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撒慕尔纪上 1 Samuel
1有人告诉达味说:「看,培肋舍特人在攻打刻依拉,抢掠禾场。」1David received a report that the Philistines were attacking Keilah and plundering the threshing floors.
2达味就求问上主说:「我是否该去攻打这些培肋舍特人?」上主回答达味说:「去攻打培肋舍特人,解救刻依拉!」2He, therefore, consulted Yahweh and asked, "Shall I go and fight with these Philistines?" The answer was, "Go and attack the Philistines and rescue Keilah."
3随从达味的人对他说:「看,我们在犹大这里,已惴惴不安;如果到刻依拉去攻打培肋舍特军队,更将如何!」3But David's men protested and said, "Look, here in Judah we are in danger and afraid. What then if we go to Keilah and face the Philistines?"
4达味又求问了上主,上主回答他说:「动身下到刻依拉去,因为我已将培肋舍特人交在你手中了!」4So David consulted Yahweh again and got this answer, "Go down to Keilah for I will deliver the Philistines into your hands."
5达味就和跟随他的人到刻依拉,攻打培肋舍特人,夺得了他们的牲口,打得他们惨败,营救了刻依拉的居民。5David went with his men to Keilah and fought with the Philistines, seizing their cattle and causing a great slaughter among them; and he rescued the inhabitants of the place.
6那时阿希默肋客的儿子厄贝雅塔尔逃到了达味那里,也下到了刻依拉,手中带着「厄弗得。」6When Abiathar, son of Ahimelech, fled to David at Keilah, he took along the ephod.
7有人报告撒乌耳说:「达味到了刻依拉。」撒乌耳便说:「天主真将他交在我手中了,因为他将自己封锁在一座有门有闩的城里。」7When Saul was told that David had come to Keilah he said, "God has delivered him into my hands for he has shut himself in by entering a city with gates and bars."
8撒乌耳就调集了人民出征,下到刻依拉,要包围达味和他的部队。8He then called on all the people to go down to Keilah and engage David and his men in battle.
9达味一知道撒乌耳想陷害他,就给司祭厄贝雅塔尔说:「拿『厄弗得』来!」9When David found out that Saul meant to harm him, he told the priest Abiathar to bring the ephod.
10然后达味说:「上主,以色列的天主,你仆人听说撒乌耳正在筹划到刻依拉来,为了我的缘故,要毁灭这座城。10Then he consulted Yahweh, "O Yahweh, God of Israel, listen to your servant for I have heard that Saul plans to come to Keilah and destroy the city on my account.
11刻依拉的居民会将我交在他手中吗?撒乌耳是否会像你仆人所听到的下来?请上主,以色列的天主,通知你的仆人!」上主回答说:「他要下来。」11Will Saul come down as I heard? O Yahweh, God of Israel, speak to your servant." Yahweh answered, "He will come down."
12达味又问说:「刻依拉的居民会把我和随从我的人,交在撒乌耳手中吗?」上主回答说:「他们会把你们交出。」12Then David asked, "Will the lords of Keilah hand me and my men over to Saul?" Yahweh answered, "They will hand you over to him."
13达味就动身率领士兵,约有六百人,离开了刻依拉,到处漂流。有人告诉撒乌耳说:「达味从刻依拉逃走了。」撒乌耳遂停止出动。13So David set out with his six hundred men. He left Keilah and wandered from one place to another. When Saul was informed that David had escaped from Keilah, he abandoned the expedition.
14达味住在旷野的深山里,有时住在齐弗旷野的山中。撒乌耳每日找他,天主没有将达味交在他手中。14Meanwhile David stayed in the strongholds in the hill country of the desert of Ziph. Saul, however, kept on searching for him but God did not deliver David into his hands.
15达味很是害怕,因为撒乌耳出来,不断搜索他;当时达味住在齐弗旷野的曷勒士。15David knew that Saul had come out to kill him. And he remained at Horesh in the desert of Ziph.
16撒乌耳的儿子约纳堂动身,到了曷勒士,去见达味,他以天主的名鼓励达味,16Saul's son, Jonathan, went to him and encouraged him in God's name with these words,
17说:「不必害怕!我父撒乌耳的手决拿不住你!你必要作以色列王,我要在你以下居第二位,连我父亲撒乌耳也知道这事。」17"Have no fear, for my father Saul will not harm you. Even my father Saul knows that you shall be king over Israel and that I shall be second to you."
18他们二人在上主面前订立盟约。以后,达味仍留在曷勒士,约纳堂回了家。18The two made an agreement before Yahweh in Horesh, after which David remained there while Jonathan returned home.
19有些齐弗人上了基贝亚见撒乌耳,说:「达味不是在我们当中,在曷勒士山上隐藏着吗?19Some of the Ziphites went up to Saul at Gibeah and told him, "David is hiding among us in the refuges of Horesh on the hill of Hachilah, south of Jeshimon.
20大王现今你随意下到我们那里,我们必把他交在大王手中。」20Come down, therefore, O king, whenever it may please you and we shall deliver him into your hands."
21撒乌耳答说:「望上主祝福你们,因为你们同情了我。21Saul replied, "May Yahweh bless you for you have had mercy on me.
22你们再去查看清楚,看他的脚步急速往那里去,因为有人给我说:他非常狡猾。22Go and make sure where he has been and who has seen him there for I am told that he is very cunning.
23所以你们去观察清楚,他藏身的一切秘密地方,确定后,回来见我,我必同你们一起去,只要他在这地方,我必在犹大各乡村中搜捕他。」23Check all the places where he may be hiding and come back to me, and I will go with you. If he is in the region, I will search him out among all the clans of Judah."
24他们就在撒乌耳以先动身往齐弗去了;达味和他的人那时住在玛红旷野,即在旷野南方的荒原中。24So they went off to Ziph ahead of Saul. At this time, David and his men were in the desert of Maon, in the valley south of Jeshimon.
25撒乌耳率领士兵去寻找达味。有人将这事告诉了达味,他就下到那矗立玛红旷野的山崖间;撒乌耳一听说,便到玛红旷野去追赶达味。25When David learned that Saul and his men were looking for him, he went down to a ravine in the desert of Maon. Saul heard of this and pursued David into the desert of Maon.
26撒乌耳带领士兵走在山这面,达味带领他的士兵走在山那面;达味正在急速逃避撒乌耳时,撒乌耳率领着他的士兵追踪达味和他的士兵,几乎要把他们捉住,26Saul moved along one side of the mountain, and David along the other. David was hurrying to escape from Saul who with his forces was closing in on him and his men.
27就在这时,有一个使者来见撒乌耳说:「快回去,因为培肋舍特人已侵入边境!」27It was then that a messenger came to Saul and said, "Come quickly because the Philistines have invaded the land!"
28撒乌耳遂立即收兵,不再追赶达味,而去迎击培肋舍特人;因此,人给那地方起名叫「隔离岩」。28Saul then left off pursuing David and went to face the Philistines. This is how that place came to be called the Ravine of Parting.
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