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伯多禄前书 1 Peter
1耶稣基督的宗徒伯多禄致书给散居在本都、迦拉达、卡帕多细雅、亚细亚和彼提尼雅作旅客的选民:1From Peter, apostle of Jesus Christ, to the Jews who live outside their homeland, scattered in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia,
2你们被召选,是照天主的预定;受圣神祝圣,是为服事耶稣基督,和分沾他宝血洗净之恩。愿恩宠和平安丰富地赐予你们!序言得沾救恩的福分2to those whom God the Father has called, according to his plan, and made holy by the Spirit, to obey Jesus Christ and be purified by his blood: may grace and peace increase among you.
3愿我们的主耶稣基督的天主和父受赞美!他因自己的大仁慈,藉耶稣基督由死者中的复活,重生了我们,为获得那充满生命的希望,3Let us praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for his great mercy. In raising Jesus Christ from the dead he has given us new life and the hope of sharing life
4为获得那为你们已存留在天上的不坏、无瑕、不朽的产业,4beyond death, sin and all fleeting things. This inheritance is kept in the heavens for you,
5因为你们原是为天主的能力所保护,为使你们藉著信德,而获得那已准备好,在最后时期出现的救恩。5since God's power shall keep you faithful until salvation is revealed in the last days.
6为此,你们要欢跃,虽然如今你们暂时还该在各种试探中受苦,6There is cause for joy, then, even though you may, for a time, have to suffer many trials.
7这是为使你们的信德,得以精炼,比经过火炼而仍易消失的黄金,更有价值,好在耶稣基督显现时,堪受称赞、光荣和尊敬。7Thus will your faith be tested, like gold in a furnace. Gold, however, passes away but faith, worth so much more, will bring you in the end praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ appears.
8你们虽然没有见过他,却爱慕他;虽然你们如今仍看不见他,还是相信他;并且以不可言传,和充满光荣的喜乐而欢跃,8You have not yet seen him and yet you love him; even without seeing him, you believe in him and experience a heavenly joy beyond all words,
9因为你们已把握住信仰的效果:灵魂的救恩。9for you are reaching the goal of your faith: the salvation of your souls.
10关于这救恩,那些预言了你们要得恩宠的先知们,也曾经寻求过,考究过,10This was the salvation for which the prophets so eagerly looked when, in days past, they foretold the favor of God with regard to you.
11就是考究那在他们内的基督的圣神,预言那要临于基督的苦难,和以后的光荣时,指的是什么时期,或怎样的光景。11But they could only investigate when the Spirit of Christ present within them pointed out the time and the circumstances of this - the sufferings of Christ and the glories which would follow.
12这一切给他们启示出来,并不是为他们自己,而是为给你们服务;这一切,如今藉著给你们宣传福音的人,依赖由天上派遣来的圣神,传报给你们;对于这一切奥蹟,连众天使也都切望窥探。12It was revealed to them that they were working not for themselves but for you. Thus, in these days, after the Holy Spirit has been sent from heaven, the Gospel's preachers have taught you these mysteries which even the angels long to see.
13为此,你们要束上腰,谨守心神,要清醒,要全心希望在耶稣基督显现时,给你们带来的恩宠;13So, then, let your spirit be ready. Be alert, with confident trust in the grace you will receive when Jesus Christ appears.
14要做顺命的子女,不要符合你们昔日在无知中生活的欲望,14Like obedient children, do not return to your former life given over to ignorance and passions.
15但要像那召叫你们的圣者一样,在一切生活上是圣的,15Imitate the one who called you. As he is holy so you, too, be holy in all your conduct,
16因为经上记载:『你们应是圣的,因为我是圣的。』16since Scripture says: Be holy for I am holy.
17你们既称呼那不看情面,而只按每人的作为行审判者为父,就该怀着敬畏,度过你们这旅居的时期。17You call upon a Father who makes no distinction between persons but judges according to each one's deeds; take seriously, then, these years which you spend in a strange land.
18该知道:你们不是用能朽坏的金银等物,由你们祖传的虚妄生活中被赎出来的,18Remember that you were freed from the useless way of life of your ancestors, not with gold and silver
19而是用宝血,即无玷无瑕的羔羊基督的宝血。19but with the precious blood of the Lamb without spot or blemish.
20他固然是在创世以前就被预定了的,但在最末的时期为了你们才出现,20God, who has known Christ before the world began, revealed him to you in the last days.
21为使你们因着他,而相信那使他由死者中复活,并赐给他光荣的天主:这样你们的信德和望德,都同归于天主。21Through him, you have faith in God who raised him from the dead and glorified him in order that you might put all your faith and hope in God.
22你们既因服从真理,而洁净了你们的心灵,获得了真实无伪的弟兄之爱,就该以赤诚的心,热切相爱,22In obeying the truth, you have gained interior purification from which comes sincere mutual love. Love one another, then, with all your heart,
23因为你们原是赖天主生活而永存的圣言,不是由于能坏的,而是由于不能坏的种子,得以重生。23since you are born again, not from mortal beings, but with enduring life, through the Word of God who lives and remains forever.
24因为『凡有血肉的都似草,他的一切美丽都似草上的花:草枯萎了,花也就凋谢了;24It is written: All flesh is grass and its glory like the flowers of the field. The grass withers and the flower falls, but the Word of the Lord endures forever. This Word is the Gospel which has been brought to you.
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