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马加伯上 1 Maccabees
1安提约古王出巡高原时,听说在波斯有一座城,名叫厄里买,以富有金银著名;1When King Antiochus was making his way through the upper regions of Persia, he received news about Elymais, a city renowned for its wealth in silver and gold.
2城中的庙宇很富,并且还有金盾铠甲和武器,都是马其顿王斐理伯之子希腊首任国王亚历山大遗留下的。2They kept in the wealthy temple of their city golden armor, breastplates and weapons left there by the Macedonian king, Alexander the son of Philip, the first sovereign of the Greeks.
3他便来到那里,想攻占那城,但没有成功,因为城里的人早已知道他的来意,3So Antiochus went there but the inhabitants came out armed against him when they learned of his intention, so his attempt to take the city failed.
4竟起来与他交战,他临阵逃走,狼狈地离开那里,回到巴比伦。4He had to turn back, and he returned much embittered to Babylon.
5有人来到波斯给他报告说:「那开往犹太地的军队已经败退;5While he was still in Persia, it was reported to him that the armies sent to Judea had been defeated. They told him
6带劲旅去前线的里息雅,一见犹太人就退却了;犹太人却夺得败军的兵器及大批物资,力量大增。6that although Lysias had gone with a strong army, he had to flee before the Jews who had been strengthened with the weapons and the abundant booty taken from the neighboring armies.
7他们又拆毁王在耶路撒冷的祭坛上建立的可憎之物,将圣所及贝特族尔王寨用高墙围起来,恢复了旧观。」7He heard too that the Jews had destroyed the abominable idol he had erected on the altar in Jerusalem, and had rebuilt the temple walls to the same height as before, and had also fortified the city of Beth-zur.
8王听了这些话,惊慌失措,倒在床上,忧郁成疾,因为事情没有符合他的理想。8When he received this news, he was terrified and deeply upset. He fell sick and became greatly depressed because things had not turned out the way he had planned.
9在那里一连多日,忧郁日渐加重,知道死期近了,9So he remained overcome by this terrible anguish for many days. He felt that he was dying,
10便将他的诸位朋友叫来,对他们说:「睡眠离开了我眼睛,愁思齐集在我的心头。10so he called his friends and said to them, "Sleep has fled from my eyes and I am greatly crushed by my anxieties.
11我心里想,从前我得势的时候,多么高兴,多么受人爱戴;如今遭受的是什么灾难,遇到的是什么巨浪啊!11And I keep on asking why such grief has come upon me - I who was generous and well-loved when in power - and now I am so discouraged.
12现在回想起我在耶路撒冷所作的恶事:我掠去城中的一切金器银器,无缘无故遣人去消灭犹太的居民。12Now I remember the evils I did in Jerusalem, the vessels of gold and silver that I stole, the inhabitants of Judea I ordered to be killed for no reason at all.
13如今我明白了,我遭遇这些凶祸,正是为了这个缘故,看,我将在异乡忧郁而死!」13I now know that because of this, these misfortunes have come upon me, and I am dying of grief in a strange land."
14他将自己的一个朋友斐理伯叫来,立他为全国的元首;14The king then summoned Philip, one of his friends, and appointed him administrator of his whole kingdom.
15然后将自己的冠冕、长袍和权戒交给他,叫他辅导自己的儿子安提约古,抚养他继承王位。15When he had entrusted him with the crown, robe and signet ring, with the charge of educating his son Antiochus and preparing him for the throne,
16安提约古王就死在那里,时在一百四十九年。16Antiochus died there in the year one hundred and forty-nine (163 B.C.).
17里息雅知道王已去世,遂立太子安提约古为王,因为他自幼抚养过他,就给他起名叫欧帕托尔。17As soon as Lysias learned of the king's death, he proclaimed his son Antiochus as his successor, for he himself had trained him from childhood and had named him Eupator.
18那时,那些住在堡垒里的人,常包围圣所,困扰以色列人,不断加害百姓,而支持异民。18The men from the Citadel were blockading the Israelites around the temple and did not let an opportunity pass of harming them on behalf of the pagans.
19犹大决意铲除他们,便召集全体百姓,向他们围攻。19Judas decided to wipe them out,
20一百五十年,以色列人齐来围攻堡垒,同时还造了战楼与军械。20so he gathered together all the people to besiege them. The troops assembled and laid siege to the Citadel in the year one hundred and fifty, building firing platforms and siege engines.
21被包围的人中,有几个突围而出,与一些以色列浪人勾结,21But some of the besieged broke through the blockade and together with renegade Israelites
22去见王说:「你何时才实行正义,为我们的弟兄伸冤呢?22went to tell the king, "How much longer will you wait to do us justice and avenge our brothers?
23我们很愿意服事你的父亲,遵行他的话,顺从他的命令,23We took the side of your father, we obeyed his orders and observed his laws.
24为这个缘故,我们的百姓才包围堡垒,仇视我们,遇见我们一个,便杀一个,还夺去了我们的产业。24The result is that the Citadel is now besieged by our own people and we are treated as foreigners. All of us who were caught have been killed and they have seized our property.
25他们不但伸手加害我们,而且还加害你的一切领域。25And they are fighting not only against us but in the neighboring lands as well.
26他们今天正扎营围困耶路撒冷的堡垒,想要占据;且防守圣所及贝特族尔。26Right now, they are encamped against the Citadel in Jerusalem to capture it, and they have fortified the temple and the city of Beth-zur.
27若不及早加以防范,必为后患,那你就不制服他们了。27If you do not take the lead now, they will do greater things and then you will not be able to control them."
28王听罢大怒,立即召集诸位朋友、军官和骑兵将领,28The king was enraged when he heard this news, and he summoned all his friends, the generals of the army and the commanders of the cavalry.
29也把从外国及海岛招募来的军队,召到他前。29From other kingdoms and islands of the sea, he recruited mercenary troops.
30军队的数目:共计步兵十万,骑兵两万,受过军训的象三十二头。30His forces numbered a hundred thousand infantry, twenty thousand horsemen and thirty-two elephants trained for battle.
31他们由依杜默雅抵达后,便扎营围困贝特族尔,攻打了多日,同时也造了军械;但犹太人冲出来,用火烧了那些军械,都奋勇作战。31They came through Idumea, besieged Beth-zur and attacked for days, using engines of war. But the besieged made a sortie and burned their engines and bravely kept up the resistance.
32那时犹大撤离堡垒,移营到贝特匝加黎雅,与王营对峙。32Then Judas ceased fighting at the Citadel and encamped at Beth-zechariah opposite the camp of the king.
33王清晨起来,即移营向贝特匝加黎雅进军,军队列队上阵,响起号角。33Early in the morning the king rose and his army boldly advanced along the road to Beth-zechariah. The troops prepared for battle and sounded the trumpets.
34有人在象前,放上葡萄汁和桑葚汁,引诱牠们上阵作战,34They showed juice of grapes and mulberries to the elephants to arouse them for battle,
35把象分编成队,每只象旁站一千人,都身披铠甲,头戴钢盔;又为每只象派有精骑五百。35and distributed them among the battalions: one thousand men in coat of mail and bronze helmet lined up at the side of each elephant.
36这些骑兵从前常同这兽在一起,兽往那里去,他们也随着去,总不离开。36A cavalry of five hundred picked horsemen went before each elephant and accompanied it with the order not to separate from it.
37在每只兽身上,系著一座掩护坚固的木楼,里面有四个作战勇士,此外还有一个驾驭象的印度人。37A strong wooden tower was fixed to each elephant by means of leather straps, and four warriors including the driver were on the tower.
38又将其余马队,分为军中左右两翼,为惊扰对方,也为掩护阵线。38The rest of the cavalry were stationed on the right and left flanks of the army to harass the enemy and protect the battalions.
39太阳照在金牌铜牌上,光耀反射在山上,闪烁有如火炬。39When the sun shone on the shields of gold and bronze, the mountains glittered and gleamed like flames of fire.
40王的军队一部分在高山上,一部分在平原里,一起稳步前进。40One part of the king's army was deployed up in the mountains and the other on the plain. All advanced confidently and in good order.
41众人的喧哗声,进军的步伐声,军器的摩擦声,凡听了无不战栗,因为王的军队实在强大。41The Jews trembled when they heard the great noise of this vast multitude, the marching of that mass and the clanking of their weapons. It was indeed an army extremely numerous and powerful.
42犹大和他的军队一临阵,王的军队便阵亡了六百人。42Nevertheless Judas and his army advanced to give battle; and about six hundred men of the king's army fell.
43号称奥郎的厄肋阿匝尔,见一只兽披着王甲,比众兽都高,便以为在上面的是王,43Eleazar, called Avaran, saw one of the beasts protected with armor which excelled all the others, so he supposed that it must be the king's.
44为了拯救百姓,为自己永远成名,他就决意牺牲自己。44He then sacrificed himself to save his people and win eternal renown for himself.
45于是勇往直前,冲入阵中,左右乱杀,敌军居然被他随处冲散;45He boldly charged towards the animal right into the midst of the battalion, killing men right and left, scattering the enemy before him on both sides.
46他跑到象下,伏身将牠刺杀了,象跌倒在地,压在他身上,他就死在那里。46He reached the elephant, darted in under it, and stabbed it in the belly. The elephant collapsed on top of him and he died on the spot.
47犹太人见王的军力强盛,军队攻击得又凶猛,就从他们前退却了。47The Jews, however, aware of the tremendous force of the king's army and their bravery, retreated before them.
48王的军队直开往耶路撒冷,攻打他们,王便面对犹太和熙雍山安营。48The king's troops went up to Jerusalem to overtake them, and the king encamped in Judea and around Mount Zion.
49王与贝特族尔人讲了和,他们就出了城,是因为城被包围已没有存粮,又因为那一年正是田地的安息年。49He made peace with the people of Beth-zur who evacuated the city since they had no food to continue the resistance, for that year was a year of rest for the land.
50王便占据了贝特族尔,在那里派军队把守。50The king seized Beth-zur and stationed a garrison there to guard it.
51王在圣所对面安营多日,且在那里建立了战楼,制造军械,火箭机,抛石机和蝎子机,为发箭抛石。51He encamped before the temple for a long time and set up firing platforms, crossbows, engines, fire-throwers, catapults, scorpions to discharge arrows, and slingers.
52犹太人为抵抗敌人武器,自己也制造了利器,双方酣战多日。52The defenders also constructed engines as their attackers had done and they fought for a long time.
53只是仓中没有粮食,因为这年正是安息年,又因为从外方被救回犹太地的人民,将存粮都吃光了,53But they had no food in storage, as it was the seventh year and because the Israelites who came to Judea from the pagan lands had consumed the last of their reserves.
54所以在圣所里只留下少数人,因为饥饿逼人,各自四散回本乡去了。54So, few men were left in the temple because of the famine; the others had dispersed.
55里息雅听说:当先王还活着的时候,派定抚养自己的儿子安提约古,并辅佐他为王的斐理伯,55Meanwhile Philip, to whom King Antiochus during his life had entrusted the education of his son Antiochus to prepare him for the throne,
56和与王一起出征的军队,从波斯及玛待回来,企图夺取政权。56had returned from Persia and Media with the army that had accompanied the king to those regions, and was planning to seize power.
57里息雅一听说,就决意急速撤兵,便向王与军官及众人说:「我们一天比一天衰弱,又缺少食粮,围困的地方又牢不可破,况且国家的大事都压在我们身上,57This is why Lysias hastily gave orders to depart, saying to the king, the generals of the army and the soldiers, "We are losing strength every day, we are short of food and the place we are besieging is well fortified; we are moreover diverting our attention from the affairs of the kingdom.
58所以现在,我们不如先同这些人携手,与他们及他们的百姓讲和,58Let us, then, offer the hand of friendship to these men, and make peace with them and with their nation.
59使他们按自己的法律生活,如同先前一样,因为他们正是为了我们废弃他们法律的缘故,才大发盛怒,作出这一切事。」59Let us permit them to live according to their customs as before, since all this came to be because we suppressed their laws, and they have risen in defense of them."
60王和各将领都满意这话,便打发使者到犹太人那里去讲和,犹太人也予以接受。60These words pleased the king and the generals,
61王和各将领也对他们发了誓,因此,他们才从堡垒里出来。61so the king sent messengers to make peace with the Jews, and the Jews accepted it. When the king and the generals had committed themselves with an oath, the Jews came out of the fortress.
62可是,当王到了熙雍山,见了这地方的堡垒,便立时背弃誓约,命人将四周的围墙拆毁。62The king went up to Mount Zion and when he saw the defenses, he broke his oath and ordered the surrounding wall to be demolished.
63然后,急速起程,回到安提约基雅,见斐理伯已在城内掌权,就与他作战,用武力将城夺回。63Then he hurriedly left and returned to Antioch where he found Philip already in control of the city. So he fought him and took the city by force.
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