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伯多禄前书 1 Peter
1基督既然在肉身上受了苦难,你们就应该具备同样的见识,深信凡在肉身上受苦的,便与罪恶断绝了关系;1Given that Christ suffered in his human life, arm yourselves with this certainty: the one who suffers in his body has broken with sin
2今后不再顺从人性的情欲,而只随从天主的意愿,在肉身内度其余的时日。2so as to spend the rest of his life following the will of God and not human passions.
3过去的时候,你们实行外教人的欲望,生活在放荡、情欲、酗酒、宴乐、狂饮和违法的偶像崇拜中,这已经够了!3You have given enough time, in the past, to living as the pagans do: a life of excess, evil passions, drunkenness, orgies and worship of idols.
4由于你们不再同他们狂奔于淫荡的洪流中,他们便引以为怪,遂诽谤你们;4They now find it strange that you are no longer swept along with them in this ruinous flood, and they misinterpret it.
5但他们要向那已准备审判生死者的主交账。5But they will be accountable to the one who is ready to judge the living and the dead.
6也正是为此,给死者宣讲了这福音:他们虽然肉身方面如同人一样受了惩罚,可是神魂方面却同天主一起生活。6The Gospel has been preached to many who are now dead. As humans they received a deadly sentence, but through the Spirit they shall live for God.
7万事的结局已临近了,所以你们应该慎重,应该醒寤祈祷。7The end of all things is near; live wisely and spend evening time praying.
8最重要的是:你们应该彼此热切相爱,因为爱德遮盖许多罪过;8Above all, let your love for one another be sincere, for love covers a multitude of sins.
9要彼此款待,而不出怨言。9Welcome one another into your houses without complaining.
10各人应依照自己所领受的神恩,彼此服事,善做天主各种恩宠的管理员。10Serve one another with the gifts each of you received, thus becoming good managers of the varied graces of God.
11谁若讲道,就该按天主的话讲;谁若服事,就该本着天主所赐的德能服事,好叫天主在一切事上,因耶稣基督而受到光荣:愿光荣和权能归于他,至于无穷之世。阿们。11If you speak, deliver the word of God; if you have a special ministry, let it be seen as God's power so that, in everything, God may be glorified in Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and power forever and ever. Amen.
12亲爱的,你们不要因为在你们中,有试探你们的烈火而惊异,好像遭遇了一件新奇的事;12My dear people, do not be surprised that you are being tested by fire. It is not an unusual occurrence.
13反而要喜欢,因为分受了基督的苦难,这样好使你们在他光荣显现的时候,也能欢喜踊跃。13Instead, you should be glad to share in the sufferings of Christ because, on the day his Glory is revealed, you will also fully rejoice.
14如果你们为了基督的名字,受人辱骂,便是有福的,因为光荣的神,即天主的神,就安息在你们身上。14You are fortunate if you are insulted because of the name of Christ, for the Spirit of glory rests on you.
15惟愿你们中谁也不要因做凶手,或强盗,或坏人,或做煽乱的人而受苦。15I suppose that none of you should suffer for being a murderer, a thief, a criminal or an informer;
16但若因为是基督徒而受苦,就不该以此为耻,反要为这名称光荣天主,16but if anyone suffers on account of being a Christian, do not consider it a disgrace; rather let this name bring glory to God.
17因为时候已经到了,审判必从天主的家开始;如果先从我们开始,那些不信从天主福音者的结局,又将怎样呢?17The time of judgment has come and it begins with God's household. If its beginning so affects us, what will be the end of those who refuse to believe in the Gospel?
18『如果义人还难以得救,那么恶人和罪人,要有什么结果呢?』18If the just one is barely saved, what will happen to the sinner and unbeliever?
19故此,凡照天主旨意受苦的人,也要把自己的灵魂托付给忠信的造物主,专务行善。19So, then, if you suffer according to God's will, entrust yourself to the faithful Creator and continue to do good.
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