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马加伯上 1 Maccabees
1他的儿子犹大又名玛加伯的,接了他的位。1Mattathias' son, Judas Maccabeus, succeeded him.
2他的众兄弟及附和他父亲的人,都来辅佐他,大家都奋勇为以色列作战。2His brothers and all who had followed his father gave him their support and they continued the war with determination.
3他增加了自己百姓的光荣,身披甲胄,状似英雄,腰佩兵器,领军作战,持刀护阵,3Judas made the name of his people more famous. He put on his breastplate and girded himself with the armor of war like a giant; he fought many battles and protected his camp with his sword.
4着手行事有如壮狮,捕猎怒号好似幼狮。4He was like a lion when he attacked, like a lion's whelp roaring over its prey.
5把歹徒搜查追捕,将加害百姓者,以火焚烧。5He pursued the renegades in their secret places and consigned to the flames those who troubled his people.
6于是违法歹徒,不寒而栗;作恶匪类,惊惶失措;救国大业,赖其成功。6All the renegades feared him, all evildoers were confounded, and liberation was accomplished through him.
7他使许多君王苦恼,行事却使雅各伯欢乐,因为他集合了四散的人。7Many kings feared him, while the people of Israel rejoiced in his deeds. His memory shall be blessed forever.
8他出巡犹太各城,将城中恶徒铲除,从以色列挽回圣怒。8He went through the cities of Judah utterly destroying the impious and saved Israel in their trial.
9他的声名遍传地极,他的纪念永受赞美。9His fame resounded to the ends of the earth for having gathered those about to perish.
10阿颇罗尼调集异民,又从撒玛黎雅调来一支劲旅,要进攻以色列。10Apollonius also gathered together men from the pagans and a good number of Samaritans to fight Israel.
11犹大一听说,就出兵迎击,将阿颇罗尼杀死,敌方伤亡甚众,残敌四散逃命,11When Judas learned of this, he went out to meet him in battle; he defeated and killed him. Many of the enemy fell and the rest fled.
12犹太人夺得了许多物资;犹大取了阿颇罗尼的宝剑,一生用来作战。12They seized the plunder and Judas took the sword of Apollonius, and from then on he always used it in battle.
13叙利亚的军长色龙,听说犹大召集了很多军民,号召一伙忠诚的犹太人,随他前往作战,13Seron, the commander of the Syrian army, learned that Judas had gathered many men and that the whole community of believers was at his side.
14就说:「我要成名,在国内受光荣,要战胜犹大和跟随他而轻视王命的人。」14He thought: "This is now the opportunity for me to make myself famous and become an important man in the kingdom. I will go to fight Judas and his men who do not obey the king's order."
15他于是出征,率领一支强大而凶横军队,来向以色列子民复仇。15So he did, and a strong army of pagans went up with him to help him take vengeance on the children of Israel.
16当他行近贝特曷龙山坡时,犹大带着一小队兵,前去迎击。16As Seron approached the slope of Beth-horon, Judas went out to confront him with a small company of warriors.
17他们一见大军迎面而来,便向犹大说:「我们人数少,怎能攻打这么众多,强大有力的敌人呢?何况我们今天还未用饭,疲乏无力呢!」17But on seeing the enemy advancing against them, Judas' men said to him, "How can we, few as we are, fight against so many? And besides, we feel weak for we have not eaten anything today."
18犹大回答说:「多数人困在少数人手里,是容易的事;用多数或用少数人施救,为上天没有区别。18But Judas declared: "A multitude shall easily fall into the hands of a few, for Heaven can win over equally well with the help of many or of few.
19因为战争的胜利,不在乎军队的多寡,而在乎由天而来力量。19Victory does not depend on the number of those who fight, but on Heaven which gives us strength.
20他们来攻打我们,蛮横傲慢,无法无天,原为铲除我们和我们的妻子儿女,前来洗劫抢掠。20They come against us, moved by their pride and lawlessness, to seize us and take possession of our wives and children and to take everything away from us.
21但是,我们是为保护性命和法律而战;21But we are fighting for our lives and our laws.
22因此,天主必会亲自在我们面前粉碎他们;所以千万不要害怕!」22God will crush them before us; so do not be afraid."
23他一说完这话,便突然出击,色龙与他的军队不支败退。23As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly rushed against the enemies. Seron and his army were defeated.
24犹大从贝特龙山坡,一直追到平原。敌人阵亡的约有八百,余下的都逃到培肋舍特人的地方去了。24They pursued them down the slope of Beth-horon to the plain. And about eight hundred of Seron's men fell and the rest escaped to the land of the Philistines.
25从此,众人对犹大和他的兄弟都害怕起来,四周的异民也都为之震惊。25With this, fright and fear of Judas and his brothers seized the pagans who lived around them.
26犹大的名声传到了君王那里,异民都称述他的战功。26The fame of his name reached the king, and the pagan nations recounted his battles.
27安提约古王一听这消息,心中大怒,下令调集全国军队,编成强有力的大军。27When this news reached King Antiochus, he was furious, so he ordered all the forces of his kingdom to assemble, for he had a powerful army.
28打开库房,给军队发了一年的军饷,且嘱咐他们准备应变。28He opened his treasury and paid the troops a year's salary, ordering them to be prepared for any eventuality.
29当时他也发觉国库银钱短绌,又因废弃旧制,国内混乱,各地税收大减。29But he found that the money in the treasury had run short, for the taxes of the provinces had decreased due to dissension and disaster, which he himself had caused in the land by changing the laws that were in force from the earliest days.
30他怕一两次开支和劳军之后,再不能像从前那样的阔绰,原来他挥霍无度,超过以前的君王。30He feared that, as before, he would not have enough funds for his expenses and for the gifts he used to give more lavishly than preceding kings.
31因此心烦意乱,便决意到波斯去向各地征收捐税,大量聚歛银钱。31So great was his need that he decided to go to Persia to collect the taxes from those provinces and raise considerable funds.
32遂留下王族出身的贵人里息雅,托他代理从幼发拉的河直到埃及境界的国政;32Then he left Lysias, a nobleman from the royal family, in charge of the affairs of government, from the river Euphrates to the Egyptian frontier,
33还托他抚育自己的儿子安提约古,直到自己回来。33and with the responsibility of educating the king's son, Antiochus, until his return.
34又将一半的兵力和象队交给他,吩咐他执行自己所决定的一切,尤其是关于犹太和耶路撒冷居民的事;34And he turned over to Lysias half of his troops with the elephants and gave him instructions about his policies. On matters dealing with the inhabitants of Judea and Jerusalem,
35即要他派遣军队攻打以色列,粉碎他们的力量,扫荡耶路撒冷剩余的居民,将他们的纪念,由那地上除去;35Lysias was to send an army to destroy and crush the defenders of Israel and all who remained in Jerusalem and to wipe out even the memory of them.
36使外方人移居于他们的全境,将他们的土地拈阄分给那些人为产业。36Then he was to have foreigners settle throughout the Jewish territory and distribute the land to them by lot.
37然后,王自己带着其余一半军队,在一四七年,由国都安提约基雅出发,渡过幼发拉的河,向高原进发。37The king took with him the remaining half of the army and set out from Antioch, the capital of the kingdom, in the year one hundred and forty-seven. He crossed the river Euphrates and went through the upper provinces.
38里息雅选派了多黎默乃的儿子仆托肋米、尼加诺尔和哥尔基雅,他们都是国王朋友中最有权势的人。38Lysias chose from among the Friends of the King, Ptolemy the son of Dorymenes, Nicanor and Gorgias - all influential men.
39又特派步兵四万和骑兵七千,由他们率领出征犹太地,照国王的命令摧毁那地。39With them, he dispatched forty thousand infantry and seven thousand cavalry to the Judean province to destroy it as the king had ordered.
40于是他们便率领军队出发,到达靠近厄玛乌的平原上扎了营。40They marched out with their troops and encamped on the plain near Emmaus.
41那一带的商人听说他们来了,就带着许多金银和脚镣,来到营幕,准备收买以色列子民为奴;依杜默雅和培肋舍特的军队,也来参战。41The merchants of the region heard of their arrival, so they went to the camp with large amounts of silver, gold and fetters, proposing to buy the Israelites as slaves. The Syrian army and those from the province of the Philistines also joined the troops.
42犹大和他的兄弟见形势危急,敌军已在自己境内扎营;又听说王已下令,要根除自己的百姓,42Judas and his brothers understood that the situation was becoming worse, because the enemy had encamped in their territory. So when they learned of the king's order to destroy and crush the people,
43就彼此说:「我们要挽救百姓免于灭亡,要为百姓及圣所而战。」43they said, "Let us uplift our people from their miserable situation and fight for them and for the Holy Place!"
44于是集合会众,准备应战,且举行祈祷,恳求仁慈和怜悯。44The whole community assembled to prepare for war, and they prayed and asked God for mercy and compassion.
45这时,耶路撒冷好似无人居住的旷野,城中已没有一人出入;圣所已被人践踏,城堡已为外方人占据,成了异民的居所;雅各伯家不再欢乐,琴瑟之声业已止息,45Like a desert, Jerusalem was left without inhabitants. None of her children went in or out. The temple was profaned, and foreigners lived in the city which had become a dwelling place for the pagans. There was no more rejoicing for Jacob, no flute or zither was heard.
46于是以色列人集合起来,只有来到耶路撒冷对面的米兹帕;米兹帕原是以色列人昔日祈祷的圣地。46So they gathered and went to Mizpah opposite Jerusalem because Mizpah had been a place of prayer for Israel.
47那天人人禁食,身穿苦衣,头上撒灰,撕裂衣服,47They fasted that day, put on sackcloth, sprinkled ashes on their heads and tore their garments.
48揭开法律书寻问,如同异民寻问他们的偶像一般。48They opened the Book of the Law to look for an answer to their questions, just as the pagans consulted the images of their idols.
49他们又带来司祭的衣服、初熟的果实和什一的献仪,并叫满期的「纳齐尔」人前来。49They brought the vestments of the priests, the first-fruits and the tithes, and they brought in the Nazirites who had completed the days of their consecration;
50他们大声向上天呼号说:「我们对这些人当怎么办?要把他们带到何处?50they cried aloud to Heaven and said: "What shall we do with this people, and where shall we take them?
51你的圣所已被践踏污辱;你的司祭已蒙难而忧伤。51For your sanctuary has been trampled on and profaned, your priests are in mourning and are humiliated.
52异民齐来攻击,要消灭我们!你知道他们对我们所想的是什么。52And now the pagans have gathered together to destroy us. You know what they are plotting against us.
53除非你援助我们,我们怎能抵抗他们?」53How can we resist them, if you do not come to help us?"
54他们遂吹号角,大声呼喊。54Then they sounded the trumpets and made a great outcry.
55此后,犹大派定率领军人的千夫长、百夫长、五十夫长和十夫长;55After this, Judas appointed officials to lead his people: leaders of a thousand men, leaders of a hundred, of fifty, and of ten.
56又向修房屋、订婚、种葡萄与胆怯的人说明,按法律他们可以各回本家。56Then he told those who were building houses, those about to marry, those who were planting vineyards, and those who were afraid, to return to their homes, as the Law allowed.
57于是是调动军队,在厄玛乌以南安营。57Next the army marched out and encamped to the south of Emmaus.
58犹大向他们说:「你们应装备起来,作勇敢的士兵,应准备停当,明早向前来攻击我们,毁灭我们和圣所的异民作战,58Judas told them: "Prepare your weapons; be valiant and be ready to fight in the morning against those foreigners who have joined forces to crush us and remove our Holy Place from this land.
59因为我们在阵上,宁愿死,也不愿看见我们的民族与圣所遭遇不幸。59It is better to die fighting than to live and see the misery of our nation and of the Holy Place.
60上天的旨意怎样,就怎样实行罢!」60May Heaven's will be done in everything."
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