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若望一书 1 John
1请看父赐给我们何等的爱情,使我们得称为天主的子女,而且我们也真是如此。世界所以不认识我们,是因为不认识父。1See what singular love the Father has for us: we are called children of God, and we really are. This is why the world does not know us, because it did not know him.
2可爱的诸位,现在我们是天主的子女,但我们将来如何,还没有显明;可是我们知道:一显明了,我们必要相似他,因为我们要看见他实在怎样。2Beloved, we are God's children and what we shall be has not yet been shown. Yet when he appears in his glory, we know that we shall be like him, for then we shall see him as he is.
3所以,凡对他怀着这希望的,必圣洁自己,就如那一位是圣洁的一样。3All who have such a hope try to be pure as he is pure.
4凡是犯罪的,也就是作违法的事,因为罪过就是违法。4Anyone who commits a sin acts as an enemy of the law of God; any sin is a rejection of his law.
5你们也知道,那一位曾显示出来,是为除免罪过,在他身上并没有罪过。5You know that he came to take away our sins, and that there is no sin in him.
6凡存在他内的,就不犯罪过;凡犯罪过的,是没有看见过他,也没有认识过他。6Whoever remains in him has no sin, whoever sins has not seen or known him.
7孩子们,万不要让人迷惑你们!那行正义的,就是正义的人,正如那一位是正义的一样。7My little children, do not be led astray; those who do what is right are upright, just as Jesus Christ is upright.
8那犯罪的,是属于魔鬼,因为魔鬼从起初就犯罪:天主子所以显现出来,是为消灭魔鬼的作为。8But those who sin belong to the devil, for the devil sins from the beginning. This is why the Son of God was shown to us, he was to undo the works of the devil.
9凡由天主生的,就不犯罪过,因为天主的种子存留在他内,他不能犯罪,因为他是由天主生的。9Those born of God do not sin, for the seed of God remains in them; they cannot sin because they are born of God.
10天主的子女和魔鬼的子女在这事上可以认出:就是凡不行正义的和不爱自己弟兄的,就不是出于天主。10What is the way to recognize the children of God and those of the devil? The one who does not do what is right is not of God; so, too, the one who does not love his brother or sister.
11原来你们从起初所听的训令就是:我们应彼此相爱;11For this is the message taught to you from the beginning: we must love one another.
12不可像那属于恶者和杀害自己兄弟的加音。加音究竟为什么杀了他?因为他自己的行为是邪恶的,而他兄弟的行为是正义的。12Do not imitate Cain who killed his brother, for he belonged to the Evil One. Why did he kill him? Because he himself did evil and his brother did good.
13弟兄们,如果世界恼恨你们,不必惊奇。13So, be not surprised, brothers if the world hates us;
14我们知道,我们已出死入生了,因为我们爱弟兄们;那不爱的,就存在死亡内。14we love our brothers and sisters, and with this we know that we have passed from death to life. The one who does not love remains in death.
15凡恼恨自己弟兄的,便是杀人的;你们也知道:凡杀人的,便没有永远的生命存在他内。15The one who hates his brother is a murderer, and, as you know, eternal life does not remain in the murderer.
16我们所以认识了爱,因为那一位为我们舍弃了自己的生命,我们也应当为弟兄们舍弃生命。16This is how we have known what love is: he gave his life for us. We, too, ought to give our life for our brothers and sisters.
17谁若有今世的财物,看见自己的弟兄有急难,却对他关闭自己怜悯的心肠,天主的爱怎能存在他内?17If anyone enjoys the riches of this world, but closes his heart when he sees his brother or sister in need, how will the love of God remain in him?
18孩子们,我们爱,不可只用言语,也不可只用口舌,而要用行动和事实。18My dear children, let us love not only with words and with our lips, but in truth and in deed.
19在这一点上我们可以认出,我们是出于真理的,并且在他面前可以安心;19Then we shall know that we are of the truth and we may calm our conscience in his presence.
20纵然我们的心责备我们,我们还可以安心,因为天主比我们的心大,他原知道一切。20Every time it reproaches us, let us say: God is greater than our conscience, and he knows everything.
21可爱的诸位,假使我们的心不责备我们,在天主前便可放心大胆;21When our conscience does not condemn us, dear friends, we may have complete confidence in God.
22那么我们无论求什么,必由他获得,因为我们遵守了他的命令,行了他所喜悦的事。22Then whatever we ask we shall receive, since we keep his commands and do what pleases him.
23他的命令就是叫我们信他的子耶稣基督的名字,并按照他给我们所出的命令,彼此相爱。23His command is that we believe in the Name of his Son Jesus Christ and that we love one another, as he has commanded us.
24那遵守他命令的,就住在他内,天主也住在这人内,我们所以知道他住在我们内,是藉他赐给我们的圣神。24Whoever keeps his commands remains in God and God in him. It is by the Spirit God has given us that we know he lives in us.
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