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马加伯上 1 Maccabees
1德默特琉听说,尼加诺尔已经阵亡,军队已覆没,便再派遣巴基德和阿耳基慕,率领右翼军,到犹太地去。1When Demetrius was informed of the death of Nicanor and the defeat of his army, he sent Bacchides and Alcimus back to Judea with the best troops of his army.
2他们沿着通往加里肋亚的大道前,包围了阿尔贝拉的买撒罗特,攻陷那地方,杀死很多人。2They took the road to Galilee and besieged the city of Mesaloth in the Arbela region. They captured it and killed many.
3一百五十二年正月,面对耶路撒冷安营。3In the first month of the year one hundred and fifty-two, they encamped before Jerusalem.
4但以后又拔营,领着步兵两万,骑兵两千,前往贝尔则特。4From there twenty thousand infantry and two thousand cavalry set out for Berea.
5同时犹大带着精兵三千,在厄拉撒驻扎。5Judas had his camp in Elasa with three thousand picked men.
6犹太人见敌军人数众多,都很害怕,于是许多人离营潜逃,剩下的仅八百人。6When they saw the huge number of enemies, they were terrified. Many slipped out of the camp, and only eight hundred men were left.
7犹大见自己的军队潜逃,战事又迫于眉睫,心中焦急,已来不及集合兵马;7Judas saw the dispersal of his army and this crushed his spirit. The battle was imminent but he had no time to group them together.
8遂失意地对剩下的人说:「起来,去攻打敌人,也许能与他们对抗!」8Yet in spite of being dismayed, he did his best to encourage those who remained with him: "Let us fight our enemies. We may yet be able to defeat them."
9他们劝阻他说:「我们不能去!现在只可逃命!不如回去联合我们的弟兄,再与他们决战,因为我们人数太少!」9They tried to dissuade him, "We cannot do anything now but save ourselves. We can come back later with our brothers and fight. But now we are too few."
10犹大说:「逃走!我决不逃。若时机到来,我们要为我们的兄弟勇敢牺牲,决不可失掉我们的光荣。」10But Judas answered them, "God forbid that I should run away from them. If our time has come, then let us die as valiant men for our brothers, without tarnishing our glory."
11敌军从营里冲出,犹太人便去迎战。这时敌骑分成两翼,投石手与弓手行在军队前面,前锋都是勇士,巴基德坐镇右翼。11The army of Bacchides marched out of their camp while the Jews remained in their place to engage them in battle. The cavalry was divided into two wings. In the first line, the veterans in war advanced, and the archers and slingers followed.
12敌军两翼进攻时,吹起号角,犹大方面的人也吹起号角。12Bacchides was on the right wing. At the sound of the trumpets, they advanced on both sides. The Jews also sounded the trumpets.
13于是两军喊声震地,从早到晚,在混战中。13And the earth trembled with the noise of the armies, and a battle began which lasted the whole day.
14犹大见巴基德和军队主力都在右翼,就集合所有勇敢的人,专攻右翼;14Judas saw that Bacchides and the main strength of his army was on the right. The most courageous of the Israelites went with him,
15右翼便被他们击溃,他们将敌人追到阿左托山。15and they defeated the right wing of the enemy, pursuing them up to the hills.
16敌军左翼见右翼败退,便转身从背后追击犹大及其军队。16But when those on the left wing saw the right wing being defeated, they attacked Judas and his men from the rear.
17战事十分激烈,双方死伤甚重。17They fought bitterly and many fell on both sides.
18犹大也阵亡了,其余的人也都逃散。18Judas also fell, and the rest fled.
19约纳堂便和息孟,将他们的兄弟犹大抬回,埋葬在摩丁城的祖茔里。19Jonathan and Simon took their brother and buried him in the tomb of their fathers at Modein.
20全以色列都痛哭他,非常悲哀,一连多日哀悼他说:20All the people of Israel mourned and wept for him for many days, repeating this lamentation:
21「拯救以色列的英雄,怎会阵亡?」21"How the hero has fallen, he who saved Israel."
22犹大其余的言行,所立的战功,英勇的事迹,和他的伟大,都没有记载出来,因为实在太多了。22The other deeds of Judas, his battles, exploits and heroism were not written for they were many.
23犹大死后,以色列各地的歹徒,都蜂拥而起,作恶的人也乘机而兴,23After the death of Judas, the renegades reappeared throughout the territory of Israel and the evildoers took courage.
24因为那时正逢大荒年,当地的人多起而附和。24At the same time, there was a severe famine, and the country went over to their side.
25巴基德便选出一些歹徒,派定他们主管那地方;25Bacchides chose renegade men and made them masters of the land.
26他们便搜查犹大的朋友,逮捕后,解到巴基德前,让他报仇,虐待他们。26These men traced and searched out all the friends and supporters of Judas and brought them before Bacchides who punished and humiliated them in a thousand ways.
27以色列从此遭受大难,这大难是自他们没有先知那天起,从未遭遇过的。27It was a terrible trial for Israel such as had never been experienced since the disappearance of the prophets.
28于是犹大的众朋友聚集起来,向约纳堂说:28So the friends of Judas came together and said to Jonathan,
29「自从你兄弟犹大死后,没有一个像他的人出来,抵抗我们的仇敌和巴基德,以及仇视我们民族的人。29"Since your brother Judas died, we haven't found anyone like him to head the resistance against the enemy, against Bacchides and all the enemies of our nation.
30所以我们今天推选你来代替他,作我们的领袖,领导我们作战。」30So we now choose you to take his place, to be our head and lead us in our wars." So from that day on,
31约纳堂那时便接受了领袖的职位,起来代替他哥哥犹大。31Jonathan accepted the leadership and succeeded his brother Judas.
32巴基德一听说这事,便企图杀害他。32When Bacchides heard of this, he planned to kill Jonathan.
33约纳堂和他哥哥息孟以及他的众同志,知道这个消息后,便逃到特科亚旷野,驻扎在阿斯法尔水池旁。33But Jonathan was informed of the plot and fled to the desert of Tekoa, together with his brother Simon and his followers. They encamped by the lake Asphar.
34【巴基德在安息日知道了这事,便率领他的全军,来到约但的彼岸。】34Bacchides found this out on the sabbath day, and with all his army he crossed the Jordan.
35约纳堂打发作军长的哥哥若望,去求他的朋友纳巴泰人,管理他们大批的装备。35Jonathan had sent his brother John, representative of the people, to ask their friends the Nabatean to store for them their large amount of baggage.
36不料,杨布黎人从默达巴出来,捉住若望,且抢去他的一切所有,带着走了。36But the tribe of Yambri and the people of Medeba captured John and took all he had with him, then departed with the booty.
37事后,有人报告约纳堂及他的兄弟息孟说:「杨布黎人现在正要举行隆重的婚礼,场面伟大,由纳达巴特迎娶新娘,她是客纳罕一个族长的女儿。」37After this had happened, Jonathan and his brother Simon were told that the Yambrites were celebrating a solemn wedding and were escorting the bride, a daughter of one of the magnates, from Nadabath with great pomp.
38那时他们便想起他们兄弟若望的血债,遂上去藏在山中隐密处。38Both remembered the murder of their brother John, so they went up and hid under cover of the mountain.
39举目一望,看见一群喧嚷的人和大批的妆奁,新郎和他的众朋友及兄弟,都出来迎接,其中有的敲鼓,有的奏乐,很多人还拿着武器。39At a certain moment they heard a confusion of sounds; then they saw a great deal of baggage. The bride groom, his friends and brothers came straight to them with tambourines, musical instruments and many weapons.
40犹太人便从埋伏的地方起来,向他们冲去击杀,他们伤亡的很多,其余的都逃到山里去了,犹太人便抢得了他们所有的一切。40Then the Jews rushed down on them from their ambush and killed them. There were many casualties and others fled to the mountain. Finally the Jews seized all the plunder.
41如此,婚事变成了丧事,乐声变成了哀声。41So the wedding turned to mourning and the music to lamentation.
42他们为自己的兄弟报了血仇以后,就回到约但河的沼泽地方。42Having avenged the death of their brother, the Israelites went back to the marshes of the Jordan. Let us return to Bacchides.
43巴基德一听说这事,就在安息日率领大军,来到约但河畔。43He arrived with a strong army on the sabbath day at the banks of the Jordan.
44那时约纳堂向部下说:「现在应当起来,应为保全生命而战,今天决不像昨天或前天一样。44So Jonathan said to his men, "Courage! Let us fight for our lives, for today things are going to be serious.
45战争就在我们前后进行,这里有约但河水,那边有沼泽和丛林,决没有退却的地方。45Dangers surround us - we have the waters of the Jordan on this side, the marshes and the thickets on the other side - there is no place to turn.
46所以现在应向上天呼吁,援救你们脱离仇敌的手。」46So cry out to Heaven for deliverance from our enemies."
47双方于是交战,约纳堂伸手要杀巴基德,巴基德却脱身逃了。47And the battle began. Jonathan stretched out his arm to strike Bacchides, but he eluded him and withdrew.
48约纳堂便同他的部下,跳进约但河,游到对岸,敌人并未过约但河追击。48So Jonathan and his men leapt into the Jordan, swimming to the other side; but their enemies did not follow them.
49那一天,巴基德方面死亡的约一千人。49On that day, about a thousand of Bacchides' men fell.
50巴基德回到耶路撒冷,在犹太各城修筑防御工事,又修建高墙,安上大门和闩,巩固了耶里哥、厄玛乌、贝特曷龙、贝特耳、提默纳达、法辣通、特丰等地所有的堡垒;50Bacchides returned to Jerusalem. Then he began to build fortified cities in Judea - the strongholds of Jericho, Emmaus, Beth-horon, Bethel, Timnath, Pharathon and Tephon - with high walls and barred gates,
51在那里驻扎了守卫队,与以色列为敌;51and a garrison stationed in each of them to harass the Israelites.
52且巩固了贝特族尔城,革则尔和耶路撒冷的堡垒,派军队驻扎在那里,并贮存了食粮,52He also fortified the cities of Beth-zur, Gazara and the Citadel, and placed troops in each of them with supplies of provisions.
53又把当地首领的孩子,带去作质,囚禁在耶路撒冷的堡垒里,53He took the sons of the leaders of the land as hostages and imprisoned them in the Citadel of Jerusalem.
54一百五十三年二月,阿耳基慕下令拆毁圣所内院的墙,就是拆毁先知们修建的工程,但他只能开始拆墙,54In the year one hundred and fifty-three, (159 B.C.) in the second month, Alcimus ordered the demolition of the wall of the inner court of the temple. This meant no less than destroying the work of the prophets.
55因为那时候,阿耳基慕忽然得了病,他的工作因此被迫停止;他的口闭着,身子瘫痪,不能说话,也不能料理家事。55Alcimus did in fact begin the demolition but soon after suffered a stroke, so the work was suspended. Alcimus was no longer able to speak, not even to rule over his household.
56阿耳基慕就这样十分悽惨地死了。56After a while, he died in great agony.
57巴基德见阿耳基慕已死,回到国王那里,犹太地方于是两年得享平安。57Because of his death, Bacchides returned to the king and the land had peace for two years.
58那时,犹太人中的一般歹徒又商议说:「看,约纳堂和他的部下,已安心生活,一无所惧,所以现在我们要引巴基德来,一夜之间,把他们一网打尽。」58Then all the renegades agreed on a plan: "Jonathan and his people now live in peace without any fear at all. Let us bring Bacchides back; he can arrest them all in one night."
59于是他们去向他建议。59They went to Bacchides, and when they had convinced him,
60巴基德起身,带领大军前来,同时暗中给他在犹太的一切同僚去信,叫他们逮捕约纳堂和他的部下;但是他们没有办到,因为计划已被泄漏。60he set out with a large contingent. He secretly sent letters to his supporters in Judea instructing them to seize Jonathan and his men. But their plot was found out and their plan foiled.
61约纳堂的部下,反而从当地人中,逮捕了这事的罪魁五十名,尽行杀死。61Instead the supporters of Jonathan arrested fifty Jewish leaders of this conspiracy and had them executed.
62约纳堂和息孟及他的部下,随后退入旷野,到了贝特巴息,将那里已毁坏的地方,重加修建及巩固。62Jonathan and Simon then withdrew with their men to Bethbasi in the desert; they rebuilt the ruins and fortified it.
63巴基德知道了这事,就集合他的大军,又通知犹太地的党羽;63When Bacchides heard this, he assembled all his men and notified his adherents in Judea.
64便来面对贝特巴息安营,制造军械,攻打了多日。64He went to attack Bethbasi, besieged it for many days and built engines of war.
65约纳堂留下哥哥息孟在城里把守,自己带着一批人去了乡下,65Then Jonathan left his brother Simon in the city and went out into the countryside with a handful of men.
66袭击住在帐幕中的敖多默辣,和他的兄弟们,以及法息龙的后裔。这些人也随他作战,部队也随着扩大。66He defeated Odomera and his brothers and the people of Phasiron in their camp.
67那时,息孟也率领部下,突出城外,焚毁了敌方的军械。67Then they turned back and began to attack the troops who had laid siege to the city. Meanwhile, Simon and his men went out of the city and burned the engines.
68于是双方夹攻,巴基德大败,因此十分懊丧,因为他的计谋与战略都落了空,68They attacked Bacchides who was defeated and dismayed by the failure of his expedition.
69便对那些给他献计,劝他来此地的歹徒泄怒,将他们中许多人杀死,然后决意回国。69He was greatly enraged against the renegades who had advised him to return to the Jewish country; he executed many of them, and decided to return to his own land.
70约纳堂一知道了,就打发使者到他那里,与他和谈,要求交还俘虏。70When Jonathan learned this, he sent messengers to him to make a treaty of peace and to exchange prisoners.
71巴基德接受了,也按他所说的话行了,还向他发誓,有生之日,不再谋害他,71Bacchides accepted his terms. For Bacchides' part, he fulfilled his promises and swore that henceforth and until the day of his death, he would never harm him in any way.
72遂把以前在犹太地掳去的俘虏,交还给约纳堂,然后回本国去了;此后再不打算来犯犹太国境。72He turned over to Jonathan the prisoners taken earlier in Judea. Then he returned to his own country and never came back again to the territory of Judea.
73以色列地干戈于是止息。约纳堂住在米革玛斯,开始治理百姓,且将歹徒由以色列中除尽。73So there was peace in Israel, and Jonathan resided in Michmash where he began to govern the land, and the renegades disappeared from Israel.
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