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撒慕尔纪上 1 Samuel
1大约过了一个月,阿孟人纳哈士上来围困基肋阿得的雅贝士,雅贝士所有的居民对纳哈士说:「你与我们立约,我们就服事你。」1One month later, Nahash the Ammonite went to Jabesh-gilead and surrounded the city. The people of Jabesh told Nahash, "Make an agreement with us and we will serve you."
2阿孟人纳哈士回答他们说:「在这条件下,我才与你们立约:就是剜出你们各人的右眼,我要借此羞辱全以色列。」2Nahash answered, "I will make an agreement with you on this condition: I will pluck out the right eye of all of you, so that Israel will be left disgraced."
3雅贝士的长老回答他说:「请让我们休战七天,我们派人到以色列全境去,如果没有人来救我们,我们就向你投降。」3The elders of Jabesh then told him, "Give us seven days so we may send messengers through all the territories of Israel. If none of them comes to save us, we will surrender to you."
4使者到了撒乌耳的基贝亚,就把这事讲给民众听,民众遂放声大哭。4So the messengers went to Gibeah of Saul, breaking the news to the people. And all the people wept aloud.
5那时撒乌耳正跟着牛从田间回来,便问说:「民众有什么事,如此号淘大哭?」人们就把雅贝士人的话讲给他听。5Just then Saul came from the field with his oxen. He asked, "What has happened to make the people weep?" And they told him what the men of Jabesh had said.
6撒乌耳一听说这些话,上主的神便降在他身上,遂勃然大怒,6At once, the spirit of God seized Saul and he was greatly angered.
7立即牵了一对牛来,剖分成块,托使者分送到以色列全境说:「凡不随从撒乌耳和撒慕尔出征的,也必这样对待他的牛!」上主的惊吓降在民众身上,因而他们好像一个人一齐出征。7He took a yoke of oxen, cut them into pieces and gave them to the messengers to be taken through all the territories of Israel with this warning, "I will do the same with the oxen of anyone who does not come out after Saul and Samuel." Then a holy fear came upon the people and they set out as one man.
8撒乌耳在贝则克检阅了他们;以色列人共计三十万,犹大人三万。8When Saul inspected them at Bezek, the men of Israel were three hundred thousand; those of Judah, thirty thousand.
9撒乌耳对来的使者说:「你们这样对基肋阿得的雅贝士人说:明天太阳正热时,救援就必达到你们那里。」使者便回去,向雅贝士人报告,他们都很喜欢。9And they sent the messengers with this answer to the people of Jabesh, "Tomorrow, by noontime, we shall come to you." When the messengers returned, the people of Jabesh were very comforted
10雅贝士人遂对阿孟人说:「明天我们向你们投降,你们看着怎样好,就怎样对待我们罢!」10and they told Nahash, "Tomorrow we will surrender and you may do to us whatever you please."
11第二天撒乌耳把民众分作三队,在黎明以前冲入了阿孟人营中,击杀他们一直到日中最热的时候,剩下的人都逃散了,以至没有两人在一起。11The following morning, Saul divided the people into three groups. They broke into the enemy camp early in the morning and slew the Ammonites until noontime. Those who could escape were scattered, each one running his own way.
12民众于是对撒慕尔说:「谁曾说过:撒乌耳岂能作我们的君王?把这些人交出来,让我们处死他们!」12Then the people asked Samuel, "Who are these who said: Saul will never reign over us? Bring the men and we shall put them to death."
13撒乌耳回答说:「今天不可处死任何人,因为今天上主在以色列中施行了救恩。」13But Saul said, "No man shall be put to death today, for this day Yahweh has saved Israel."
14撒慕尔以后对民众说:「来,我们到基耳加耳去,在那里重新建立王国。」14Samuel told the people, "Come, let us go to Gilgal and officially proclaim the kingdom."
15民众便都去了基耳加耳,在那里于上主面前立撒乌耳为王,并给上主奉献了和平祭;撒乌耳同全体以色列人举行了盛大的盛会。15So all the people went to Gilgal and there they proclaimed Saul king before Yahweh. They sacrificed peace offerings and Saul and all Israel celebrated.
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