place where you assigned him. He must not go down into battle with us lest during the battle he turn against us. How better could this fellow regain his master's favor than by bringing him the heads of our men?
5人在舞蹈时歌咏说:『撒乌耳杀了一千,达味杀了一万,』不就是这达味吗?」5Is this not the David for whom they danced and sang: Saul has slain his thousands, but David his tens of thousands?"
6阿基士就将达味召来,向他说:「愿永生的上主作证:你是可靠的人,你同我在军中出入,我很满意,因为自从你投奔我那一天起,直到今日,我在你身上并没有发现什么可指摘的事;但是酋长们不喜欢你。6So Achish called David and said to him, "As Yahweh lives, you are honest and I would like you to be with me in the camp for I have found nothing wrong in you since you came to me up to the present day. But you displease the lords.
7现今你回去,平安去罢,免得培肋舍特人的酋长们厌恶。」7So it is better for you to leave and go back quietly and do nothing to displease the Philistine lords."
8达味回答阿基士说:「我作了什么不对?或者自从我来服事你那天起,直至今日,你在你仆人身上发现了什么不对,竟不肯让我同我主大王的敌人交战?」8David asked Achish, "But what have I done? Have I done anything since I entered your service until the present time that would bar me from joining the fight against the enemies of my lord the king?"
9阿基士回答达味说:「我知道你在我眼中,好的像一位天主的使者,但培肋舍特的将领说:不许他同我们一起作战!9Achish replied to David, "I myself hold nothing against you, but the Philistine chiefs are determined not to allow you to join us in battle.
10明早起来,你同你一起来的你主人的仆人,都往我给你指定的地方去,心中不要抱怨,我是喜欢你的,所以明天,天一亮,你们就动身回去罢!」10Now, therefore, get up early tomorrow morning and leave with the soldiers who came with you."
11于是达味和他的人清早就起身,回培肋舍特地方去了。培肋舍特人上了依次勒耳。11So David and his men left early in the morning and returned to the land of the Philistines. The Philistines, in the meantime, went on to Jezreel.
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