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马加伯上 1 Maccabees
1德默特琉王的儿子安提约古,从海岛上致书给犹太人的首领息孟大司祭和一切犹太人民,1Antiochus, son of King Demetrius, sent from the islands of the sea to Simon, the High Priest and leader of the Jews, and to the whole nation,
2内容如下:「安提约古王祝大司祭兼首领息孟及犹太人民安好!2the following letter: "King Antiochus to Simon, high priest and leader, and to the Jewish nation: peace!
3昔日有些歹徒统治了我们的祖国,我决意要将王国夺回,恢复原状;为此我招募许多军队,准备许多战船,3Since wicked men have seized the kingdom of our fathers, I now intend to recover it and to reestablish it as it was before. I have gathered a very large army and have equipped warships
4决意要登陆,向那些破坏了我国领土,使国内许多城邑变成废墟的人复仇。4to make a landing in the country and take revenge on those who devastated our land and laid waste many cities in my kingdom. Now, therefore,
5所以,凡先王过去对你所豁免的一切赋税,对你所豁免的任何其他贡品,现在我都加以追认。5I confirm in your regard all the tax exemptions and all other privileges granted you by my royal predecessors.
6我还准许你,为你本国铸造自己的货币。6I authorize you to mint your own coinage for your nation.
7耶路撒冷及圣所是自由区;凡你所制造的武器,所建筑的及你现在占据的堡垒,仍属于你。7I accept the autonomy of Jerusalem and the Holy Place; all the arms you have manufactured as well as the fortresses you have constructed and those you have occupied are yours.
8凡你所欠王的债,以及你将来应给王缴纳的,自今以后,永远豁免。8From this day on, I cancel all debts to the king and everything you may owe in the future.
9几时我们光复了王国,我还要盛大地光荣你、你的民族和圣殿,使你们光荣彰显于天下。」9And when I have taken possession of my kingdom, I shall bestow great honors on you, your nation and on the Temple, making you famous throughout all the earth."
10一百七十四年,安提约古进军祖国,一切军队都来归顺他,以致跟从特黎丰的人很少。10In the year one hundred and seventy-four, Antiochus marched out to the land of his fathers, and all the troops rallied to him, so that only a few remained with Trypho.
11安提约古王追击他,他只得逃往临海的多辣去了,11Antiochus pursued him and Trypho took refuge in Dor on the coast.
12因为他见祸患临头,军队又背离了他。12Trypho knew how critical the situation had become for him and that his army had deserted him.
13安提约古便面对多辣扎营,跟从他的有步兵十二万,骑兵八千。13Antiochus encamped before Dor with a hundred and twenty thousand soldiers and eight thousand horsemen.
14他将这城包围,海中的战船也在迫进,海陆一起夹攻,不准任何人出入。14And he surrounded the city while the ships attacked from the sea: the city was completely surrounded by land and sea, and no one could go in or come out.
15那时,奴默尼和他的同伴,从罗马回来,带着致众君王各邦国的书信,信上这样写道:15Then Numenius and his companions arrived from Rome, carrying letters addressed to the kings and to the nations in the following terms:
16「罗马执政路基犹祝仆托肋米王安好!16"Lucius, consul of the Romans, to King Ptolemy: peace!
17息孟大司祭和犹太人民,派遣犹太使者,如我们的朋友与盟邦一样,来到我们这里,重订以前的友好同盟。17The Jewish people sent by the High Priest Simon and by the Jewish people have come to us as our friends and allies to renew our friendship and alliance of old.
18他们还带来一座一千「米乃」的金盾。18They have brought us a gold shield weighing a thousand minas.
19所以我们乐意写信通告各位君王,各邦国:不可对犹太人图谋不轨,不可攻打他们、他们的城邑和国家,也不可与他们的敌人缔结同盟。19It is our desire to write to the kings and the peoples that they should not harm the Israelites nor injure them or their cities or their land, nor ally themselves with their aggressors.
20我们乐意接受他们的金盾。20We have accepted with pleasure the shield that the Jews sent us.
21所以,若有歹徒,从他们国内逃到你们那里,你们应将他们交于息孟大司祭,使他按自己的法律惩治。」21Now, if some wicked Jews who have fled from their land are in your country, hand them over to the High Priest Simon that he may punish them according to their Law."
22执政者也将这事,写给德默特琉王、阿塔路、阿黎雅辣特和阿尔撒革,22The same letter was sent to King Demetrius, to Attalus, Ariarathes and Arsaces,
23也写给各国,即散仆撒默、斯巴达人、德罗、明多、息基雍、加黎雅、撒摩、旁非里雅、里基雅、哈里加纳索、洛多、法色里、科斯、息德、阿辣多、哥尔提纳、克尼多、塞浦路斯、基勒乃等。23and to all the nations, to Sampsames, the Spartans, Delos, Myndos, Sicyon, Caria, Samos, Pamphylia, Lycia, Halicarnassus, Rhodes, Phaselis, Cos, Side, Aradus, Gortyna, Cnidus, Cyprus and Cyrene.
24他们还将这信给息孟大司祭抄写了一份。24They also sent copies of these letters to the High Priest Simon.
25同时,安提约古在多辣附近扎营,不断进军攻城,并且制造运械,包围特黎丰,使他不能出入。25King Antiochus encamped before Dor, in the new district, continually sending his battalions against it and constructing siege engines. He kept Trypho shut in and prevented him from going out or in.
26这时,息孟派精兵两千来助战,同时还赠送金银和大批武器。26Simon sent him two thousand picked men to help him in the fight, with silver, gold and plenty of equipment.
27无如安提约古不肯接受,反而废除了以前与息孟立订的一切盟约,待他如陌生人。27But Antiochus did not accept them; instead, he annulled the concessions he had granted to Simon and declared him his enemy.
28安提约古王派遣他的一个朋友阿特诺彼,去见他与他商讨说:「你们占据了我王国的城邑约培、革则尔和在耶路撒冷的堡垒,28He sent Athenobius, one of his Friends, to him in order to meet him and say to him: "You have occupied Joppa, Gazara and the Citadel of Judea which are cities of my kingdom.
29蹂躏那些区域,在国内制造了严重的灾祸,还在我王国内占领了许多地方。29You have laid waste their territory and done great damage in the land, and have seized many towns in my kingdom.
30所以,现在你们应归还你们所夺去的城邑,并将你们在犹太境外由占领地区所收的税交出。30Restore, then, the cities you have seized and the taxes of the places you now occupy beyond the borders of Judea.
31若不然,就是得付五百『塔冷通』银子作代价,再为因你们的破坏而遭的损失,及你们由城中所收的税,另缴五百;再不然,我们就要来攻打你们。」31Or pay me five hundred talents of silver as compensation for the damage you have caused and another five hundred talents for the taxes of the cities. If not, then I shall declare war against you."
32王的朋友阿特诺彼,来到耶路撒冷,一见息孟的尊严、金杯银爵,以及许多侍从,很是惊奇,便向息孟报告了国王的话。32Athenobius, the Friend of the king, arrived in Jerusalem and when he saw the magnificence of Simon, his plates of gold and silver and the pomp that surrounded him, he was amazed. But he delivered the king's message.
33息孟回答他说:「我们从来没有侵占过外人的土地,也没有抢掠过别人的财物,那都是我们祖先的产业,不过被敌人无理地强占了一些时候,33Simon answered him, "We have not occupied any foreign land nor seized any foreign property: this is the inheritance of our fathers. It was our enemies who seized this for some time,
34我们只乘机夺回我们的祖业而已。34but now that we have a favorable opportunity, we are only recovering the inheritance of our fathers.
35至于你所要求的约培和革则尔,虽然二城严重地危害了人民和我国,但我们仍将付出一百『塔冷通』代价。」35Joppa and Gazara, which you claim, did great harm to our people and laid waste our land; but we are prepared to give you a hundred talents for them." Athenobius did not say anything,
36使者一句话也没有回答他,气愤地回到国王那里,将这些话,和息孟的尊严,以及他所见的一切,向他报告了;王即勃然大怒。36but went back to the king very angry and reported to him Simon's reply. He also told him of Simon's magnificence and everything he had seen. So the king became furious.
37以后,特黎丰上船,逃到敖托息雅去了。37Meanwhile, Trypho fled to Orthosia on a ship.
38王便委派耕德巴为海滨地带的总司令,将步兵和骑兵都交给他,38The king appointed Cendebeus as general and gave him part of the troops and the horsemen.
39命令他面对犹太扎营,又命他修筑克德龙,巩固门户,攻打犹太人民;然后,王亲自追赶特黎丰去了。39He ordered him to encamp against Judea, rebuild Kedron and fortify its gates and make war on the people. The king then went on pursuing Trypho.
40耕德巴来到雅木尼雅,开始骚扰百姓,侵入犹太,捕杀人民。40Cendebeus arrived at Jamnia and began to disturb the people. He invaded Judea, imprisoned some people and put them to death.
41他按照王吩咐他的,修筑了克德龙,将骑兵与步兵屯驻在那里,以便巡逻犹太的通道。41He fortified Kedron, stationed horsemen and troops there to make sorties and to patrol the roads to Judea, as the king had commanded him.
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